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Monday, April 11, 2011

ThyMe to pLanT tHe GaRdeN...

Good Morning everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend..We had a decent we went walking and then to Wally world to get some oil so Hubby could do the oil changes in our 3 vechicles..(which he did not do)..but we have the stuff..
we purchased our veggies to plant in our garden..right now because it is so cold they are in my little greenhouse on the back porch..My little sister got this for me for my birthday last year..and I love this saved my basil as I kept it in here all summer as our springs and summers are on the cold side and I had actually purchased some basil and had it outside and a week I purchased more..put this together and kept it in here and we had fresh basil all summer/fall until it warms up a bit here..this is where all this stuff is everything has gotten expensive..if you have a shopko near you..that is where my sister got this portable greenhouse..super easy to put together and you have stuff right at your fingertips..I just checked Shopko on line and they didn't have them..but amazon does.;)
we have 2 strawberry plants, 2 basil plants 4-5 tomatoe plants
red cabbage, lettuce,
and 2 pea plants..will be getting some seeds to start in little pots next week and we will start them in here so they can be protected..I would like to get corn, pumpkin, zuchinni, squash, hot pepper plants, and arugula..that stuff spreads..and we are not sure if we yanked it out last year..right now we have oregano that has taken it is getting we just don't use it enough to give it space..or put it in a pot so it doesn't take over..we want more lettuce we just love our salads..we have chives already in the garden..they come back every spring..and we have an artichoke plant that we just use for the bright bloom it gets..oh and sunflowers..I have to have my sunflowers..last year we didn't get but 3..really cold rainy summer..hoping this year is different..cause so far it has been wet and really cold here..we have had snow really close to where we live..which is weird this time of we shall see..;)
on friday after my walk..I came home and mowed the jungle that was forming in our yard as it was getting to where we couldn't find our puppy so glad I did as we are in for rain and more rain..see those pots..they will be planted with a mix of flowers and sunflowers..and catnip..;)today is starting out I must get out with the puppy for a walk..before it turns on us..I have been working on little stitchery projects at night..nothing finished up yet..I have a project started for a gal in alaska..I can't wait to get this one done..I think she is going to love it.;) I have a swap to get out..and still haven't done my taxes that has got to be done today so hubby can get them done and sent off..I have passed 6 stones so far..and am thinking I may be done..but have to collect for another 2 weeks..till my next doctors appt..all in was not too bad..not as bad as everyone was telling me..but with modern technology...and them being able to do the blasting..I know I can do this again in 5-6 weeks..not something I am looking forward to..lets not get crazy here ladies..but i know I can go through it again..
our church sent us a food calculator so you can see what you need for a full year for you and your is the LINK.. hope it helps you get your food storage in..;) one of my friends said that flour has gone up by 6 dollars food prices are soaring..get your food storage while you can still afford it.;) just type in at the top how many are in your family and hit the calculate button..and the boxes below will tell you how much you need to have a 1 year supply of food for you and your family.:)


  1. I always wondered about those mini greenhouses, good to know. Still planning our gardens but they are tilled! lol

  2. I am so anxious for this shoulder to heal so I can go out and play:) I never knew chives came back but I planted them last year and noticed last week they are coming back! Love the look of those plants, hope you enjoy the day!!!!

  3. Hi, Gina~ loving the garden!!!
    Huge plants~ I am so ready for fresh strawberries!!
    enjoy the day!

  4. Like the look of the mini green house...would probably work here during the winter! Lots of yard work and crafts to keep you busy! Happy the stone passing has been better than you thought it might be. So wonderful now that they don't have to do surgery all the they did when I trained in the operating room.

  5. plant away!! (although they do say that winter, i mean spring is far from over)All your freshness will only serve to make you better!! Glad the stones are leaving without incident!! thanks for the support.

  6. Your greenhouse is very cool! Like that a lot!!!

    Wow... you mowed already! Our yard still looks dead. lol

    THanks for the link... you know i'm working on the food stoarage and hubby is in on it 100%... though my friends think I'm insane. HA!

    Keep feeeling better!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Mike has mowed. We have radishes, carrots and onions coming up.
    I love the little greenhouse! I have always wanted a little greenhouse so I could start plants myself.
    I bought 2 neat jars that I want to turn into terrariums. I used to have an aquarium that was a terrarium and it was so beautiful.
    Speaking of herbs--we have chives in several places-in the garden and the yard. We also have cat mint and camomille all over the yard. We grew mint for a while and it went all over everywhere on everything. It's been my experience that herbs that are perennial go crazy! And the annual ones are very tender and have to be babied.......★Linda★

  8. So awesome Gina that the passing of the sones went a lot easier then youhad hoped taking away the fear of having it done again..Surely a nice releif!!

    Love taht greenhouse way to cute. Used to have a real green house when Carmenw as little and always grew all my own food, canned and froze. I loved it. I'm with ya on the food storage thing. Its just me and food cost a fortune..gone on garden..


  9. So glad to hear passing the stones has been easier on you than otners. Praise God for answered prayers! I remember your greenhouse. I like it. Happy planting your garden. I have two large bags of peas I sure hope to get in the ground very soon. Blessings!

  10. Hubby wanted to work in our yard over the weekend and it rained...and it rained again today.
    Love your mini greenhouse!!
    So glad to hear that you might be done passing stones.
    Have a great week.

  11. Hi Gina.. Your gardening is really coming along.. You are way ahead of us as we still have snow in piles here and there. Love your greenhouse...
    Thank you so much for the link.. I am one of the crazies who likes to be prepared...
    Hope all goes well with your health.
    God Bless...

  12. I have the same greehouse and bought it at Ocean State Job Lot for around $20. Worth checking your local Ocean State.

  13. Yes, it's getting to be that time of year..We have annual rye in our garden now...If only the whole yard could look that green....At least we're getting lots of rain and that's making the flowers and plants grow! Love, Laura

  14. Hey Gina,
    You had asked me on my blog about the designs that I did for Deborah. All I did was stitch out the designs that I digitized for her on linen fabric and then cut it to 13 x 15 ins. She is going to add the designs onto some throws that she is making. Hope she'll share a picture for us to see.

  15. Greetings from Southern California

    I added myself to follow your blog.
    I invite you to visit my blog and become a follower if you want too.

    God bless you and have a nice day :-)