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Saturday, November 19, 2011

ProGreSS PhoTos, HaiR, PrOjeCts MaDe and a FuN NiGhT wiTh ThE LaDieS..)

Good morning my good people!!! its been a while since I have blogged so I thought I would fill you in on the prepared its going to be a long post..sorry this is what happens when you are busy with doctors and getting ready for a show..I thought I would show you some progress photos of me on my weight loss journey..(hopefully you are not sick of hearing about it) but you can do don't need the fancy surgeries just have to want it bad enough to get yourself motivated for it..the above photo is of me at my heaviest..and I am going to finally reveal what that is..242 heaviest ever sad to say..I have gained almost 97 pounds that I lost back from 1999..that is a very sad number to say the in January when I found out I had polycystic kidney disease or PKD I decided something needed to change and I needed to give my kidneys a fighting chance to hopefully slow down the process or at the very least not having my kidneys working so hard I set out to do a "lifestyle" change and start exercising and eating right and making better choices...
here I am at 45 pounds 197 pounds..
50 pounds 192 pounds..
here I am today at 68.5 pounds lost at 173.5 pounds..yes I have lost more this week..oh and I got my hair done on the these are the new color photos too.:)

she does a fabulous job..but she is going up in price come I probably won't be going back to her..can't justify 145.00 for this every 8 weeks..its am looking elsewhere for a new hair dresser..sad to cause I love the way she does it..:(
more hair pics..
I love the red..its really shiny too:) well this week I had my first doctors visit on tuesday..turned out to be a loooonnnnggg day too..I got there at 10am and didn't leave till 6:15pm..they need to monitor me while taking the pill to make sure my heart (EKG)'s times 5 is doing well and take blood and they tried in my hand and the veins they went for the arterial vein (I think thats what they call it) in my groin area..and they found the sweet spot!! works everytime..cause its the biggest vein in our bodies..doesn't hurt a bit and I am a happier person.and not almost fainting because they need to poke me so many times..although it was 5 times to be exact that day..then I went back the next day for one more ekg and one more blood draw and I was done for the on this tuesday the 22nd..I get another blood draw and then on the 28th I have to be there at 8am and its going to be another long day like till 5pm..and then back again on the 29th for another blood I took my crafting with me and some magazines to read..started my new primitive place magazine that now its a luck of the draw whether I am on the actual pill or a placebo..I will be on this study for about 4 years..they also pay for my food and my meds if I need any..and they pay me for the we shall see how I am doing..I am hoping I have the pill and that it will help shrink the cysts and that I can help those that need this good needs to pass FDA in order to go keep me in your prayers from time to time sending out good vibes too.:>)
I finished up that mantel scarf the other day..I added santa and the bag of goodies..

I have also been selling my stuff on etsy and have sold 2 scarves and 2 dolls..this little thank you gift went with the 2 scarves sold and then she bought a doll for her I need to get something else going..I love this design..its on my christmas curtains that I will put up in december..:)

on thursday night we had our church "enrichment night" and it was a holiday auction..we had one of our gals from a different ward be our auctioneer and she was tooooo funny..
we all brought things from home that we didn't want or that we purchased...
and put them on the table...lots of great things to pick..
this is our goofball auctioneer modeling reusable grocery bags..we thought they looked like rain hats..we had to answer 60 questions and each question had a point value..we added up our points and that was "our money" to spend on the she would start out the bidding and we bid on had to deduct your points when you "purchased" something each time..we all went away was so much fun to see bidding could do this with your families at those big family is so much fun..
I came home with this cute little country lit christmas will be the only one I put up this year as the two rotten children won't leave anything alone..Lucy is already chewing on this one..
ppuurrrty isn't it..I love the glow it gives at night..
and I got these window clings..can't wait to put Santa in the upstairs window like he is peeking out..and I love the burl ives snowman..I got 2 of one will go with my little sister in her box..Yesterday hubby had the day off and it was a gorgeous day so we spent 4 hours out blowing and raking up looked like it snowed yellow leaves..the ground was covered..the biggest dump yet..and I wasn't tackling that job he blew and I raked..and raked..we were both so sore by the time we got a fire going and hopped in the shower..the dog got a bath too..all of us were in need by the time we were done..but we are 98% done..there are still a few stragglers hanging on but it is done now..and it looks so much better..I am anal about my yard and hate it looking messy..period..we got our first frost last night..and today is glorious and taking Tucky for a walk in a a nice fire in the stove to take the morning chill off..we are going to be getting some chilly nights this week..frost makers..we have heating pads for the 3 outdoor babys and they are on at night to keep them warm..well I am off to eat breakfast and get something to sew..and packages packed up for monday..I hope you are all doing well..I can't believe its thanksgiving next week..I feel like I need another week to prepare and about 4 more weeks to get more crafting done..have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for hanging in there on this looonng post..after my show it will be better I promise.;)


  1. Congratulations on the amazing weight! That's some kind of commitment and dedication - and you're looking wonderful for it! Love the new "colors" too. Yeah, I think I'm in the market for a new hair person too - I used to always have long hair and cut it short a while back - now she has me coming back every 4 weeks and it's getting too blasted expensive! That auction sounds like fun - LOVE your little tree! Nice win!! First frost? Really? We've been frozen so many times already I couldn't begin to count...and it's snowing now as I type this....Have a great rest of the weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Your weight loss is amazing. Congratulations! Love your hair too.
    Looked a fun time at that auction with your friends.
    Have a great weekend.
    Blessings :)

  3. You look so beautiful and your eyes are sparkling! I do have to say that even at your heaviest, you didn't look the number you wrote. You must carry your weight well. You look terrific! I love your hair. Glad all your procedures went smmothly. You are always in our prayers anyway! I'm going to suggest to our church what you guys did on enrichment night. How fun is that!!! Oh, and before I forget, we are watching Pioneer Christmas Thanksagiving weekend. My husband included because he said he remembers it a little from way back when. I don't, so I can't wait! Hugs!

  4. Great job on the weight loss. You are so inspiring. You weigh less than me!

  5. The pics of your wt. loss journey are just AMAZING!!! You look SO GREAT!!!! Congrats to you!!! I love the little tree you got and glad to hear you are winding down with the leaf pick up;)Love your hair too, but that is a bit pricey:O Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!!!

  6. Always good things happening in your life Gina...the weight loss is just fantastic...and the hair is absolutely fabulous! Always prayers for your health! The tree is the auction game!

    You, hubby and furry babies stay warm!

  7. Gina, You have done such an amazing job with your weight loss journey. Congratulations. I think your hair $ is a great reward for the hard work you've done to lose the weight. I know it's hard to justify - I don't spend as much as you, but I always think twice about my color.Happy Thanksgiving. ~Ann

  8. Hey girl, you are doing awesome on the weight loss!!! Wish I could say the same....I love your little tree! I didn't put up my huge one, last year because of Chum, but he left the 3ft. one alone, that I had on the hearth....
    I do hope and pray that you get the "real" pill and it works for you.
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  9. I really admire your determination and positive attitude. What an accomplishment and I'm sure you feel much better! Thanks for the update. I've gone to the same hairdresser for about 10 years now. She does a good job and is reasonably priced, but she's always running late and I spend way too much time there. Always something! ~Roberta

  10. Girlfriend!!
    You look amazing. Your hair is so beautiful and the light and love just shines through. You should be so very proud of yourself.
    I will continue to pray for you.You are so inspiring.
    Hugs to you

  11. Gina,
    Congrats on all the weight look amazing!!!
    Love the little cute.
    Did you get the design that I did for you? I emailed it to you last night.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. My goodness, so much to comment on! First of all, I'm so proud of you Sweetie for how far you've come with your weight loss. You weigh about 25 pounds less than I do, so be proud of yourself!

    Your haircut is adorable, by the way. My stylist in NC cost me $110 every five weeks, and I thought THAT was expensive. Since we've moved to Idaho, I've been trimming my bangs myself (letting my hair grow out) and coloring it myself too. Need to get a trim to get rid of those pesky dead ends, though, so I guess I'll have to pull out the wallet for that one.

    I know how it is with having to be stuck multiple times when they're drawing blood; I have small veins that tend to "roll" when a needle even looks at them, so the techs sometimes have trouble with me. I've learned that if the same person has stuck me more than three times in the same session, to ask for their boss to try the next time. The "boss" will usually get it right the first time.

    Your auction looked like so much fun! That's actually a great idea for folks to do when they have a large family at Thanksgiving, perhaps? Or even better, at a family reunion.

    Love your little tree that you got; it's really adorable. My kitties tend to leave our trees alone, so I'm lucky that way. Speaking of which, it's time for me to start dragging out the Christmas decorations. It will only be Hubby and me this year, but I don't care: I'm doing it anyway!


  13. Congratulations on your weight loss! You look amazing, love your hair too!

    I SO dislike when hair stylist raise the price on ya. I've been lucky with my hair dresser, it must be because I have been seeing her for 9 years.

    Your candle cozy is so cute and I want one!

    Well take care and have a great rest of your evening/weekend!

  14. Sounds like you are quite the busy gal. I wish I had half of your energy. I just love your hair colors, hope you can find another hair dresser to do it the same way. Hair color and cuts are so expensive nowadays. Congrats on all the weight loss, that takes will power for sure.
    The auction sounds like a lot of fun, what a nifty idea. I love the tree you got. I have been looking for one for my dining room.
    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things you have been doing.
    Country at heart

  15. Impressive weight loss and the results are obvious. You look amazing. The colors in your hair are quite beautiful. I wish I had the type of hair I could have something like this done but it's probably a good thing I don't as I'm sure people would be giving me funny looks since I'm too old to pull it off. Enjoy the coming week. Hugs

  16. You look wonderful! You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Id like to wish everyone whose blog that i visit a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family's, and thank you for being a reader to mine. Richard from Amish Stories.

  18. Gina, YOU LOOK FABULOUS ! LOVE YOUR HAIR , super cute! Congrats on all your hard work .Love your new tree its cute . Wishing you and yours a Very Happy Thanksgiving ! hugs lilraggedyangie

  19. You are an amazing woman and I am blown away by what you've accomplished with your weight loss. I would love to find out what a typical day is for you food wise. Do you follow a specific food plan? If you get the chance, could you shoot me an email? My address is now I need some motivation. I just don't know where to start and I'm about where you were when you started. I'm on the edge of health problems and I have to do something now!! Thanks so much. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. You're such an inspiration to so many people. God bless.

    ~ Wendy