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Thursday, October 20, 2011

GoOdiEs GaLoRe FrOm SwEEt bLoGgErS, WooL FeLt TraDe and SteWiE..;)PicTuRe HeAvy..

Good Morning my fellow blogger and great friends!!! today it is a dreary drizzly rainy kind of day..but can't complain as we have had a gorgeous 5 nice that on monday I laid down another and final yard of bark..trimmed up some plants (still need to do more)..raked the yard of leaves and mowed the lawn also to get rid of the leaves..they yard front and back look much better..we have not had our "cold front" come them leaves are sticking to the branches like someone superglued them on..they are falling slightly here and there..where is that "easy" button when you need it..just push it once and wham they are all down and you can get them all done in one felled swoop!!! a girl can dream can't she? also went to my Kidney doctor on tuesday to see if I am a candidate for the study of seeing if a cancer pill will shrink the cysts on my kidneys..I had an ekg and they tried drawing blood..trying was the operative word here people...they tried 4 times..once on the right hand, on my foot (cause there was a excellent vein) go and then tried the left hand twice..and they got one little vial as the girl missed the sweet spot when she went to change out the vials..and oh she was "digging" and it hurt like H- E - double I need to come back once I am more hydrated..the doctor told me to drink lots of water and eat a 1/2 jar of pickles..because all that sodium will help me to retain it..not looking forward to it.but thats the way the ball bounces..otherwise we had to sign a lot of papers cause this is a paid study..I will earn about 600.00 doing this..if I qualify..and my doctor is the only one in the state of washington that is in this that was awesome and he is only 30 minutes away.;)
Okay now for the photo portion of my blogging..I asked my good pal Linda of Parkers paradise to make me one of her little stitcherys and that I wanted some bittersweet to decorate with..I have never seen it in these she sent me a wonderful package 2 weeks ago and as you can see she found some bitter sweet for me.:>)
she also sent along some other goodies..I love those little clothes pins..I am going to make some little prairie ornaments with them..saw them on Our Pioneer homestead they are so cute..take a will be making some for yourself..:O)
she also sent this cute little stitchery..I think its going to become a pillow though as the frame doesn't want to cooperate..she also made the cute little pin pillow..I am getting quite a collection too..the little coasters..and that little brick..see next photo..
that little brick comes from Nauvoo and since I am mormon..this really intrigued she sent me one of her little bricks she picked up in Nauvoo..I so want to go and visit it and see the history there;) Linda you are an absolute sweetheart for sending me all these great goodies..she has sent lots of gals in blog land recently some of her wonderful goodies..all of our homes are getting beautifully decorated with her goodies.
One random shot of how I changed out the centerpiece..I put in my lumina can see the other pumpkin I had in it before..I love the white really pops.;)
okay its all in the touches isn't it? this is where I put my little bittersweet..up by my "autumn" words..

it was so much fun finding little nooks and crannys to use my bittersweet..

just makes my decor that much more don't you think? I love it..Thank you Linda.:)

I received another package this week from another wonderful gal named Maggie that is totally spoiling me rotten I tell you..she has a blog named Maggies Lil' should stop by for a visit..she is one generous and sweet will love her..;) Here is Inspector Goose after I empied the box of its contents..what is it about boxes and kittehs..they just go together like peanut butter and jelly.;)
look at all the goodies she sent..that little dog sign is going on the front says: don't sniff someone elses property until you get to know them the little recipe says if you want breakfast in bed sleep in the kitchen..I love these retro things that you see now..I just laugh and giggle at them all..they are all so funny..and the little fabric thing on the left is a chip holder..oh and there is inspector Stewie at your service..they so love to help their mommy.;)
she sent a retro little kitty that is foam and glittery..and a soap dispenser and pumpkin spice oil..
and another chip holder..will try to remember to take these to my friends house on saturday..we are going over to celebrate her little boys and Mikes birthday..and the guys are going to watch a fight..we girls will sit and favorite thing to do with the girls..we are having Cafe Rio mexican for dinner and cake for dessert..:) my kind of food..
she also sent this cute little wooden witch sign..she is hanging in the bathroom with my witch tree..she looks good there..
and here is where I put the foam kitty on the red bench and the little halloween card those old vintage looking cards..and cats..;)
the little foam kitty it..cause it looks retro.;)Thanks again Maggie for a surprise I was not expecting..) you are a wonderful gal and blogging friend..gosh I wish I had the money to fly to all of your hometowns to meet and hug each one of you.;)

Yesterday I had some errands to run and my good friend Carolee that owns the christmas house on Bainbridge Island (its about 20 minutes from where I live)..she has been running this "christmas house" now for about 30+ years..its one of my favorites places to go..I have shared several photos of her place when she has her shows..I do her summer show in July..(didn't this year)..but she does she does a spring show and a summer show (where we can participate) and then her regular season starts the day after thanksgiving till the week before christmas..she and her hubby Bob travel all over the united states and in europe for treasures to sell at their home..well I introduced her to my sizzix and cut her out some shapes to take on her trips so she can still work on things while they travel and I asked her to look for firkins and or wool blankets etc..she called last week to let me know she found 2 little firkins (not sure if they are the real mcCoy or fakies) and I don't care..she just gave them to now Linda you must tell me how you painted yours cause the brown on is exactly like the other 3 you gave me..and I want to know what color to paint it..I have a red, blue and mustard colored you let me know what colors you think..and the other one is definitely getting a paint job..not my style..and it has no handles..very unique..

I also spied this cute little broom with a round handle..she said take I did..
this one is out of order..but I found some wool blankies and I love this one for its on the couch..its in perfect this one won't get cut up..
I saw the off white one..she gave me the red one..
the blue one has pink on the other side..and you can see the fall one that is on the couch..
and I love this orange one..oh the pumpkins this will make and also cut outs from my sizzix..
This quilt was a crib mattress cover..and she gave me a great deal on this and the wool felt..I purchased her two sizzix dies that she loved of mine..the circle one and the tag one..and all of this wool was over a 100 dollars..she let me have the wool and quilt for 70.00 along with all the free stuff..
also got some white wool felt for my newest sizzixs..two different snowflake designs..I am making more stockings with the new red felt and putting white snowflakes on it...

This is what I am currently trying to finish up..need to cut out the words merry and bright for the bottom and in hand writing stitch out "O christmas tree" on both sides of the tree and it is done.)this is a nice big penny mat..
I finishe these 3 wool (blanket) stockings..need to sew on the hanger and they are done..I did the blanket stitch around them..I love how they turned out..
and I finished up another fall scarf using the leaf the rich colors..if anyone is interested in this or any of the items listed above let me know.:)
Oh I look like I am expecting from the looks of this photo..but Stewie wanted under my shirt to snuggle and needle under my arm..
oh look he just popped his head out..(these were taken just this morning..
sorry for the free boob shot..but isn't he a little cutie? I love that little boy and he knows he is loved..he has gotten so big and still just as lovable..loves to crash on my lap at night..and he loves laying by the fire with his sissy on the sheep skin rug..
well that diet is working..I am officially down 60.5 pounds today..I am siked..the high/low carb thing really works and you don't feel I am a sold person on this..21.5 to go..folks this is the easiest diet ever..I found it on Dr.oz ..its the chris powell (biggest Loser) here are the videos that I and here you will love how simple and easy it is..well I am off to go exercise and try to get something cut out to start sewing..sorry for the long post..but probably won't be back the rest of the week..gotta stay focused..have a wonderful rest of your thursday and if I am not back..have a wonderful weekend.:)


  1. WOW! You got spoiled this week too!!!! Deserved of course! Love all the new treasures.

    I saw those pin dolls on pams blog I really want to make them too. I just need to get the right fabric!

    Nice boob... I mean... er... kitty! LOL! Dang he's adorable!!!! I can't stand it. Send him to me!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. I have never seen so many pretty things in one house! And a free boob shot...Wow this post rocks! LOL Hope your having a great day :))

  3. you're one amazing woman get more done in one day then I get done in a month...such lovely treasures you've are perfect...thanks for sharing

  4. 60.5 lbs, WOW!!! That is awesome Gina! I'm gonna have to check out the diet, I am so tired of being fat, UGH! Love all your goodies you got, your sweet Stewie and your boob shot, LOL! Cold and dreary with rain here today so doing some crafting:)

  5. Hi Gina!! I love all your new goodies, it's fun to be spoiled.. I love how much fall goodies you have out, makes me think, I need more.. haha.. Love the bittersweet but can't find around here either unless it's the faux stuff.. You go girl, that is so great 60.5 lbs.. Yahoo..I think I need to check those videos out.. Thanks for sharing such a fun post today!

  6. I apologize for not visiting my favorite blogs lately, and i promise to do some catching-up with everyone in the next few days. We are experiencing cooler weather starting today (Thursday) and as for myself I'm looking forward to falls return to the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. And are the color of the leaves changing your your way folks as they are mine. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall season that has now begun. Richard from Amish Stories.

  7. Did you ever get spoiled! GEESH! I love all the goodies and the blankets are nice too!
    Congrats on your weight loss, and I am sorry, the whole blood drawing thing, OUCH! I wouldn't have been as graceful about that.
    Love the little kitties, they are so sweet!
    Have a great week!

  8. Hello,
    oh my, what awesome goodies you got this week!! Love all of your goodies. I love all of your decorations and the way you have them displayed! The bittersweet looks so pretty in your displays.
    That wool will be turned into your lovely pieces of art soon. I love your kitty shots. They are just all so stinkin cute. Have a wonderful weekend and congratulations on your weight loss and good luck with the study trial and I hope you are accepted.

  9. 60.5 lbs!!!!! Amazing! Congratulations. Love all your stuff and where you put it all. You deserve so much more! Hugs.

  10. It HAS been pretty around here, hasn't it! Hopefully the weekend will be pretty...we're headed up to Lake Chelan in the morning.

    Love all your goodies. WOW! Where DO you store it all! LOVE 'EM!

    And YES...that WAS my first thought of the preggo picture! hehe! Have a great weekend! ~~Annie

  11. Geesh girl, I'm tired just from reading your! You do so darn much! I wish I had your energy. Great stuff you got, wish I could find bittersweet around here. Love that little kitty!
    Have a great weekend!


  12. Hey girl, you sure get a lot done and you got some great stuff! I think Bittersweet is poisonous to pets!
    Have a great weekend!

    Warm Blessings~Karen

  13. Gina,
    What great sure did get spoiled!!
    Stewie in your shirt...too funny!! He is adorable!!
    I have the same problem with getting blood drawn and I have to drink tons of water before hand.
    Congrats on the weight loss!! I've just started on the low carb/high carb this pass and have lost a couple of pounds. Thanks for telling me about it.

  14. Love all your goodies especially the bittersweet. You look like you are quite ready for fall with all the decorations. Hey, you have a cat in the box, love that. Looks like you are also ready for the holidays with all the stockings made. Ready or not, It is around the corner.
    Country at heart

  15. Lots of great photos! I love bittersweet and am hoping Hubs will help me find some this fall. He is good at things like that, I'm more of an indoor type girl and would never find it on my own.

  16. Girl~ I'm worn out just from such a sweetie.Wonderful goodies from your friends.Glad you got over the hump and are losing again.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  17. On the bittersweet--after this season is over, store it in a ziploc bag and pack away carefully so it doesn't get crushed. It should be usable for several years.
    The firkin--I have seen some awesome green ones. I used a seafoam green, sanded and stained with minwax walnut, rubbing off as I put it on. I used an old sock to put on the minwax and rub it off.
    Is the other one wood? it sure does look interesting. try the cinnamon color of American Craft at Hobby Lobby. I always use a spray paint for the base--covers so much better and no brush marks, That's also why I use a sock with the stain. And the great part is, you can never screw up but you can always sand and redo!
    They will be beautiful. I can't wait until you show them finished!