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Saturday, June 18, 2011

AnD BaBy MaKeS 8!!!

Good Afternoon everyone!!! its been a long day when you are up at the buttcrack of dawn..pardon the expression..guess thats what happens when you become new parents again!!!I did get alot done by getting up at 5:30am..cleaned house, did 2 loads of laundry..fixed breakfast before hubby left for work..we had waffles and turkey bacon..oh those carbs were so good..haven't had them in at least 5 months..then started the dishwasher and then I went out and did a 30 minute workout, came in unloaded the dishwasher and was done by 10am..then we parked it on the couch (me and the new kid on the block) and we both snoozed from 11-noon..but she kept on I am catching up on my waltons..have 4 down and 20 more to is how I came to find our newest addition:

I went shopping yesterday and had to get some "poo" bags for our dog for when we are out on our walks and they had the eye candy there from the humane you know I gotta look and look I did..there were sooo many cute kittens in there 6 to be exact and two adults..well this little one caught my eye because she instantly walked up to the door and was wanting to be loved..oh she was pouring it on I tell you..she was licking me and just being plain cute..well I just couldn't resist..called hubby of course first to see that it was all right..I caved...I just knew she had to come home to me..
she is making herself right at home and having fun playing with all the toys we put out for her..her sisters are a bit bent on this newby coming into their fold..but they will adjust..she was taking a snooze on the kitchen chair in the photos above..

here she is cuttin a rug..she was like the energizer bunny...she just kept going..she just had her little "girlie" surgery 2 days ago and they told me to keep her quiet..oh yea right..this is a kitten and she had plenty of play in her..

Okay we are starting to relax on the couch..and she instantly went over to hubbys side of the couch and parked it..

this was when we first brought her home..the girls Sunny on the left and Gracie on the right were checkin out their competition...and the baby wants nothing to do with that kennel..

Pody Lynn was the most receptive to this little one and seemed to do pretty well with her..but today is a different Gracie is okay with her..Just okay so far..they touched is going to take a few days..she slept inbetween us all night long..I worried that hubby was going to lay on her..and he sort of I didn't get much sleep..but nothing that nap couldn't fix..and I am sure I will take another tonight watching tv..
I got a really cute letter from the foster mom that came with her adoption..Her name is Aurora,
The shoe fits...I am a princess. I like to perch myself up high so that I can see the world. I love the attention, when I am being petted..I'll curl up in your lap as long as you will let me
I do enjoy playtime. I have this thing with pencils..I love to play with them. My foster mom had a whole cup full on her desk, so that became one of my favorite places..I also enjoy computer monitors and T.V. when they are turned off I like to see my own reflection in them..I sure am cute.
I have been around cats and dogs..We all get along great. I am ready for my next royal home, where I can share all my love and cuddles..
Now isn't that the cutest letter ever..
She truly loves to be loved..and purrs and kisses on the lips and just loves to snuggle..she is a great little eater..and she loves to play..
Now for the fun part of this entry..I would like help in renaming her as we just don't like the name Aurora nor do we think it fits..we have thought of 2 names..Dora the explorer and Susie (only we have a slang term for Susie) which I will not share..but its when she is being whoever comes up with the winning name will get a prize..not sure what it will be..but we want your help in naming our little one.:) my little sister thinks it should be "goody Proctor"..her hubby seen a wanted sign and this name was given to a cat they were trying to find a good home for..I think its funny..but hubby doesn't want to name her get your thinking caps on and when the name fits her I will let you all know..
Thank you all for helping me out..I remember a blog that named the cute little kitty now we need to come up with a name for my little one..
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend..ours started off looking and feeling like was over cast, rainy and foggy.I love foggy days..its still dreary out there..but I have this wee one to occupy my time..
oh I also sold my "simplify" pillow last night and I am making 2 penny rugs/mats for Tamera of country at heart doing them in americana style..of course I will show them to you after she has them of course..cause I want her to be surprised when she gets them..and I am cutting out a bunch of felt die cuts for my friend Barbara in alaska that I met on facebook..and I have to get ready for our launch for our fall celebration with the "old farmhouse gathering" starts July 1st and on the 15th my goodies will be up on our new site primitive I have got to get some sewing done..I need 8 hands at this point..Take care and hope all your hubbys and dads have a wonderful fathers day..
(thats what I told hubby when I got our newest baby)..happy fathers day.;)


  1. Gina,
    I knew when you posted you had a surprise I knew it had to be a kitten.
    I think Chancie or Cuddles would be a good name for her. Just wait for her true personality comes out, then you will know what to name her.
    Good luck and congrats on the new addition.
    Country at heart

  2. Gina,

    She sure is a cutie. I can't think of anything that fits her for a name right now, but when I do. I'll be back to post.


  3. My favorite cat was named trouble.But I think yours looks like Pixie Pie...She sure is a sweetie.Kittens are so fun.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Oh, Gina! She is adorable. Wish I could think of a name for her but right now my brain is tired and not thinking so well. Glad she has a loving forever home. Hugs

  5. I love your new baby. I think Mischief would be a good name and you could call her Missy for a nick name. Hope the integration goes smoothly for your other cats.

  6. LOL, you are weak like me when it comes to cute babies:) She's just adorable!!! I'm sure she will LOVE living at your house and getting loved on and spoiled;)

  7. Congratulations on your new addition. I just got home from that big market upstate and saw your post. What a little angel face. One of my cats wasnamed Miss Pussycat. I always liked that name and it fit her too. SHe has since gone to heaven but Miss Pussycat was quite a gal. What a generous heart you have to adopt her.

  8. What what a cute little baby!! I think she is a princess and the name I was thinking was Katie... after the newest Princess Kate Middleton, Now how cute is that!!?


  9. Hi Gina, darling Kitty and she likes to snuggle!

  10. you animal lover you!!! such a little baby.. and I'll just say that this word was used over and over in your post: Cute.. so she should be Cutie Pie, or Cutie
    Patootie or just Cutie

  11. My favorite cat was named Buffy but that kitten is no Buffy. I'm thinking Stella. You ask Mike and see what he thinks but I can hear you calling--'Stella!'......
    I think it works.

  12. Congrats on the new baby !She is adorable. I am thinking Scooter ,she seemed to be really scooting around. LOL! Your other babies are beautiful! Hugs,Jen

  13. Gina,
    Your new baby is so cute!! I can't think of a name right now...just got home from the wedding and I'm so tired. Maybe after some sleep, I'll be able to think of a cute name for her.

  14. Hi Gina
    Your baby is so so sweet and I will share my kitty cat name with you..TOPSY..I would love to have a cat but live to close to a road and when I retire and move away from the road I am gunna get a kitty cat and call her that..Hope you like the name..♥

  15. She is adorable Gina! I am sure she will be welcome by all very soon. Takes time as you know. I have always like the name "Daisy" for girls. Not sure if it fits her or not, that's for you to decide :) Sounds like you are keeping busy. I decided I need to get on here at home and read... I just gives me fits if I try at work. I miss seeing your posts! Thanks for adding me to your circle on Etsy! :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Hugs! Jayne

  16. What a sweetie! I think I would name her Shelby!

  17. Aww what a sweet kitten. She is so pretty. Baby cakes would be a cute name. lol

  18. I think you should call her Annie as in Orphan Annie. She is cute. You have such a good heart. Hope you enjoy her and her sisters get more acquainted and comfortable with her. Blessings!

  19. Oh Gina you have to know I love your new Bab she looks just like my "Tasha" Kitty .. You have to go back in my post and look you will be so shocked they have the exact same eyes, Markings and coloring..
    Looking at your Sweet baby was like looking back in time...Tasha is a lover too.. she just loves to give kisses and licks...
    I can't imagine anyone but you and Hubby naming her once she has made her impression on your hearts...with Tasha it was easy her Loving spirit reminded me of a friend who was named Natasha so I took away the Na and just gave her Tasha & it fits her perfectly.
    But Natasha is a great name for a cutie like yours or another one I like is "Tidbit" cause she is just a cute little Tidbit of a thing laying there on the sofa and especially next to all your other fur babies and I am gona bet she will never be big but more tall, thin and lanky like Tasha.. and last but not least she looks like a "Willow"
    So there ya have it three more choices to put in the bag. Natasha~Tidbit~Willow~.

    Hve fun nameing her and Happy Fathers Day to the Hubby!!


  20. Hi Gina..

    Congrats, MOM AND DAD on your new addition.

    Tabatha would be cute and she could have the nickname Tabbie.

    Miss Molly ( by Golly ) would be sweet ,too.

    Have fun with the new arrival !


  21. Gina
    So exciting a new Furball to love!!! So precious! Give her kitty kisses for me!!

  22. Aren't kittens just the best?!!!? You're my kind of woman!! I would've done the same thing if that kitten came to me like that except my husband would disown me if I came home with another animal!!! How about naming her "Daisy Mae." I've always wanted to name a cat Daisy. I could live vicariously thru your little girl!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  23. Hi....I love cats and kittens are so cute. When I saw your tabby cat standing on his back legs looking at the other cat I thought of my cat. My Siamese weighs 19 much does yours weigh?
    Enjoy your new kitten....they will grow up and lose their playfullness.

  24. I can sure see why this little imp has stolen your heart. She's simply adorable. She will bless your home just as you have blessed her life. Have fun with your new furry one. They grow up way too fast.