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Sunday, November 27, 2011

GinGerBrEaD DoLLs

Good Sunday morning!!! I made these cute gingerbread boy and girl yesterday..I love how they turned out..
each is holding a little metal cookie cutter gingerbread..and she has a heart sewn on..cause she loves her gingerbread man!!! :)
well I am off to get ready for is raining today..whats new..but they say it is going to be nice this week..keeping my fingers crossed cause then that will bring out more shoppers and more sales I hope..tomorrow is my big day at the I am taking lots of hand stitching to will be busy crafting today to have stuff to take tomorrow..Hubby is making turkey soup from the turkey carcass and leftover turkey and I just got a wiff of it..oh the house is smelling yummy..will be nice to have when we are busy this week..I wish you all a wonderful sunday and a great week ahead..happy cyber day tomorrow.)


  1. MMMMMMM Turkey soup!!!! That will taste good when you get home tomorrow from your appointment! I'll be thinking of you! It will all fine! Your gingerbreads are adorable! I wish I had your talents.

  2. Your ginger couple are adorable and look to be SOooooo in love;O wet and rainy here too, love your Santa from the last post!!!!

  3. The Gingerbread Dolls are adorable Gina! Hoping for you to have a good day weather wise for the show. The the turkey soup sounds yummy and what a joy that no one has to cook after the doctor and the show!

    I put out Kitty Blue today...and my little white Christmas I've gotten a start, now I can take the rest of the time between now and the big day to decorate!

  4. Oh my stars those GINGERS are too cute! Great job friend..Love love love.
    Soup on a rainy day is purfect!
    Thinking of you tom..Stitchin sure will help.
    HUGS Trace

  5. Sweet gingers Gina...(Hey - I like the sound of that...) ;o) Soup sounds yummy....Hope your appointment goes well, and the day goes quickly....My son has his surgery, as we wait, I'll be thinking of you....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Sweet Gingers GinA!
    I'm working on getting the house decorated. It's going to go into day two. UGH,,, Can the fairy decorator come and do it?

  7. I can smell the turkey soup from here...yummy! The gingerbread dolls are to cute. I hope things go well at the Doc. Blessings!

  8. Your gingerbread dolls are so adorable!! I purchased a gingerbread at the show this weekend.
    Will be thinking about you tomorrow. Hope all goes well. Great to be able to take some hand-work to help with the long day.
    Hope you have a great show next weekend. My show was very Christmas show I've had in the last 6 years.

  9. Sweet greetings to you Gina, oh what sweet Gingerbread Dolls!! Thinking of you girlfriend and praying all is well. Hugs

  10. Hi, Gina, the gingers are sweet!
    Great day for soup. I think I missed something, but I will be thinking of you tomorrow and I pray that nothing serious is going on. God Bless.
    Warm Wishes,

  11. The Gingerbread couple are adorable..Love the Candy Cane Dress to cute!!

    Good Luck at the doctors appt tomorrow.. I always take a craft to work on in the Doctor's office..relieves the stress..

    Pass me over a bowl of that Turkey soup.. sounds wonderful!!

    Have a great week, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow..


  12. They are so sweet! I love them! ♥♥♥

  13. oh they are just so adorable, I love that candycane fabric!!!!
    I made turkey soup too, we just finished the last of it tonight...sorta glad its gone....lololol

  14. Love the gingerbread dolls, Gina! Your house WILL smell good when you get home!


  15. Cute little gingerbread dolls and I love your Santa and Elmer. Hugs

  16. Really cute dolls honey. Sending you lots of prayers for tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.
    Never have had Turkey soup but since it is suppose to be cold and raining Sunday I was thinking about the old fashioned chicken noodle from scratch.
    Wanted to give you heads up on my giveaway. Hope you can enter