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Sunday, July 3, 2011

MY TriP HoMe To SeE My MoM...;)

Good Morning everyone!! I am back home again..And glad to be was a stressful, hot, long week..This was my bus ride to the airport on June was a beautiful clear day and you could see Mt. Rainer..its usually hidden in I had to get some photos..
I love this one over the bridge...
I made this board for my moms photos..the day of the viewing..I went to Michaels and got all the supplies and made this on my MIL's kitchen table..I had to make do with tools as I wasn't in my own craft room..for example I had to use a corncob holder to make start holes and then use a screwdriver to make the holes bigger to add the brads on each X then hot glue them took 3 hours to do mom had a pink/mauve casket and flowers to match I had to do the same with was actually fun to make..we inserted photos of her on this for all to see..I was even able to take some of those photos home to have that I had never seen looked really good but I didn't take my camera to get any of them with it all done stood on a big easel..The Funeral was wonderful!!! my mom looked so peaceful and beautiful..we all did good with our talks..although the minute I got up to do mine..I got cotton mouth..I had to really talk slow or no one would have understood me..but I learned something from all of the talks that day and they were all wonderful...we released balloons at the gravesite and it was soooo windy that they were gone in an instant..I was also able to be a pallbearer along with my 2 nieces, nephew and brothers and inlaws..My mom also donated her eyes..we don't know if its to science or for anyone to be able to see..but she had had 2 kidney it was a fitting gesture to give back..
This is my childhood home..and before I left I had to take photos of it as these will be my only memories as we are fixing it up to sell..I am sad to see it being sold as I will never be able to visit it again, only from the outside..the window by the front door on the left (the tree is kind of hiding it) was mine and my little sisters room till I was 15..

I had my good friend Jill take a photo of me on the front porch..I have one of me as a little girl here..
this is the back of the house..the window on the right became my room from 15 to to the right by the wall there used to be a big nectarine tree..we always put up nectarines..I hated it cause it was alway hot outside and the kitchen was the same with all the boiling water etc..and the juice would run down my arm and I would be a sticky mess from peeling all of them..
we also had a plum tree..the big bush is a white snowball bush..last month it was in full bloom..should have taken a photo to the left is the big lilac bush that was in bloom too..I remember cutting some to put on the kitchen table..the house smelled so good..I love lilacs..they remind me of home..
this is a big "cigar" tree in the back (you can see the lilac tree and the clothes line) we used to climb this as kids, have picnics under it..I am not sure if that is the correct name of it..thats what we called it as it gets long cigar looking bean shaped things that grow from it..make mowing a bugger too..
I had Jill take one last photo for me.;)
on Wednesday all of us kids headed to mom's house to go through her things..I was able to bring back some of her clothes that I hope to be able to get into in the near future..she was a sharp dresser and a clothes horse..just like me..The photo above is of me at age 19 or 20 I was heading into beauty collage then..the other photo is of my big brother at age 19..right before his mission..He is the one that took great care of my mom through the years and he has taken care of helping me out with my plane tickets each time..I love my big brother..:)
I got this red avon plate..will use it for the holidays..;)
I will use these for little desserts..(when I actually make them)
I love the old pyrex...
love this fireking piece..and Lucy helping me..:) she is asleep on my lap as we speak..I missed my babies..and hubby of course..
this photo is dark..there is a purple hat for winter and 2 flour sack towels I will use in my baking..and a little pink hankie..I put that on a shelf in my bedroom..looks right at home there too..
I remember doing dishes with these wash I just had to take a few..the other thing is like a bib/apron to wear while you are cooking so you don't make a mess of the colors..
she had alot of these napkins that are a linen cotton..I need to do some stitching on them..they are wonderful..will have to use these during the fall.:)
I put the rolling pin on my rake above my stove...
her red potato masher is also on the will be nice to cook and see her things..
I also grabbed her hand written recipes..I will have to go through them carefully and make some of these..
she had this jesus picture in her bedroom for as long as I could I have it in my bedroom now..
she had purchased some food storage from my party in January..but never opened any of I was able to bring it home with me...I miss my mom and will miss our weekly chats..I have regrets of not calling her more or visiting more..I had only seen her 4 times in the last 10 years and wish I had gone home more..but we all have regrets and need to move on and focus on the good aspects..I am thankful that I was able to go home in May to see her and be with her and see her doing well..she was able to get out of the hospital after I left back to brother took her out a week before she passed to her childhood home, her home and they did some sight seeing..I think she was just ready/tired and wanted to go home to her father in heaven..she was a fighter and she was hanging on for us..
This is hard to write as tears are falling..I miss her..but know I will get to see her again someday...she is happy, healthy, and whole again and raising her son..and we don't have to worry about her anymore..we know she is in great hands now..
Take care, sorry for the long post..I am so grateful for you all and for your thoughts and meant/means so much to me to have you all as my friends.. I received some cards from you gals here in blogland..and they meant the world to me..thank you...I love you all.;)


  1. I am so glad your trip home went well. Blessings and May you be comforted in these days of sorrow by the sweet things you brought home and by the wonderful memories of your Mom. Have a great day!

  2. I am glad that your trip hope went well. It sounds like it was a lovely ceremony .The board you made to hold the photographs of your mom is beautiful. I am sure that she was smiling down on you as you put it together.May God bless and comfort you in the days to come.Hugs,Jen

  3. Gina, what a beautiful post of a beautiful trip! I think of you often!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  4. Love you too sweetpea ((hugs)) your post brought tears to me as I think we all have our own regrets as to loved ones who are not with us anymore, your wonderful memories will be tucked within your heart until the day you are all together again for a wonderful reunion:) I'm glad you got to bring some of her things home and that you had that visit in May, I'm sure she is smiling down on those items with you in your home:)

  5. I'm happy you are home again where you will heal from your loss. I found after my Dad passed that it was afterwards it hit hard again. Do your best to cope but remember it's good to let out the tears.Between your husband, your furry kids,and sisters, brothers and all of us here in Blogland we will get you through your darker days. BTW your package should be at your house on Tuesday. Love and hugs to you, Maggie

  6. You got some wonderful memories there! Maybe after you try some of your mom's recipes, you can put the originals in a scrapbook with some pictures. I have a few handwritten recipes of my mom's and I will treasure them always. I know this has been a tough week for you. Sending you some hugs.

    Glad the service went well. You know she was proud of the picture board; all your work putting it together and seeing all those old memories, hearing what everyone had to say about each one.
    Everything you brought home will bring you comfort, over and over....
    It is so precious to our hearts to have pieces of our past that were precious/important to our loved ones.
    Now it is time to put your life back together. She would want you to smile, and work, and love every day you have until the big family reunion. And won't that be grand? You'll be with all your loved ones and get to meet those that went before. No wonder they call it the Rapture.
    Have a happy and safe 4th.
    I know your babies and your Baby are happy to have you home.
    Please know, you are in my thoughts and prayers. ((()))s,

  8. Hi, glad you are back safe, you have some great memories and the things you brought back will always help you remember the little things. I have my dad's old blue hat and his pipe, they also bring back a smile. Take care, Cyndy

  9. Gina,
    I'm glad that your trip home went well. What a wonderful and beautiful post...I cried with you as I read it. I just know that your mom is watching over you and will be with you always. I'm keeping you in my prayers...and praying that your faith will comfort you in the days ahead. Sending lots of hugs your way.
    ps...I sent you an email back.

  10. I know it's hard but so glad you are finding peace in it.Yes she is in a better place but it doesn't mean we don't miss them.Sounds like you had a lovely service and the family coming together I'm sure helped....My grandma has the trees too and we always called them "cigar" trees.Keeping you in my thoughts and parayers!~Amy

  11. Gina I am so glad you got to get treasures of your mom's I know you will enjoy them. We all do have regrets that is normal at a time like this. My thoughts are with you! Hang onto those memories


  12. So sorry to hear about your mum Gina, not been on the internet much. Your post is a beautiful tribute to your mum and childhood. You have such a positive attitude, thank you for sharing your visit home..Hugs Chrissy xx

  13. Gina

    It so nice that you were able to bring home some of your mom's things so you will have a reminder of her. Glad that your trip was good even if it was a little sad. It's always hard to say goodbye.

    TFS the pictures of your childhood home and the young Gina! What a looker! LOL!


  14. You shared your story well. Those of us who have lost our mothers know how hard it is to put words to all the emotions.

    May God continue to hold you in His arms and bring you comfort.

  15. The photo board is a wonderful way to share a loved ones journey in life. I did up one for my Grams service. It helped us remember the loving times we all shared with her as the vititors would comment on the photos. It is nice you were able to bring home some of her treasures. I find comfort in the many treasures I have of Grams & Paps. Hugs to you. Blessings!

  16. I was thinking of you all week, and waiting to read your post about 'going home'. I like the phrase "sweet sorrow". Your post was expressed with such concern, love and sweetness. Thank you for sharing this time with us.