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Friday, August 26, 2011

ProJeCts SenT, TweaKinG,SwApS, KiTTy HiDeaWAy, & GiVeAwAy..:)

Good Friday Morning everyone!!! hope your friday and weekend are off to a great start...These are projects I did a while back for Tamera of Country at Heart..and I didn't want to spoil her surprise ..but she has them now so I can show you..The 2 on the left she had seen but the one on the right she had not..
and she didn't know about this one either..(she told me what she wanted, size color etc)..but didn't know how it was going to look..her home is done in americana and has black accents..:)
blurry photo sorry..;)

Well I did some tweaking the other day..that little wooden box that I traded for a year ago from Lynn of painting thyme needfuls
it was in the upstairs bathroom..and I put it on the kitchen its on the woodstove for the rest of the has all of the seasons of kittys on the box..;) I put my candles in it..a cute little vignette with the raggedys...
okay its starting..I put the wheelbarrow on the table and pulled out my autumn table runner that my friend kimmy made me back in 2002..I love it here...
then I did more tweaking..I added the old one handled collander to it..and now its perfect.
I swapped this bracelet for some of my items..I found this gal on etsy and she has the neatest bracelets and jewelry and I loved the saying on it..
It says Serenity to accept the things I cannot change...Courage to change the things I can: and Wisdom to know the difference.and the family tree..I love this...;)it also have little diamond like jewels around will love her stuff.;)

this is what I found last I was going to bed..two little peas in a pod..
the second shelf down in the back is where they hide..and Squirt (Timmy) is in there right now taking his nap..
they crawl in the back here between the wall..its their favorite spot when Mom's up here crafting.:)

I okay whose ready for a giveaway..I have been threatening this for a very long I thought I better get my butt in gear..I just made this yesterday..and white wool felt lumina pumpkin with the words organic 78c on great blogging buddy Cindy did these for me..I wanted some designs done and she did it for me..I love these..Thank you again Cindy..;) I am going to be making more of these too..;)
you also get a little bag of fall salt dough ornaments..
not sure what is in the bag..but it will have an assortment of these..:)
so whose ready to play a game of Bingo? its my favorite to play cause it keeps it fair in my you stop by everyday to see if your words are chosen.;)
so now for the rules.. you must be a follower, new followers are welcome..PLEASE DO NOT advertise this on your blog..
You must pick out 20 words from this list..and email them to me..and on Monday I will start drawing 2 words each check your list and if its on it..cross it off and the first person to get all the words on their list calls out bingo..
This is for the USA and Canada only..sorry shippings a bugger..I will need your lists by sunday evening for you to be eligible to play..if I don't have your list you can't get your 2o words together keep them by your computer so when I draw them each day you can mark them off and when you get all 20 and you call out bingo you are the the event we have a tie..I will think of a 2nd place item to giveaway.;) Good luck everyone.;)
here is the list of words to choose from:
hot cider
crisp mornings
wood stove
crunchy leaves
hay rides
trick or treat
bobbing for apples
caramel apples
pumpkin pie
first frost
black cats
leaves changing color
comfort food
raking leaves
telling ghost stories
candy corn
jack O lanterns
great pumpkin
charlie brown

now how's that for a list..if you have any questions..please let me know..Tonight I am going to a farewell party and there is going to be a bonfire..its folks from our church and I just love these guys..their daughter is going to be a foreign exchange student in it is a send off for her..should be fun as I love the members in our church..;)
I have been working out extra hard on the treadmill as I seem to be in a plateau of sorts..yesterday I did 50 minutes on the treadmill..going to do the same today..I am not eating any different..and I am working out harder and nothing. I am stuck at 47 pounds...but I will keep trudging through I have worked to hard and I feel better then I have in not sure what I need to cut out of my diet..may change it break through..any way thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments..I love hearing from you..
and my sale on Etsy is going really well this week..I have sold 9 things this past if you haven't stopped by my shoppe..everything is 15% off..just type in LABORDAY15 to get the discount.)
Take care and have a wonderful friday and a great weekend...the weather is glorious here and the tomatoes are starting to ripen...bout time too..;)


  1. oh no, fall decorating already? hehe.. I love your wheelbarrow. Even though I love fall, I am still holding onto summer. Your kitties are so cute. They can be so silly sometimes. One of other cats used to like to climb in the fridge and hide behind something, can you believe he never got shut in there.. What a fun idea for a giveaway.. Bingo.. luv it..did you make the ornies? great job on your etsy sales.. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh what fun! Emailed Ya! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Count me in! I will email my words.
    Love the bracelet. What's the use in waiting to decorate for Fall? We have alot to do in the Fall and you get a head start :] I just want to give those kitties a squeeze. Have fun tonight!

  4. I wanna play...I wanna play!!! Love those organic pumpkins and the bracelet!!!! Love your silly kitties! I should be a grandma soon, so excited!!!!

  5. So much fun to play, have fun tonight

  6. Hi Gina:-) Hey, I like the Americana penny rugs. Nice surprises for sure. Tweaking is an obsession with me. Gotta do it anyway, til we get it just right:-) I like your new bracelet, nice sentiment to it. It's cute how our fur babies have their little hideaways. When they do that, they're lookin' to catch some serious zzzz's. Continued success with your sale.
    p.s. you're plateau could be that you're firming up those muscles. Hang in there and keep at it:-)

  7. though i don't like wishing any of my precious days away, i do love autumn so much and will love every day it is here.
    i love it even more than christmas......
    emailing my words.
    Big Hugs,

  8. I always love to see pics of your kitties. :) The penny rugs look great! I will be emailing you to play bingo!

    Blessings, Jessica

  9. Gina,
    Your penny-rugs turned out wonderful!! The design looks great on the white pumpkin. Love your bracelet!! Will be emailing my words here shortly. Have fun tonight.

  10. What a fun idea - I will e-mail my words. Keep up with the diet - it stinks to work hard and not lose, but it seems we all hit those times. It does seem that you have to change things up sometimes to get your body going again.

  11. YAY! Fall is here! I put out one thing so far too... but in 2 days it's ON! My house is going to be filled with pumpkins! LOL!

    THe penny rugs are the best! I love your work. Love that bracelet! THe serinty prayer is so beautiful!

    LOL at the kitties! They alwways find the best snuggy spots!

    Carmen and teh Primcats