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Sunday, February 19, 2012

HaTs & FuNNieS.,;)

Good Afternoon everyone!!! well at least for another half hour anyway.;) what a nice day..went to church and then I took Hubby for our 4 mile walk today..I love our walk and I always see something new out on those walks..and I love seeing others houses and landscaping..great ideas..I planted my little prim rose in the Kitteh's looks so nice there..
Well I did a swap with a gal on etsy as if you will remember I purchased that black and white plaid cloche hat last month and I love her work and love her we did a swap and these are the 3 I chose..I now have a wonderful rain hat that is purrffeect for where I live.and I love the turquoise and red together...and it has a cute little button sewn on top..:)
I love this cloche hat.I have worn this one this week..great for keeping the sun out of my eyes.and again..I love the color..
This here is my elmer fudd hat..I got it for hubby to keep his ears warm..but it fits me you never know who will wear is Shelleys shoppe on will not be disappointed with her hats..and she has great pricing too.;)
okay this is what I have been working on this past week..I made a purple kerchief..
This is my favorite one..its the newsboy hat..;) love the colors..;)
I love the fun spring colors of this one..
and this is a cloche type hat..I am currently working on a scarf/neckwarmer type one..almost finished..then onto another hat or scarf..found a flower type scarf that I am wanting to do in spring colors and one in fall colors..I hope its an easy one to follow..I am enjoying this.I haven't crochedt this much in years..and now I am hoping they will sell too;)

This one just makes me gotta love Betty White..

This one made me laugh too;)

I love this one.;) love them baby toes.;) well that is it for me..going to make tater tot casserole that Donna shared on facebook..yum..I love comfort food..;) had a great day yesterday..hubby and I went through our closets and cleared out clothes that no longer fit or just needed to be was getting to where the closet was winning and I was losing trying to fight to get clothes in there..(hubbys not mine)..but I did get rid of more and its one job to cross off the list..felt good to get rid of stuff and have room again:)..
tomorrow I am off to learn Pilates and go for a nice long walk with the instructor ( she and I go to church together) and another gal from church is going too..haven't been on this it will be something new..hoping I can keep up with these gals..Tucker will be in for something new too.;) hoping the weather holds out for it..the rest of the week looks cold and wet and speaking of cold I am heading downstairs to build a fire and get that chicken cooking..have a wonderful evening and a great week ahead.;)


  1. Hi ya!
    Your hats are really cute. Hope they will sell for you too.
    Love, love your funnies! OMGosh, where do find them? LOL
    Was just online looking for wedding flowers for a friend. Orange and purple!!! I didn't think it was a very popular color combo but it sure is! Pulling my hair out trying to find the best prices.....needed a break so went blog hopping. THANK YOU for being there! So needed the laugh.

    1. I find most of the funnies on facebook any more..they are so funnyl;)oh purple and orange look so good together..even in our gardens,;)

  2. Love the hats, especially the rain hat! Have a great walk tomorrow. I certainly need to start that again.

    1. thanks Betty..I hope you have a good one too;)

  3. Hi, Gina:
    I love the newsboy cap, the gray and red together are pretty. The turquoise and red
    together are very pretty, very 50's colors.
    My Easy Bake Oven was turquoise metal!
    The funnies are so cute this week. I look forward to them. I love the
    one that looks like he took his own photo,
    that's my Puffy! Looks just like him, snarly face and all.

    1. thanks Susan..I love that hat..its actually a wheat color..and I love that easy back oven was a pink plastic one..glad you liked the funnies..I think they are funny too.;0)

  4. We'll have to give you a new title "The Hat Queen", your hats look great. Love those funnies, especially the cat facebook pic. We were in the 80's today, no winter for us this year. Hope you have a great walk and week!

    1. Hey are you? wow 80's..we are in the 40' is cold was overcast most of the day..the sun peeked out a bit for our walk..and that was nice.;)the hat has a nice ring.;)

  5. I love your blogger header picture, sooo cute! Love your swap goodies! Your hats are awesome, you do such nice work. Hugs, Lecia

    1. Hey Lecia, I love that header photo was a tender moment..Otto the orange one is passed on now come 3 years next month..and he loved all the kittys we brought in to our home..he taught one of our kittys to be a mouser...brought him the mouse and let him have it..I miss that kitty..thanks for the compliment too.;) I am having a great time making them.;)

  6. Love the newsboy hat Gina! Great job on all of them. Thanks so much for always posting the funny picture's, they make my day. Especially the one's with the kitties. Have a great week!


  7. Love the hats you are making!! Cute ones from your swap too.
    Have fun on your walk and have a great week, my friend.

  8. Are you crocheting or knitting? I have always wanted to crochet. 2 of the granddaughters went to a class at the library over Christmas break and learned how. Maybe they can teach me. LOL
    Love the rain hat. Think I'll just stay in when it's raining. I'm not real big on hats.
    Have fun on your walk!

  9. Good morning Gina. I love all the hat creations. You sure have been busy. The kitty pics are so cute. You must have the cleaning, purging bug that some other bloggers have. I need to purge my closet again before spring gets here. I don't want to be inside working when the weather gets nice outside. I love working outside in the garden. Hope your Monday is a productive one.
    Country at heart

  10. Morning Gina...sounds like you had a really nice weekend. My question of the day is ...with hubby walking with you and eating all the yummy new foods has he to started to lose & shape up too? Just curious..Smile!
    I jsut love all your hats they are turning out so cute..if I were a hat person I would be having me some new hats!

    Have a great week my friend!


    1. Hey Tonya yes he has lost 22 pounds..although he doesn't stick to it like I do..but as of lately he is eating those little sweet peppers you buy in a bag as his snack..instead of chips and dip and lunchmeat he will drop more I would say..he got into his old military uniforms and he looked good in them..he would like to lose 20 more pounds..:) have a great week..just got back from my pilates class and walking later today.;)

  11. Just love the hats!
    You are so multi talented.
    And my those are so funny!
    Hugs Friend