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Monday, October 17, 2011

Me FroM A-Z

Good Morning everyone..sorry now photos..don't want to take the time to put them in and then have to rearrange everything..although photos would have been nice..I want to go and read everyone no photos today folks.:)let me know if you learned anything about me today,:)

A. Age: 48..but whose counting..I feel like I am 30 again..

B. Bed: King-sized, covered in kittys on any given day..I swear that bed is not big enough for 2 people and 2-3

C. Chore you hate:probably cleaning the bathroom..and maybe dusting..but it needs to be done..

D. Dog: yes.. one stinky puppy named Tucker..and they don’t list C for cats..but as you know we have 9 of them..(I am more of a cat person myself)..

E. Essential start to your day: waking up is a very great way to start my day..that and my daily sit down at the computer which is where I am right now..and usually a cat or two with me..

F. Favorite Color: Red, Black, Mustard, Olive Green

G. Gold or Silver: Silver..but with gold prices the way they are..I would choose gold for its wear..definitely silver..

H. Height: 5’6" and hopefully not shrinking yet..;)

I. Instruments you play: I can make toot (fart) noises with my that’s talent I tell you..I learned how to do this in 5th grade..I can’t do it with my armpit..but the hands…I am the best around these

J. Job Title: Cat mom, Wife, Daughter, Blogger, Decorator, Organizer, keeper, domestic goddess, domestic engineer…

K. Kids: 9 cats! 1 dog..

L. Live in: Washington state, USA

M. Make of Car: 2001 kia optma..

N. Nicknames: freenamint, (childhood name)..feenamint (my dad used to call me this) Gina (short for Vagina) you have to say it that way..a nickname I got working at Joanns.. miss beans (from Hubby)..not sure how that one came about and mom also from hubby..after all he’s daddy.. and Crazy Cat Lady. Thank you very much.;)

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: when I had my hysterectomy..they almost let me go home that day..because I was doing so well..but had to keep me an extra day just because..those were great drugs..cause I did feel great..till the next day..the meds do a number on your system.and I couldn’t go potty..I know TMI..and I am sure some of you know what I am talking about..J

P. Pet Peeves: yeah I am with Carmen..take down old links..another put stuff away when you are done with it..and take care of whats know like doing “your” yard work so I don’t have too..that’s probably the biggy right there folks..

Q. Quote from a movie: this is from Steel Magnolia’s..olympia ducakis said this..if you have nothing nice to say come sit by me..and it is still my favorite quote..or one my mom always used to say..If you can’t be good at least be always gets a laugh..;)

R. Right or Left Handed: I am a leftie..but cut hair and fabric with my right hand..I can bowl in either hand..I shoot right handed, baseball too..but catch with my left hand..

S. Siblings: 3 brothers (one in heaven) I have not seen him since I was 8 months old and 3 sisters..essentially the brady bunch…minus alice the maid..I am the “Jan Brady” of the girls..2nd to last in the bunch..

T. T.V. Shows: I have to many to list..but love reality T.V. dancing with the stars..that new american horror story…love horror flicks..

U. Underwear: Comfortable. No butt floss for me..I would be picking at my fanny all day long..

V. Vegetable You Hate: radishes..

W. What makes you run late: I run on mormon time..I am always 5-15 minutes late..I swear I will be late for my own funeral..

X. X-Rays: Lots. Right now for my kidneys.

Y. Yummy Food That You Make: oxtail stew, I love to bake..pumpkin chip muffins..and love to bake for the holidays..

Z. Zoo Animal: gosh its been so long since I have been to the zoo..I don’t really have a is certainly not the monkeys..they throw pooh..and I have witnessed that first all happened on a bright sunny day in Salt Lake City utah and the hogle zoo..I was in my senior year of high school (you know back in the dinasaur days)lol..I was there with my fellow students from my photography class taking photos of the animals and we were outside taking photos of the chimps and one looked really sad and we were laughing at him..when one came out from being inside and he flung pooh..and it hit me smack dab in the middle of my first I thought it was puke..till I got wind of could see what he had eaten..and it was runny..and it was gross..oh my gosh..ran to the bathroom to wash out my shirt..went back to the monkey enclosure, this time to the “inside” and that monkey saw me and charged the glass and started pounding on it..not sure how I pissed him off..but I aren’t you glad you asked?

hope you all have a wonderful monday and a great far we have sunny weather..debating whether to get a truck load of bark to finish up the season..and then be done with it..aside from raking all the leaves..had a great weekend ...hubby and I took the really long I have only done once..way back when I was in shape (like years ago) and I said lets do it again..and it was awesome..we took a 4 mile walk and saw houses and it was fun..didn't kill us was purrfecct for it..have a great day every one and as always..I love getting your comments..;)


  1. Oh my had me laughing with the monkey poo story! As for cats on the bed: how do you get away with only 2-3 on there at a time? We always have at least five, and there have been times that we've had all seven at once. Really tough turning over when you have 15-30 pounds of cat on BOTH sides of you snuggling up and holding the covers down! LOL

    Happy Monday,

  2. Oh funny! Sure made me laugh when you said that the monkey charged the glass and you don't know what you did to Pi** him off!!!, we got more work done on the kitchen, maybe in a week or so, it will be all done....I sure hope so, I am getting tired of working on it! Have a great week, my friend.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. I enjoyed reading this. You my friend are hilarious!! LOL

  4. loved your A-Z's. Cracking up at the monkey story. What did you do to the poor thing. Geesh! LMAO!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. OH... and I'm soooooo glad to hear the old link thing drives so many others as crazy as it drives me!



  6. learned more about you today Gina!

  7. Loved learning so much about you! I'm gonna play too:D monkeys can be SO tempramental, good grief!

  8. Hi Gina... Well, I can say that I've never had monkey poo thrown at me, LOL, but I've been crapped on by birds... Thanks for sharing your A~Z's...


  9. Now that was fun to read!

  10. Hi Ms. Gina,

    You got a laugh out of me on that one--if you can't be good, at least be sanitary!

    Do you mind if I do this on my blog? It looks like fun.

    God bless you!
    Joy :D

  11. Gina,

    You are a hoot! You were giving me visuals! Funny A to Z list about you!


  12. Great A to Z's!! Sorry...but that monkey story crackled me up!!

  13. What a fun read sweet Gina and it was nice learning more about you. Love it that you love cats...I do too and dogs. We had 13 cats for several years. They have all crossed Rainbow Bridge. Hugs

  14. Hi Gina,
    I love your stories! The zoo one had me laughing out loud. That was so mean of the monkey! I love that you are such a good kitty Mom!!
    Thanks for sharing with us and I love the new banner on your blog!
    Have a great week,

  15. I loved this. This was the best A-Z list I have seen and oh you made it so funny!!! Thanks for that smile you gave me!!!

    God Bless~

  16. Girl~ You had me laughing so hard! Glad you had a nice weekend.I'm loving the cooler fall days.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  17. hey that was fun.....we have a lot in comman.....Im a leftie too and NO butt floss here!

  18. Gina~ Giggling~ terrific a-Z's~ I have never heard of thong as floss~ I am with you on that no issue!!

  19. Tell it like it is, girlfriend!
    I loved this. You surely can tell a story!

  20. You are a hoot friend!
    I am almost tinklin.Uh oh TMI!!
    I bet you and Carmen are real good friends. You 9 and her 14 FURRY KIDS! Lordie!
    All teasin aside you crazy cat ladies have great big loving hearts! Off to sew...In chinese :)
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing.
    HUGS Trace