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Monday, November 21, 2011

SoMe WonDerFul PhoToS To HeLp YoU to DecoRaTe ThiS HoLiDay SeaSoN..

Good Morning is a bleary gray rainy and I mean rainy day..its been raining all night long and its still staying inside today to get some more crafting done..I get emails that have lots of neat photos of how to decorate for the I thought I would share these with you to give you ideas and inspiration for the upcoming holidays..the one above I love..its an old metal scoop that looks like a cornucopia..genius.
and I love this old firkin with the flowers in it..and I know alot of us have these..really adds a nice prim touch doesn't it?

love the glow of the lights.:)

these look like hand sifters.;) love this idea..
and I love this one too.:)

I love this one out of bobbins...what a neat idea for a cabin.)

well I hope you all got some inspiration and got the old creative juices flowing..have a wonderful monday and a great week..thanks for stopping by and saying hi and thanks for all the wonderful comments you gave in the last guys are wonderful..thats why I love ya!!! :)

p.s. is anyone out there not getting the text and is my background red? Lara of a primitive homestead said that is all she if anyone else is getting this..let me know..thinking she needs to refresh the page..but not sure what else to do..any thoughts?


  1. Beautiful ideas! I love all the natural elements.
    The bobbin wreath is a hoot.
    Thanks Gina.

  2. Your blog looks fine to me....Love all that inspiration for the outdoors! Thanks for sharing and have a great Thanksgiving.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Those are some great ideas! love the wheelbarrow with the tree! I'm not having any problems reading but I had it with a different blog awhile back, the background was red and the words were barely read-able, not sure it they had it set that way or if it was the same problem.. thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas with us and have a fabulous day:D

  4. Hi all the decorating ideas, especially the lighted Christmas tree in wheelbarrow and the birdbath filled with colorful food for the critters.

    No problems with your blog (so far)!

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos Gina - lots of wheels turning in this ol brain right about now. Can't imagine how many bobbers are on that bobber wreath though! Your blog is looking fine to me - I have that happen on one other blog - but it's only when I'm having issues with my browser....Wishing you a wonderful holiday week...Smiles & Thanksgiving Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful decorating ideas, love them all! Hugs, Lecia

  7. Neat photos with neat ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for passing along all the great ideas, Gina. You really found some good ones!


  9. Beautiful ideas for holiday decorating!! Thanks for sharing these with us.
    I'm not having an problems with your blog...seeing everything just fine.

  10. Hi there Gina. Wanted to let you know I looked at your post from a lap top today & could read all of it. Only on my inpod the words are not viewable on red background. Must be something in the iPod. Dont want to miss out on your posts. The ideas are great. Oh I would love to decorate & light up my gazebo like that one. Blessings!

  11. WOW! Thanks so much for posting these Gina! What wonderful ideas! You look at these and realize how creative people are! Some of the pics it's like 'I have that, and that, and that! Why couldn't I think of this display?!' LOL! great ideas!

  12. Wow Gina neat post... I just love taht wreath made from fishing bobbers way to cool!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    We've got reain here too..I'm thinking all us crafty ladies in the line of the rain are on the same page..good day to park ourselves at the craft station and craft away as we listen to the soothing sound of rain drops!!

    Have a great Day!!


  13. Wow that was cool! I love the birdbathe with the fruit in it and the cloche with the lights in it.
    But it was all inspirational and thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day.