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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We HaVe a NaMe WeLcoMe.....

Good morning everyone!!! we are getting another beautiful glorious day..the babys are out enjoying the sunshine and I have our latest little addition asleep on my lap (see bottom photo) I would like to introduce to you (this is a name I came up with as it is quirky and makes me smile) Thelma Lou!!!this is her getting into my patterns and biting the tops of them..

this is also how she gets up on my craft table as she is still too small to jump up on it yet..she also uses my leg to get up..
exploring under my table..she can get into everything..she can get into the tighest places too.we really should have named her Dora the explorer..or curious george..she has sooooo much energy..and the big kids are getting used to her..and they now play with her somewhat..even Tucky plays with her..;)
here we were on sunday surfing for baby names..and she loves to play with the mouse all over the screen.. she is a little ham..
she has found Podys favorite spot to sleep..actually she is finding everyones favorite spots to sleep..
look at that precious face...she is hard to resist..(thats why I took her home)..
and here she is alseep on my lap..her new favorite place..she discovered it last night and was there twice..she even did it again in bed last night..then moved up towards my chest (2 nights) and then she snuggles close by my head..
Well I had a great day yesterday..the sun was I mowed the lawn..and it was a bit humid and I sweated my butt off..then I went upstairs to tidy up the garage as it looked like we were just tossing stuff in there..(I think we were) so I organized some..still gotta go through boxes and get rid of things..gotta simplify..just too much stuff..the truck will be filled up in no time..also thinking of doing a garage sale or doing the show I do every year in July..only not this year..just don't want to do it..then I went over to our next door neighbors..she just moved in the end of May..she had been out weeding all day and I went over and helped her pick some more..oh my gosh her yard looks better then mine..and you just don't know how happy that makes I helped pull out more weeds just to help her the stuff is getting out of control and was close to my yard..don't want that crap in my yard..they have it all barked in and it looks better then it ever has in the 16 years it has been there..
I also broke the plateau I was on..I am down....drum roll please...33 pounds down..:) well that is it for me today..I have lots of sewing to get done and a baby to entertain..and the sunshine to enjoy..I hope you all have a wonderful tuesday..hoping tomorrow to show you the 4th of july decor..nothing don't get too excited..Take care and thanks for stopping by and to all of you that put your thinking caps on to come up with names...;)


  1. Thelma Lou is so cute. How could you not fall in love with her? Cpongratulations on your 33 lbs.

  2. Thelma Lou seems to be settling herself right in:) love the name and YAHOOOO...ya FINALLY got a neighbor that likes to weed!! I'm thinking you two will get along wonderfully;) 33 lbs. OH MY GRACIOUS Gina, that is SUPER-AWESOME, you go girly!!!!

  3. Hi Gina.. I can see you are more then in love with Miss Thelma Lou..

    I didn't pick the winning name for Miss Thelma but thought I would let you know that you named her after my Mother. Her name was Thelma Jayne.

    Glad that the bigger kids are accepting Miss Thelma and starting to play a little with her.. in time they will be friends!!

    Glad you had a great day they always feel so good... Take care and love that little one some for me...


  4. Love her name! She is just precious!! Sounds like you have been busy!! Hope the weather lasts so we can get something done outside! Congrats on 33 lbs... Yahoo!! Hugs, Tina

  5. That name is adorable! She is adorable! Makes me miss the kitten stage!

    And especially congratulations on 33 lbs loss! That's wonderful, Gina!


  6. Hi, Gina & Thelma Lou~ I am guessing she is at your side all the time~ so cute!!!!I love it when they snuggle!!!
    Congrat on the weight! YIPEE~ Girl way to go!!!
    So glad to hear about the weeds~ I know you hate them!!! Sounds like you might have something in common with the neighbor!!
    Smiles~ enjoy the summer day!

  7. Mike would say 'Betty Lou Thelma Liz'. I don't know why but he always says that when either name is mentioned. I think it's from an old Fireside Theater radio program...... I.m loving it and the beauty that wears it. Someday, we might be able to have a cat again.
    33#. That is terrific! You go girl!
    Big ((()))s,

  8. Gina,

    Thelma Lou is just too precious! Congrats on the 33#'s. Glad you got a new neighbor that takes some interest in her yard.


  9. Love her new name !Thelma Lou does seem to fit the adorable little bundle ! Gina ,wow,33 # that is beyond awesome! Congrats !Hugs,Jen

  10. Oh, I love her name. I think that fits her much better than Dora. She is just so adorable.

    Wow!! 33 pounds congratulations!! Great work sweet Gina. Hugs

  11. Thelma Lou, that was the name of Barney's girlfriend from Andy Griffith. Can I say YAY, 33 pounds! WOW! Congrats!!! I need to get motivated and loose around 50 pds myself. I have told myself I do not want to turn 50 this year overweight. Blessings!

  12. Hi Gina... Thelma Lou is a peach! Such a cutie, love the pic of her surfing the web, LOL...

    Congrats on 33#, that awesome..


  13. Hi Gina,
    Thelma Lou is so adorable!! I love her grandma's name was Thelma.
    Congrats on the 33 lbs lost!! I seem to be stuck after losing 46 lbs...kept it off for 2 years, but I really need to lose about 30 more and nothing seems to be working. Maybe I just need to come and work out with you.

  14. Awww Gina, what a sweet kitty! Just adorable! Love the name you picked and I like the name Dora too! And congrats on the weight loss!! Keep on going girl!