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Saturday, December 11, 2010

WhaT a SneAky LittLe eLf SenT Me!!!

Good RainY SunDay MoRninG!!!! it has rained non-stop since yesterday afternoon...holy cow..I can swim to church today at this after I got home from prepping for our church dinner..(which by the way was sooooo much fun) will post that tomorrow..I had a few hours before I had to leave and the mail person brought me a package and I was wondering who it was from..I am waiting for to giveaway wins..but I didn't recognize the name for some reason..and then it clicked when I read the card!!!! Linda from Meadowbrook Cabin emailed me last week saying that she wanted to send me a christmas card and that she needed my I gladly sent her my address and was waiting to get a card in the mail...I never expected to get a package in the mail!!! so I was totally surprised when a box came for me!..the box smelled so good and here are the lovely packages that I didn't want to open cause they were wrapped so beautifully..and I love that sweet vintage looking snowman card and in side it had 2 little kitty card ornaments and on top of the package was the crocheted snowflake ornament..and all 3 cards and snowflake have found a home on my trees!!!
Here is what she sent me..I love her little cloth vignettes that she makes and I told her that I loved she was a sweetheart and surprised me for christmas with one of them.. and there was another little package to go with it..
some snowflake candle tarts that smell yummy, made by a friend.;)
Well I couldn't wait to hang it up in my newly primmed now the little dustpan will be finding a new home after the holidays and I have wall space again.:) doesn't it look so good in here..Linda you totally made my day and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my christmas just a little bit more special..when I emailed her about the this special treat..she said that is what christmas is all about: Surprises!!!! I tell you I love blogging and our little prim community..the generosity is amazing!!! I love all the swaps, giveaways that are done here and just the downright nice people that you meet everyday through blogging..:) Linda if I could reach through this computer I would kiss you hard on the mouth..okay maybe just a great big hug..Thank you again so much.;) I hope everyone out there has a wonderful sunday..we are heading over to Travis and Sarahs house again tonight for fajitas and fun..we gals are going to craft to our hearts content while the guys watch football and do guy stuff.;) take care and thank you to each of you that stop by and say hi and leave comments and most of all thank you for your friendships!!!!:>)


  1. What a sweetheart to send you that, it looks JUST PERFECT in your bathroom!!!! I too am thankful for all the wonderful folks I have met through blogging,including YOU;) I think it is God's way of bringing us all together:) Hope the rain settles down soon for you, we are getting another big snowstorm:(

  2. Gina, you are such a sweetie and
    you deserve what you get in the
    mail, besides that, it is cute!
    Well, I need to get back to work,
    we are going to clean the carpeting,
    in a bit...I have more things to move out of the way. Have a great
    weekend with your darlin!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Hi Gina, how sweet that little elf was!!8-) No one deserves it more than you!!

    Enjoy the rain, Texas is so dry and we need rain. Send it our way!!


  4. Your friend was so sweet to send you those special gifts...and I too love the looks great in your bathroom!!! And she's right, that is what Christmas is all and receiving surprise gifts!

  5. ah, what a sweetie! I love my friends here, too. I spend most of my time on line. It is an awesome world we live in!

  6. Aw, how sweet! I love it! Looks great in your bathroom. We are having tons of snow here in Virginia. Another 6-12 inches are expected before it ends Tuesday morning. I'd rather have the rain. Wanna trade??!! LOL! I love the blogging world too. Everyone is awesome and so willing to share their talents and creations with everyone. Hope you have fun tonight!

  7. wow! how nice of her to send a gift! :)

  8. That is so sweet of her. I am amazed by her wrapping too. It's beautiful.

  9. Wasn't that sneaky little elf wonderful!! I love what she sent looks great in your bathroom.
    Hope you don't float away with all the rain. We have about 5 inches of snow here and are expecting more over night.

  10. What a wonderful surprise!
    That was very sweet of her.

  11. I love your surprise, looks great in your bathroom. What an awesome prim friend!!! Prim friends are the best!!!

  12. That was so sweet! It's always so special to be thought of.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  13. What a great gift! Always fun to get unexpected packages in the mail.


  14. What a wonderful suprise!
    Aren't Prim friends the best!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  15. WOnderful, wonderful items! I love them. Isn't it great that we can get excited about things people make us! I so love where you put the vignette! Very prim and just purrrrrfect for you.

  16. WOW..what a GREAT ELF...That would look good in my Bathroom too :)
    You are a special person and that is why the ELF sent it to you :)
    Check your email for message from ME :)

  17. You are so right honey about the blogging world. If not for it I would of never got to know you. I can understand how excited you were when you got this lovely surprise.
    If anyone deserves nice gifts it is you sweetie.
    I came by to check on you and wish you a very Merry Christmas