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Sunday, December 4, 2011

SuNdaY FuNNieS...

Good Sunday morning to you all!! thought I would stop by for a quick update so you don't think I fell off the face of the is my last day of my show..and I will tell you so far I am very disappointed in the sales..totally not worth the time I am spending there..(3 days total) 10-5 both days and today one is spending money on hand crafted today everything goes on sale and will try to move it all to make any money I can..I don't want to take it home with doing this show I have done it 4 or 5 times..(can't remember) and it has always been a good show..this year not worth my time and effort..and they are taking out 15% of my hard earned commission..usually its 20% but the gal screwed up my listing..and I had to pay a $45.00 fee to get you can see why I am a bit disappointed..but with this economy it is what it is..will be posting stuff all week long on my etsy shop and decorating this week to boot..there might be another gift show next weekend depending on how big the space is and how much I sell today..haven't decided yet..but I so enjoy talking to the other vendors..I see them only once a year and just love them..and I love the crowds that come through meeting people and talking to them..and it never gets old when they say they love your stuff..just wish they loved it enough to buy it.;)I wish you all a beautiful sunday..I caught up on my blog reading last night..and miss you all.I also won a giveaway on Teri's blog white sheep farm..I won the cute little gingerbread men..I can't wait to decorate with these..

ours are famous for this one to..when they want us up in the morning..they do walk acrossed us ever so slowly and on our
ummm... this would be our two rotten little ones..they have done this on more then one occasion..;)
I seen this idea on one of my decorating emails that I get..and thought I would share it with you all.. have done this one before.)
okay enough chit chat..have a great day.:)


  1. I cracked up at the toilet paper photo. Too funny.

  2. I enjoyed all the cat pictures...very funny ones. Love the aprons on the window what a cute idea. Your home is just so pretty sweet Gina. Hugs

  3. Gina, I hope your show goes better today for you. I do think it is the economy, with gas, groceries going up people are only buying what they need. I love the cat pics. Cats can be ornery and still get a sympathetic look from us. The things they do can be so funny sometimes, how can we be mad? I love the red and white kitchen photo with the old aprons hung at the window. Reminds me of my grammas house long ago.
    Good luck today
    Country at heart

  4. I'm sorry to hear the show is not going well:( It is a hard time for us handcrafters for sure, very sad! Hope you sell lots today, will be thinking of you:)

  5. Gina~ wishing you a better selling day today~
    hugs to you~

  6. I hope you have a better day selling today...maybe some are waiting for your sale to see what beautifulness they can find at a cheaper price!

  7. Gina,
    I'm sorry to hear that your show is not doing as good as you had hoped. It is such a bummer when we work so hard and then it is not a buying crowd. I hope that the show is better for you today.
    Sending you hugs.

  8. Hi Gina, so very sorry your show has been a big disappointment. :(
    I hope things go better today for you. Big hugs!!

  9. Yes...People are not buying they are going to shows for a day out and frustrating! The last show I was in was a huge show...should have been great....but of course wasn't. Only a few people were doing good....the huge majority barely made booth fees back. Rememeber....your lovely items are great...and when a show goes is not a reflection of your is a reflection of the times.
    Your cat pics are hilarious.....I saw one with a kitten and a needle and it said....Iz not sick anymore!

  10. Sorry to hear your show isn't going as well as hoped Gina...Hoping today is better for you. I can't imagine the frustration of the time spent making all those crafts, sitting through the show, and then having to pack everything up. Hopefully things will turn around. Love the kitty funnies - especially the Alfred Hitchcock kitties! Too cute! Wishing you a great Sunday and week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Sorry the show was disappointing for is hard work.
    I cracked up looking at your cat pictures. Thanks for the laugh!
    I was at a shop once where it had aprons for curtains. I think it's an adorable idea.

  12. Gina~ Sorry the show didn't go so well.I did my last one two years ago and I was always one that did better than everyone.I had several bad shows and realized people in our area are not buying handcrafts right now.Hopefully today was a big success.Odd they are taking two fees out should be one or the other.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. LOVE your funnies. Thanks for the laugh this morning. I missed your show this year. Woke up yesterday with a pounding sinus headache and just rolled back over! Today I'm decorating. Let me know if you do the one next week. Hope today was better for you! ~~Annie

  14. Love those apron curtains, so cute. I am sorry to hear that the sales haven't been great, down this way, people seem to be spending, you have great items, maybe they bought today, hope so. I, too, love doing the shows are that is the only time you see most of the vendors, good to catch up. Hope you a had great day!

  15. Oh, Honey, I sure hope things get better soon. You have so many things going on. Isn't it hard to keep up? Maybe a nice break over Christmas would be nice, huh?

  16. Hi Gina, sorry sales are slow at the show, been there done all the kitty funnies, the genital one, so is my cats with my hubby! LOL! And the aprons in the windows, super cute!!

  17. Sorry your show isn't doing awesome. That's a bummer. But yes... it's the ecomomy. I did my first show ever last Saturday and I must say I did really well. Way more than I expected. I was really happy.

    LOL at all the LOLcats. You know I appreciate every single one of those pics.

    Carmen and the Primcats

  18. Morning Gina...Sorry about the show..that's one of the kickers about shows you can do well for years at a who and then one show and your are burnt big time...and all your hard work seems so worthless..
    But not to worry aside from shows you do well otherwise so keep on stitchin and making all us Prims out here happy with your goods..
    Hopefully today is a good day and you have to pack very little up..

    Love the toilet paper Kitty Picture it cracked me up...

    Have a Great Week my dear Friend!!

    Holiday Blessings