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Monday, April 18, 2011

LoOK WhO FoLLoWed Us HomE...

Good Morning my fellow bloggers..I hope you had a great weekend..we was quiet..but we went for some nice walks so that was nice..and on sunday while we were out walking..we always come across dogs usually not in their yards or chained up..and yesterday was no different..we were greeted by this cute little dachshund and a springer..both girls..Hubby is holding little Penny..oh I am so in love..
and I can't remember this little girls name..Tucker wanted nothing to do with them..he just wanted his dads attention and to play ball...period..well they followed all the way home..thats over 2 miles..apparently they got out of their fenced in yard and mom and dad were not Mike drove them home and found the next door neighbor that recognized they got them safely back in their yards and secured the fence...They both had so much personality..
I was this close to keeping the little one..oh I love them little weiner dogs..and she just had the cutest little behind..and she kept up with us the entire time..we have had to deliver a dog home a time or two before because they followed us home..
I finished my towels on saturday night..these will be going up on my etsy shoppe if anyone is interested.;)
I did this one (started) it on friday night..I am turning this one into a pillow and it will go in my etsy shoppe too..
Update on stones: I passed another one at 1 am saturday 5 in one day..I think that is a record.;) hoping that is the last of them..will find out on wednesday when I go in for an xray..well it looks like we might finally be getting spring here..this week is supposed to be hoping to get out and walk everyday this week..might even plant in the garden too..I hope your monday is starting off right..Take care and have a wonderful day and a great week ahead.;)


  1. I love dogs! I am glad they followed you home and you were able to get them back home safely! Your towels are super cute!!

  2. You know we are dachshund people here, so you were blessed to have drawn one close to you.
    Love the towels. You know I think you do awesome work!
    I hope you get a good report on Wed.
    You have been strong for so long about this. I worry about you, dear friend......

  3. Gina,
    Love the towels and the "Mice" quote..too cute!! I had stones too, ughhhh awful!! My dad just had them and my sister just had some blasted!! They say lemon juice or cider vinegar will help break them up, or prevent them.
    God Bless!

  4. They followed the right person and I bet their Mom and Dad were glad to see the cute littl dog back safe and sound.
    I love youe towel with the cat and saying and I would like to order one later for Nellie for Christmas and my sweet friend JoANN.Let me know how much it would be :)
    My GD has a weiner dog (a very spoiled little guy and his name is Oscar :)
    Have a great week and hope you get a good report on Wed

  5. Dachshunds are sweet little dogs. I had one years ago named Penelope and we called her Penny. Glad you were able to get all the doggies safely back to their homes. Love your towels! Hugs

  6. Oh I am addicted to dachshunds.. I have 3 of the little buggers and I am not allowed in petstores because if there is one there it is coming home with us.I love them so much.

  7. Hope you're done with this round of stones. They looked pretty big in the photos on your last post!

  8. I love your towels and so funny how the dogs follow you home, LOL! We are just getting cold, rainy weather here, no good for walking or anything else!

  9. Gina, It would be so hard to give those guys back... yes, it's the right thing to do, but they are so cute!!! OLM

  10. That happens to me too! Every time I go to a garage sale the owners dog or cat always comes right to me! I love animals and want to bring them all home. That weiner dog was adorable.

  11. My neighbor walks almost every day. A little dog follows her home often & ends up here. I have named it Benji. It finds its way back home. I & Sam put it in our wagon to take it home once but he would not stay in the wagon. The owner seems to not care he is gone. I love those weiner dogs to. I started walking tonight. I will see how it goes. Took Sam's little dog along. I hope you are pain free & can do some gardening. Blessings!

  12. You had a couple of very cute furry friends that followed you home!!

    Love your towels!! And the cat and mouse design stitched out really good!

    I hope that you get good news on Wednesday and that all the kidney stones have been passed.

  13. Of course I love the dachshund, not sure another dachshund would be a good thing...I think Baron would get into more mischief if he had a companion...LOL Cute dogs...happy nothing happened to them and you were able to get them home safe and sound. Hope you've passed your last stone and are stone free now. Prayers for your doctor visit!

  14. Sounds tome like your walk was made much nice with the company o your new best friends.. Penny is a cutie!!

    I hope that you have pased all your stones and your exrays show you are clean abd free of them.
    My prayers are with you...

    You know if you and Carmen ever do a swap she would probably love the Kitty sign in a frame...

    Thanks for sharing...

    Have a great Day!!


  15. Hi Gina... I love dogs of all shapes and sizes and it looks like that had good sense to follow you home!

    Blessings, Traci

  16. Doggie stealer! LOL! Ok... so maybe it was them that stole your heart instead! So cute!

    Love the cat saying! What cat lady wouldn't?!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  17. How cute are these I would of wanted to keep them myself. I sure miss my Forrest out here to watch over me.
    We grew up with Dashaunds and when the female had babies only one was black and our best friends adopted him.
    Love your towels your working on too.
    Have a great week
    Love ya

  18. Okay, so the most important question was about your stones....yes, you probably did set a record and obviously did have some side effects....I mean c'mon, you were looking at the hiney of a wienie dog! Poor girl, purrhaps I should send you a sympathy card. Cat butts, yes, but d*g butts and a wienie dog none the less?!?! Oh dear my whiskers are curling at the mere thought.....

    I'm guessing that you made those wonderful towels BEFOER the stone passing....just saying....


    Romeo and "her"

  19. Howdy! I think the cat/mouse quote pillow will look super! You're so creative. The doggys probably wanted to move in with you!

  20. Dachshunds are so cute with those wee stumpy legs.

    Have a very happy Easter weekend!


  21. Have a blessed Easter. Love the towels and dog stories!

  22. Sat. April 23, 2011 Hope you're ok since no new posts for you are showing up at my blog. Then again maybe I missed something and you've gone out of town for Easter! Happy Easter Gina!

  23. Dogs know who to your results are ok. I had my gall-bladder removed and that was agony before I did....Love your pillow about the mouse. Happy Easter
    Hugs Chrissy xx