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Thursday, March 24, 2011

ShOpPinG At JoAnNs, CoStCo, and LauNdRy....

Hello there everyone!!! the weather is absolutely glorious today..The babies are all outside enjoying this beautiful day.. I am going to take Tucker for a nice long walk..Hoping my blisters will stop hurting long enough to get a nice walk in..they are huge..Well my blogging buddy Theanne took this photo and added my name to it..I just love this..I believe its a grocery store sign..but not sure..she was nice enough to let me have the photo.this is just toooooo kewl!!! thanks Theanne for the smile..:)
yesterday Sarah, Naylin her little boy and I headed out to do some shopping..we stopped at Joanns and this is what I picked up..a disappearing marker for my crafting..i go through alot of these..just wish they lasted longer because they are not cheap..and I am going to attempt needle I picked up this cute little pattern to try.;) I have the will sit down and give it a go..
some spanish moss and peat moss for my crafting..
more thread holders for my embroidery floss..and chalk to trace my patterns..;)
more thread..even glittery thread for the holidays..add a bit more of a splash to my penny type items..
more machine embroidery floss..I love the colors and when its 40% off I pick up a few..because this stuff is regularly 4 something a spool..
and last but not least..this cute little bunny..all their easter stuff was 50% off..and he was only 3.49...;) couldn't pass up that sweet face..
we went to costco and I picked up this new kitchen is lets hope the cats leave this one alone..the old one is on the front porch..
These are the drinks that I have been drinking..I love these..they have so much good stuff in our regular stores they are 4.00 Costco they were bought in a case of 10 and they were a great price..and also our commissary carries them for about 1/40-1.65 a I stocked up..I don't recommend the carrot one..too sweet and nothing but carrots..I love carrots....but its just too much..
I opened up one of my freeze dried cans of blueberries today...
to put on my cereal..I love blueberries in my cereal or my vanilla yogurt..getting more fruit tomorrow night at the party I am going too..
doesn't Sunny Bunny look happy and content? she is laying on the picnic table basking in the sunshine...
I love that sweet little face..she is my blogging buddy, and crafting buddy..and she sleeps in between us at night..I caught her rolling around on the deck enjoying the sun..
can you see the laundry in the basket..and sunny on the table?...
ahh the first load of the season on the clothesline..I can't tell you how much I love doing this..I remember running through the laundry as a smelled so good..I love bringing back that wonderful memory of being a kid again..well that is it for me..getting dressed to take Tucker for a walk..tomorrow is my pre-screening for my kidney stone surgery next won't be on here till Saturday..I've also lowered the prices in my etsy shoppe so if there is something you can't live with out..stop by and take a peak..;)have a wonderful day everyone..and thank for all the wonderful have certainly made my day.;)


  1. Wow! Needle punch, too? You are one well-rounded crafter! Love all the sparkly colors of thread. And your new bunny is adorable.
    The sun is shining here but it only got up to 39 today and it is supposed to be for s few days. Maybe it will be over soon and warm weather will prevail!
    Love Sunny, too......

  2. first, good luck tomorrow! second.. look at all your goodies.. third; hopefully this sun will last and fourth: I used to WORK AT ODWALLA, at the headquarters, it is my voice on the phone when you call there!!!!

  3. Sunny Bunny looks very content there:) Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you and YUM, those blueberries look good!

  4. hi, Gina
    Sunny bunny is so cute~ what an adorable face!
    Fresh~ clean smelling clothes, oh, yes Hello spring!
    love that sign!
    Good luck tomorrow~
    enjoy your walk!

  5. Have a fab afternoon, Gina!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  6. Hi Gina

    Love that sign ! Cute !

    We had snow this morning.. a dusting of it and cold weather for the next week coming..

    Enjoy your nice weather!


  7. Hi Gina...The Cat Nap Inn sign is for a cat hospital! Hope all goes well tomorrow! Lots of interesting supplies for all your crafts! Sunny Bunny is too cute! Lolling about in the sun...cats do know how to relax and enjoy themselves.

  8. What a cool sign!! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow as you go through your pre-screening. Hope it all goes well.

  9. Love your blog, garden, house,, everything !!! Thanks for checking out my blog by the way...I will be posting a giveaway as soon as I figure everything out (well, sooner than that, cause that could take awhile) so check back soon !!!

    -Margie at Hungrhy Hook Primitives