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Friday, December 10, 2010

The ResT of The ChrisTmaS DeCoRatinG..:)

Hello!!! TGIF...Here are the last of the christmas decorating photos..above is my Sun buns sitting on an old trunk in our bedroom and she likes looking out the windows at night..not sure what she sees..but I have a candle light plugged in there so maybe it cast shadows for her..I also put multicolored lights in the upstairs windows and blue downstairs for a different look like a gingerbread home I guess..
Here is sunny without the flash..
our bedroom..I put garland with poinsettias and lights up there..
the bedroom window all aglow..
I cleaned up my little stove that I purchased many years ago when we lived in Vancouver Wash..It works and I only paid $15.00 for it..I love it..but it has been living on the front porch for for I had to clean it up..get rid of the bugs I could put it in the bedroom I added a bucket with snowballs that light up that my friend Kimmy made me here for more sparkle.:) this is such a neat idea take clear plastic balls and cover them in like texture paint and add a string of white stringed white lights and put in a bucket..she stuffed the bucket so the snowballs sit on top..:)
the stairway landing..I have a wooden santa and trees that I got recently from Robin and I added two little woodland critters that are needle felted to this..there is a fawn and a fox...
and those wonderful plates that I got from Cindy..they have different seasons on them...
I stuck some greenery to my old vintage bottles and a brown crock...
Here is the outside on a bright sunny day..speaking of is gorgeous out today..This is an old suitcase that I have filled with old glass ornaments and pinecones..and a little tree and light up Santa..and an olde quilt piece.

an old sled that I purchased years is has seen better on the porch it stays..
that big brown box used to be a toy box my brother in law made for me when I was stored all my it holds our wood for the it.;)
I love my two big vintage light ups snowman and santa..I paid $10.00 each for them.;) great finds..
candy canes to light your way down to the front door..
my old door with chalkboard paint and I use those liquid them..

a huge wreath that one of our neighbors gave us..I love this thing..

looks like a gingerbread house at christmas with the lights..

that one blurry photo for all of just wouldn't be christmas without

those are the 3 outdoor babys stockings.:) Santa is keeping guard over them..:)
I love this wreath..its amazing the difference our home takes at night when all the lights are on...I love our home at night inside and out..:)I love that christmas glow..Well that is it for me..I have a package that I need to mail off tomorrow when I go and help decorate the church for our ward dinner tomorrow night..I am going to sew and make some snowman today..will post them when they are finished..Lynn if you are reading this your towels are done and will be in the mail tomorrow..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend wherever you are..stay toasty and warm..we are in for a big rain storm on sunday...hope its not so huge that we lose power again..Thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I love reading your comments..they always brighten my day.;) I love you all.;) you make it worth blogging.;)


  1. Everything looks great Gina!I love to see the houses all lit up,theres only us and two neighbors on our street that decorate.I told the hubby I would luv to go all Griswald and deck the whole house a great weekend .blessings michelle

  2. It looks great Gina..I think that is a bit more work than I could handle..I don't mind putting stuff up but hate putting it all away...Maybe next year when we are able to make a trip to AL and get our stuff out of storage I can do a LITTLE bit more.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures..I can just look at them whenever I want to have the spirit :)

  3. Hi Gina...your decorating all looks so wonderful!! Love how your house looks all lit up...beautiful! Great job on it all!


  4. I'm with Nancy--too much work, but I think up and down!
    I love looking at yours though!
    Sun does seem to enjoy the view, too.
    Glad you liked my post--lots of useful info, especially the part about comments below the post so we don't forget what we are meaning to comment about!?

  5. Hey, everything looks perfect, especially like your cat, he looks perfect sitting in the window. You can come decorate for me anytime

  6. It looks so beautiful with all the lights!!!! I love your stove in the bedroom and your light ups, only thing missing is the snow, but you may have some of ours, LOL!!!

  7. Gina,
    Girl..... You do go all out decorating. I never do the bedrooms! You are something else!
    I love the little stove.

  8. Everything looks so festive. You have motivated me to finally get my decorating started.

    Have a wonderful week end!

  9. gina, your home looks so pretty all lit up! :) i love your chalkboard outside! :) such a great way to greet friendws & neighbors! i miss you.....i feel like i haven't got to talk to you in forever!

  10. Hey Gina, I love all your outside lights!! It does look like a gingerbread house.
    If the outside of my house ever gets finished I will put up outside lights. I used to on the old house, and we live in the middle of nowhere!!

  11. Gina, Your decorations look amazing!! I'm slowly getting my decorating done.


  12. Your home is beautiful, especially magical at night. You are truly blessed. Merry Christmas!!

  13. Gina,
    Everything looks so wonderful!! Love your porch all decked out for the holidays and it looks great all lit up!!

  14. Everything looks so warm and inviting, like I could just stop by for some hot cocoa and visit. I love your decorating, esp. love the snowman lamp with light.

  15. Gina,
    Everything is awesome!! My daughter always loves lookin at your kitties!! I LOVE your long did your outsude!!!

  16. Wonderful decorating, everything looks so beautiful.
    Wish I had a porch to decorate, going to have to build one.


  17. Reminds me of home years ago...all the old things (which weren't so old then *smile*) bring back memories of Christmas past. Your home is beautiful...but at night it is just SPECIAL!!! Love your kitty Sun! Have a good weekend, hopefully with no loss of electricity!

  18. Everything looks wonderful! I love looking at your photos. Makes me wish we had our decorations up. Hopefully this weekend we can do a little bit!

  19. Hi Gina,
    Come to my house to decorate! Yours looks great!
    Thanks for putting the By your Hands giveaway of "Snowy the Snowman" on your side bar. You have been on a winning streak!?!
    Good Luck,

  20. Ah yes, everything as expected, looks wonderful!!! And I see that you even left a bed and food for me on the front porch. Of course I might need to come in for a bit if you get that storm they are predicting. Hoping it passes you by.

    Now as for Sun Buns....I'm disappointed in you. How could you not know that he's waiting for SANTA?!?! Sheesh. Shadows?! No way! SANTA, he is waiting for SANTA! You might need to bring him a snack too. That watching and waiting can make one weak ;)



  21. Your porch looks fantastic! Love the idea of the old suitcase and what you've done with it! I remember those vintage light up santa/snowmen from being a kid!

  22. wow your house looks great Gina.. it looks like you been busy.. like Santa.. lol