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Monday, August 29, 2011

Say KiDs WhAt TiMe Is IT?...BiNgo iS My NameO

Good Monday morning everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend..I did some stitching and actually got the top piece finished last night and got another one cut out (see below) its a winter one..I am doing a swap with a gal that I purchased one of her halloween items last year and she does a fantastic job of painting..Her name is Jan..and I asked if she would be interested in doing a swap..she said I am getting some cute prim halloween items from for me and one for my turn I made her the rug above and starting the one below..she has to get gifts for her family as its a win win all the way around..I so love swapping.:)
I finished stitching this little funny I need to make a pillow and sew this onto the front.;)
here is the other one that I am making for the bottom it will say In the Meadow...and you know the rest.:)
and I am making some wool felt fall tags..these will be added to my etsy shoppe when they are done..wouldn't they look cute on a tree branch twig for your prim halloween/fall decorating..
Well Hubby just got back from his vacation in Utah seeing his folks..he went fishing with his dad for 3 days and they caught like 75 fish..they released most of them..but he was able to bring home 6 huge trout and guess what we are having tonight for dinner? got't had trout in years..said the fishing license more then paid for it would have cost more in the fish to buy them at the store.;)the other 5 are in the freezer..;)
Okay this is Lucy Goosey here with todays Bingo words...Are you all you have your list in front of you..this is very important as you need to cross off your words and then shout out Bingo!!! when you get them all..well that is all for me..I am going blackberry picking today and from what I am told they are ripe for the picken and there are lots of tomorrow I will be making jam..have to take little man Tim-Tim for his first well baby check up..oh and Mike fell in love with him..whats not to love..and Lucy missed her daddy...Take care and have a wonderful etsy sale is going well...I sold 3 more things far that is 11 items since I started this sale..SAAWWWEETT!!! and the majority of it has been halloween/fall I am getting that cleared out..and so thankful for it too;) will have another sale in december for the last minute holiday shoppers..
Have a great day everyone.;)


  1. Very lovely creations Gina! I just realized I will probably be leaving before I get Bingo, but it's fun anyway, LOL! Miss Lucy sure is growing fast, glad she has her daddy back and enjoy that fish!!!

  2. Lucy is adorable~
    the trout sounds yummy~ just love Fresh Fish~ My fav is Walleye~ hubby gets it at Lake Erie~ YUM!!
    Love your goodies!!

  3. Gina,
    Love everything that you have been making!! Your Bingo helper sure is a cutie!!
    Do you get my email about the wood candlesticks?'s back to crafting for me.

  4. Lucy is getting big fast.Swapping is always so fun.Can't wait to see the painted goodies you get.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Love, the felt tags I'm not off to a good start on the bingo ha I didn't have either but it's fun!

  6. I'm agreeing with Teresa--Walleye is my favorite fish.
    That Lucy is a cute little reporter. Looks like she could be trying out for a junior news reporter job!

  7. As usual you are busy busy busy Gina...WOW I can't believe it's time for fall again. That means I've been living back in Florida for a year this month! Enjoy the blackberries...a big old cobbler sounds real good!

  8. Ahh, they all look so good Gina:-) You're really good at this stitching stuff. Nice catch with the fish. Frugal fish I might add with the savings:-) Love your lil Lucy Goosey helper... lol.