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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TweAkinG, DeCoRaTinG...aNd tHe LaTeSt ProJeCts...

Good Morning everyone!!! well today is trying to be a nice one..but the jury is still out on it..yesterday turned out to be a gorgeous day..although we had a little rain that I didn't know about Tucker came in wet and so did the clothes hanging on the line..actually they were damp..but I was able to get Tucky out for a walk and my friend from church came along..we had a nice walk and a nice visit..I have been doing a bit of tweaking..put the easter stuff away..(not much out this year) it was pretty easy..I put one of my bonnets from Lecia with this gathering..I like it there..I had 3 of my bonnets on a peg rack..but everytime we walked by we would knock them had to think of a better solution to keep hubby and myself sane..
I pulled my big trencher off the table and replaced it with these goodies..I even put down a cheery table runner..brightens up the room..

I added a bunny since yesterdays shoot..and you can see now where I put the other two bonnets..I love them here and don't know why I didn't think of it before..Thats Pody Lynn sitting on the table contemplating her next move..;)
I've decided as much as I love this is really too I am going to sell it..if any one is interested let me know..
I had this stitchery done..but didn't have it finished all the way yet..and those cute little hangers are coming in handy I made this into a little wall hanging..this will be going in my etsy shoppe as soon as I am done here..
Here is my latest project that I am working on that I told you about yesterday..I am making a wall hanging for my brothers birthday for him to hang in his Cabin..where the center is blank I am going to embroider a fishing scene and place it there..and you can see I have a hanger for this too.;) I love that I can encorporate thank you again Lisa for these little hangers..they are coming in handy..
I found this on an email that I received the other day..showing container gardens..I absolutely love this idea..I have 2 sinks and plenty of plates..looks like soap suds in the sink..what a really neat and unique way to do a container garden with the flowers and plates..thought you all would love this idea.;)
well that is it for me today..looks like the sun just came out..if it stays nice..will try to get Tucky out for a walk..didn't sleep well last I have a feeling a nap is in store today as I try to watch my 33 waltons shows I have recorded..I hope you all have a wonderful day..
Oh and Nancy the oreo's don't melt when baked..they stay in tact..but the cookie gets a bit softer..speaking of cookies..I have to bake something for hubby to take to that is on my list of things to do today too.;)Take care and have a wonderful wednesday.;)


  1. Such a busy lady your are sweet Gina, but you sure do some beautiful work. That sink with flowers and plates is so cute. Hugs

  2. I forgot to commend you the other day for the GREAT looking cookies... I bow to you!~ They say it's going to snow tonight!

  3. I'm kind of on break. I keep waiting for the rain to stop so I can paint.And I have things to get boxed up for mailing. Just not motivated today.
    Those cookies are really good!
    I do love the sink with dishes and alyssum as bubbles. very clever. thanks for sharing. :) ★Linda★

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that sink idea! Your table looks very pretty too and your runner is wonderful! I'm watching the Waltons right now, LOL!!!

  5. Gina,
    Love your spring time table display, Its so colorful. The sink is a clever way to display plates and flowers outside. It looks so natural and simple.
    Have a great day
    Country at heart

  6. hi, Gina
    I Love the Cat decoration on the table~ Poddy lynn is just adorable!!!
    What a cute garden display~ HMMM I am getting a new kitchen sink, giving me ideas!!!!
    Cute Strawberries & the cabin hanging so perfect!!!

  7. Looks like you ahve been a busy Bee Miss Gina! Love all the color you gave teh table..Sure helps drive away the rainy day Blues to see such fun spring decorating.. I even see the yummy Candles I sent your way..Hopefully there still yummys smelling!!
    I too love the sink & plate Flower garden idea.. So cute!! thanks for sharing that with us...

    Have a great week ..hopefully with NO Rain!!


  8. Gina,
    Love how you decorated your table! What a great idea for an old sink...I might have to look for one to put out in my flower garden.
    What a great runner you are making for your brother!
    Hope you are having a great week. We had a tornado touch down this morning about 4 miles from where I live and we have tornado watches out until 3 am. I won't be getting much sleep tonight.

  9. Love the sink flower garden with plates...very imaginative! Great photos of your projects!