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Monday, March 14, 2011

MoRe PennYs StaRted, Rain, FooD StorAGe and GiFts..

Good Monday Morning all!!! I feel so much better today..thank goodness..its amazing how much being sick takes out of you..I felt better I started on two more penny rugs..these will be made into pillows..the bottom one is just about done..have to put whiskers and a collar on kitty, stuff it and finish the edging..then I start on the top on..I am in love with these...and I love the colors..these will be going in to my etsy shoppe one tomorrow as it will be done..and the other hopefully the next day,;) and then onto creating more.;) if anyone is interested let me know.;)
well we have had so much rain these past couple of days and this is what we end up with..this is our "Prim pool" its right out our front door..we get this every year..but this time it grew..our lawn is mush every where..and it rained so hard and the wind blew so badly last night I am surprised no trees went down and that we still have our power..thank goodness is all I can say..the sun is out today and it pretty gorgeous..just wet..
there's the sun hitting the shed and cat kennel..(we are seriously thinking of making this a chicken coop and having chickens for eggs and meat if need be) they can time share with the kittys..still only a thought right now..
the forsythia is in full bloom..suprised they didn't blow off with the wind last night..
and the Camillia bush/tree is blooming now.;)
I pulled out my spring plate and added it to the stairwell decor..Cindy got me these and I have 3 others for the seasons and I love these.;)
Saturday my food storage order came and I have 7 boxes full of food storage...this is such a great piece of mind knowing that we can take care of ourselves should something arrise..and right now its the food prices...
I opened up one of the boxes so you could see what it looks like..People I can't reiterate this enough on getting your food storage and being self sufficient and independent and taking care of your selves should something serious happen..look at what happened katrina..they have to be in that gym and lots of nasty things happened there...get a 72 hour kit for each family member..(something we need to work on)..they say: "the first line of defense is yourself"..this stuff lasts about 25-30 years unopened..and by all means use it now..and get a nice stock pile going..with the rate our nation is crumbling..there is not going to be any food or any that we can you know a grocery store only has about 3 days worth of food in it..thats not alot when you think of everyone getting their is going to be a mad house and do you want to be in that mess? I sure don't..I want to be safe and home with my food storage and know I did what I could/can to take care of my family..:) just trying to take care of my blogging buddys cause I sure as heck don't want you knocking on my door for a free hand out...sorry ain't happenin..thats why I am trying to get you prepared....)
last week I sold one of my nursing covers to a gal in Virginia..and I wanted to send alittle something to go along with I asked what she was having and she said a I made her a baby bib..
I love this saying..:) and I love the bright colors too..well I am off to finally start my day..I hope you all have a wonderful monday and week ahead..Thanks for stopping by and saying hi and for the wonderful friendships I have with you.;) you are the best.;)


  1. Love those new pennys! And I am really going to take your advice about the food storage. I love your garden so much, the whole property is beautiful even with all the rain. The photo with the sun hitting your yard is like a magazine picture! Shipped your box off today :) and will be looking for a nice giftie for Pay It Forward. Have a great day!

  2. We must be getting your rain! Things are starting to bloom and bud here too! I see your still turning out cute goodies! :)

  3. Your yard looks so beautiful with all that green grass, ours is still brown with snow in spots, UGH! The food storage is something I'm going to work on, Can't store in my son's room as all of his things are still here but I have under the beds:) Love that bib, hope you enjoy the day!

  4. I love your new penny projects! We had a super duper storm hit us last night. It started off with thunder and lightening....then it started pouring buckets of rain. The wind was howling and trees in our front area were almost doubled over. Thank goodness they didn't go down as the power, telephone and cable lines run right through the middle of 2 trees. We did lose some of the skirting around the mobile home and Rich will have to put back together this weekend. My sister in Sandy, Oregon was stuck on Hwy. 26 and had trees falling in front and back of her pickup...a couple of branches hit her pickup but no damage. When she got home the roof of their garage was in the driveway and a tree had hit my nephew's car...just a couple scratches. They are prdicting Thunderstorms tomorrow and Wednesday in our area.

  5. Gina,

    Love the baby bib...too cute!

    Hey, do me a favor and send your rain somewhere else...we got 4" on Thursday and that's enough for me for a bit.

    Glad you are feeling better.


  6. Sorry about your Prim Pool... But I am a bit jealous of your green grass!

  7. The pictures of your yard are outstanding. Such beauty....We are weeks away from that but it is almost spring, right? I look forward to a little rain but not mud.There is so much to do out there. I leave that up to Mike! I have enough to do with cleaning the summer kitchen and garage!
    Love the new pennies!

  8. hi, Gina~ I am so stuck on the beautiful blooming & the green grass~~keep showing us pics!
    Penny rugs are adorble love the kitty!
    enjoy the day

  9. Enjoyed your post Gina! Thank you for trying to encourage me to stockpile food. There are some things I will probably stock up on for hurricane season, beyond that no.

    Even with the rain your yard is looking very springy...Forsythia is my favorite. Love the long yellow steamers.

  10. We have had lots of rain here too. I sure wish the sun would come out and stay! I love the cute little bib. I really need to look into the food storage. You just never now these days what might happen. Thanks for all the info and blessings!

  11. Sorry you have not been feeling well...glad you are feeling better. Your yard looks so pretty and spring like. Lots of blooming gone on around your place. Hugs

  12. Hi, you have a big garden! i do love your new penny project, I entered a giveaway at PAFA and just favorited your etsy shop and become your newest follower :)

  13. Hi Gina! Sorry I haven't been by in a long while!! I too agree with your advice - been stocking up on water and need to add food - trying to clean the basement first!lol Love your penny rug. Just picked up some wool felt (ok about 4 mos ago!!) and have yet to start one! That bib is adoraaable. Well I'm off to see what I've missed. Have a fun and creative day AND GLAD YOU FEEL BETTER - Jeannette

  14. Hi there I really like all your blog, you do great projects. Your garden looks wonderful, even if it did get lots of rain. It looks like you are really getting springtime up your way. I also hope your health will continue to improve. A question: Is there a link for the long term food stuff you bought? I didn't see where you purchased it, there's nothing like that in my neck of the woods. thanks!

  15. Gina,
    It is so nice to see your pretty green grass!! Raining here today, but it just looks ugly outside.
    Love the baby bib...I'm doing 2 for the twin baby girls. They are so fun to make.
    We have been storing up on some food here lately...getting more each pay-day.