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Saturday, June 25, 2011

SwaPs, 4th Of JuLy, FLoWeRS, CraFts, & kiDs...

Hello everyone!! well I am done cleaning house, mopping hubby is good to go with holding the fort down while I am at home with my family..some of you may ask why he isn't going..its not that he doesn't want to support me..we just have too many babys to care for and trust no I will feel better knowing that Hubby is home taking care of our babies..Plus I have my family and friends back home to help me..I am okay..course when I see my mom for the first time on monday..not sure..that will be tough for sure..but I think I will be okay..Yesterday I received a swap package from a gal that wanted to do a swap..and I gladly obliged..she sent me a cute little pan with "vanilla" scent fixins in it..and the refresher oil to go with it..and a little butterfly air freshner I will be putting in my car..;)..I sent her a sheep plate and a little pillow tuck..
This smells yummy too..
and here is where its at for the time being...;)
Hubby came home yesterday from work bearing gifts..fabric to be exact..they get left in lockers by folks and this is nice flannel fabric...will use it for baby stuff that I make..I love the lettered one..
Okay I am finally posting my 4th of july decor..remember nothing fancy..I purchased these cute little liberty and uncle sam dolls earlier this month from Blue moon beginnings..they fit puurrrfectly in my little craft box on my kitchen table..
up in the stairwell..nothing fancy..a resin uncle sam..a pillow that I made and the sheep that my great blogging buddy Cindy made for me..
my summer plate, that Cindy gave me..I have all the seasons..I love changing them out..
okay the house lit up at night..
red white and blue in all the down stairs windows..
my poppies blooming in the "kids" garden..I love this salmon/peach color..

Hubbys work gave us this wonderful hydranga bush yesterday for the passing of my mom..I love this and it was so thoughtful..;)
just above the wall in the corner (above the red can) is where I plan on putting it..;) gotta dig out the stuff in that corner when I get back and plant it there..can't wait to see how it looks..
I am 95% done with this wall hanging have to add some more stripes and a star to the hat and attach the hanger and it is done.. I love how this turned out.;)
Mike witnessed a really tender thing last night that he ran and got the camera to prove it..(I was out getting my hair trimmed up and getting ink for the computer)...Lucy loves to help everyone eat their food..and Tucker is no exception..usually he is very protective of his food or bones..but she just pushed her way in and started helping..
now this is the precious one..they are both eating together...I love this photo..Lucy is asleep as we speak on my lap..she loves to sleep on my chest at night..she is such a welcome addition to our home..we are both smitten with this kitten..she is just so busy and loves to play..she makes us laugh at what she does..she also loves to hide under the bed and attack your feet..she is sneaky too..Well this is my last post till I return next friday..Take care and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..oh and I am down 34-1/2 pounds..and pulled out some more jeans that fit..and a skirt too..:)Thank you again for your prayers for my family and myself..I love the power of prayer..cause it is keeping me sane..:)


  1. Sorry for your loss. It is always hard.
    I was enjoying your blog and will be back for more.

  2. Gina,

    Hey girl, I meant to comment on your post about your mom's passing but the day spiraled away and before I knew it, was over. Anyway, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. It's sad to have to say goodbye to a loved one. It was great that you were able to go spend some time with her before she passed...God has blessed you with those days as a loving memory.

    Hope your trip home will find you some peace and comfort. Take care.


  3. Hi Gina,
    Love your little touches for 4th of July!! I don't have much for it either and I still need to get my stuff out.
    What an adorable picture of Tucker and Lucy Lou eating it!!
    You asked if I had dyed the burp cloths. No, I actually found them in colors for baby girls & boys at Kmart. Loved being able to embroidery on some colored ones.
    I hope you have a safe trip. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, dear friend.

  4. Love those red. white & blue lights and your flowers! Not sure if I mentioned this but I am going to HI with my mom and my hubby will go at a later time due to the pets, mostly Kiah. My best friend came 3 times a day when we went to GA last fall and she is great with her, but she wouldn't eat her food or meds for the 3 1/2 days we were gone, all she'd eat was treats! All I could think about the whole time was her being all alone most of the day so I understand! ((BIG HUGS)) girlie, sending you much love and prayers for a safe trip and you'll be in my thoughts!

  5. Gina love your patriotic touches! Have a safe trip home sweetie. I will be praying for you.Hugs,Jen

  6. Gina. just gotta say congrats again on the weight loss. That is a great accomplishment. The pic of Lucy Lou and your dog is precious. Have a safe trip and I will be praying for you. Blessings!

  7. What a cute pic of Tucker and Lucy
    eating, together. Have a safe trip and it is good that you will have
    your siblings for support.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  8. Hi, i hope you have a safe trip, my thoughts and prayers are with you. The pic with your cat and dog is adorable. Congrats on the weight loss. Take care.

  9. Gina,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. You will do just fine with your eulogy. Make her proud!
    Big ((()))s,

  10. Awwwwwwwww, sweet Tucker allowing little Lucy to eat with him. Those pictures are adorable.

    All your crafts are great as always.

    Keeping the prayers going for you and family sweet Gina. Hugs

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you journey home. Tonight, I am at a loss for comforting words, Gina. All I can think about was how I felt when I lost my Mom, I was in Missouri and she was a 12 hour drive away in Wisconsin. During the long trip, mile after mile I just filled my heart with her memory. I laughed and then cried and even got mad, thinking about all the things she will miss, rather it was me, that will miss her at those events. Mom was always there, in my heart always, as your Mom will be too. Blessings.

  12. Gina,

    I wanted you to know I will be thinking of you and praying for you!

    And I love all of your 4th of July decor!


  13. I enjoyed your photos. Thinking of you. :)

  14. Gina, have a safe trip, I wish you were going for other reasons. I will send some prayers to follow you home and help you get through monday. Take care
    Oh and that picutre is just too precious.

  15. Gina.....I am so very sorry for your loss!! May God be with you now and in the coming days and you the healing hand that only He can!! You and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers!!

    Safe travels my friend!! Take care!!