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Sunday, April 3, 2011

GreAt FrieNds, PIF, and YuMMY FooD...

Good Morning everyone!!! oh the sun was out earlier..hope it is again I want to go for a walk..I am feeling great..yesterday was a bit of an off day..I had a bit of a headache and a bit of cramping..(I do not miss those days when that monthly visitor would come)..and this is how it has felt..nothing that a little percoset can't great friend Sarah came over and brought us dinner that night at 6pm..she brought us broccoli and asparagus and chicken and rice..she threw in some red and green grapes for a snack, and she brought me some watermelon sour candys..oh they are so good..and 2 little firestarters so we were nice and toasty...and she brought me this big beautiful bouquet of flowers!!! I love flowers and they are in my craft room up high (so the kittys don't eat them)..and I can enjoy them..

her daughters and herself gave me a beings it was april fools day..Nykol her 9 year old decided to pull a fast one on me..and she did..she put on the card that her little sister had broken her arm..I couldn't believe Sarah hadn't said anything..then when I opened the said april fools..the little stinker...I love those little kids of hers..and love the sweet little cards..Sarah if you read this..thank you for taking such great care of me and Mike on are a sweetheart with a huge heart of gold..;)
my other friend Peggy came by yesterday for a short visit and she brought me a beautiful geranium plant..and red is my favorite color..she also brought dessert.(pic shown below)..we had a nice visit..I love you too made my day to stop by and say hi..:) thank you for the flowers and the yummiest dessert ever!!!

on friday a nice little surprise package came in the mail from Tonya of my primitive creations by tonya.. she and I did the Pay it forward thing and we each sent each other something..she will get hers next week.;) I love the goodies she sent me and yesterday I put them all in place...
my bathroom is looking more prim and it looks so good with this little vignette..;)
I added these eggs to this cabinet in the corner of my dining room..I love these eggs..
the most yummy smelling candles ever.. they smell like coffee, cinnamon and hubby said oatmeal..but I will tell you they are awesome.;)
my little "kindness" jar with where else my baking looks right at home there too.:) Tonya thank you for making my day by paying it came on the day of my surgery and it was most welcome..;)

okay so Hubby is taking great of me and he started out making turkey meatloaf..well that thing was he cut it in half and made some turkey meatballs (more went in the freezer) for later...
so here is his homemade spaghetti sauce and turkey meatballs simmering away..oh the house smelled soooo good..he kept bringing in spoonfuls for me to taste..Rachel Ray he has you beat..
and here is the finished product..needless to say I ate meatballs and left half of the pasta..that will be lunch for was sooooo good though..and he cleaned up the kitchen is nice being on the receiving end of the cooking and cleaning..a girl could get used to this..tonight its turkey meatloaf and asparagus on the grill.;)
and here was dessert from my friend Peg..yummy brownie cupcakes..oh I haven't had dessert for a while and this and a glass of milk hit the spot...
oh and last night I finally passed a stone with no problem whatsoever..its in my "collection" jar for the doctor...been passing alot of sand again no I think I can do this again in 5-6 weeks..the doctor did a great job in blasting these to smitherrings..;)
well I am off to make the bed and get breakfast going..then its off to the showers and a nice walk with the Hubby and Tucker..I hope your sunday is off to a great start...mine is..I have my little blogging buddy sitting with me purring loudly and snuggling with me..:) take care.:)


  1. HI!!! I am so glad you have so many people helping take care of you!!!! Makes things so much better...the sunshine helps to!!!! I am sure all those there helping know how much you would be there for them!!!! hugs

  2. You're doing well and that's good news! Lots of lovely food, flowers and friends! And passing busted stones with no prob...excellent!

  3. I am so happy to hear your feeling so well and getting spoiled up GOOD! You deserve it;) I'm anxious for my shoulder to get fixed this week but I think the other one is more painful now, so eventually probably need that one worked on as well, UGH! Have a wonderful day!!!!

  4. Hi Gina glad you are being spoiled.8-) Happy to hear you are doing so well.

  5. So happy your surgery went well and you are doing so good. Glad you are getting spoiled with lots of help - enjoy it! Keeping you in my prayers.

  6. hi Gina
    Glad you are feeling O.K and have great people around looking after you..sit back and enjoy the pampering...♥

  7. So glad that you are doing well, I am so glad that your friends are spoiling you, I love the flowers and your pay it forward gift.
    You are such an awesome cook, you need to send some recipes to gooseberry patch. Hugs, Lecia

  8. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  9. So glad you are doing good and that the surgery went well. It looks as if everyone is being really good to you. Enjoy all the special treats and take it easy! What a wonderful hubby you have. Blessings!

  10. Gina,

    It is nice to be taken care of for a change, now isn't it? Glad everyone is pitching in and getting it done. Don't overdo things there girlfriend. Keep going slow and steady.


  11. I love my box from Tonya as well. Can't wait to get my goodies finished and off to her. She is so talented!

  12. Great news that you are being spoiled and getting well too.
    Let others do this and you take it easy. Don't over do and I love everything and the flowers are beautiful

  13. Gina, So So glad to read you are doing so well. :) Great news. Hope today you are doing good too!!! Love the PIF mom sent you! So cute! And that dinner looks great! YUM! Hubby did good!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  14. Wow sounds like you have a wonderful group of friends and hubby! Love all your goodies you got and arrangements!