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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ThiNgs To KeeP mE BuSy ThiS WynTer..:>)

Hello there my fellow blogging buddys!! how are you this wednesday? Last night we went out to an italian restaurant for my girlfriends "hubby" birthday..Not my husbands birthday..if he was turning 32..that would make me a huge Cougar and people that is just tooooo darn young even for me..I wish we were 32 Sarah gave me this wonderful amaryllis plant and I love!!! the color of the plant and the lets just hope I don't kill it..I don't do we shall see..
I added a little lamp to the hutch just just needed something..and I sooo love ambient lighting as I know you all do too.
I ordered some more penny rug patterns and wool felt to keep me busy this winter..I have had so much fun making these..and I am getting inspiration from surfing the web as well..
This one is going to be fun to make..I love how the hair twists at the bottom..I got these from Erica's website..They have some wonderful patterns and material there..
here is the wool that I got..I plan on making some americana penny rugs too.;)
I have been doing a little organizing in my craft room and here is my wool to it in the little basket is my stamping stuff..
I also took this lidded basket and organized my stamps here too..I love to be organized...I work so much better when I am as I can find stuff..and I am so happy that all the christmas decor is feels so good to breathe again..I love neat and tidy..must be the OCD in me..but I function better...
I made this the other night..(it doesn't look real pretty)..but it sure did taste good..I made this fruit braid for christmas to take over to our friends is using that bread recipe that I told you all about..the center is cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla..mixed all together and spread down the center..I used a really good raspberry preserve on top and sprinkled sliced almonds in it..then I did this "not so fancy braid" it was my first will perfect it over time..;) hubby wants me to make a meat strombolie braid if anyone has a recipe they would like to share...please let me know..Well I am off to get some oatmeal and then start sewing..going to try and get a package out in the mail today for a fellow blogger..Theanne this is you..;) I hope you all have a wonderful day was sunny earlier..but now back to cloudy.:) at least its not is going to be nice and when its nice its always cooooollllddd..Take care and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment..I truly love reading them..and I appreciate you all.;) (((((hugs))))))


  1. ok now I'm REAL hungry!!! love that bread stuff, and you had me at cream cheese

  2. That bread looks awesome!!! Your plant is very pretty. I am not very good with houseplants either. Your work area is so tidy now, enjoy those penny rugs, can;t wait to see them finished!

  3. The plant so very pretty, hope she makes it!

    The bread sounds so yummy!

    You are just always up to so much, so many things, can't wait to see the penny rugs all finished up;patterns so pretty!
    Happy New Year!

  4. One good thing about winter, is being able to hide out in my craft room and stay busy! Enjoy!

  5. Oh, Hon, I do love ambient lighting and use it wherever I can. I like a scarf over a bedroom lamp---really romantic....
    I know I am going to be purging again this upcoming spring. It gets so cramped in our garage and summer kitchen over the winter and it has just started! Maybe I should try to not shop during the winter? But what if I miss something really cool? *sigh*
    I am very interested in your penny rugs. I have entered several giveaways for them but no luck!
    Do you sell them? Do I have anything you are interested in for a swap? If you don't sell them, do you know anyone who does? Do you sell from your blog or a shop? Shoot me an email and let me know if there is any possibility I can get one for myself.

  6. Yummy, that braid looks delicious!!! I love the huge flower it looks so spring-like:) Love the patterns too, I have been sewing up some bunnies for Easter, LOL, it's never too early for bunns;)

  7. The bread looks yummy and made me hungry..There is only 1 GOOD thing about winter is we are able to get things done...I have already started on some quilts for some of the kids for next year... :)

  8. The bread looks and sounds so yummy!!
    I hope the plant makes it. I don't do well with house plants either. I look at them and they die!! LOL...
    Oh, I can't wait to see your penny-rugs when they are all finished.
    Have a Happy New Year!!

  9. The hutch looks perfect with that little lamp. I love lighting! I'm in the process of setting up a craft room in my house so I'll be copying all your great ideas! BTW, our cats are named Robin, Dutchess, Mommy Cat, Red Cat & Dixie. Love all yours! A couple of the names are not very memorable because they just "became" them. Red Cat got his name because when he was still a stray I used to say "Where's the red cat?" and he thought that was his name! Mommy Cat was a stray and she gave birth to Robin on our front porch so I adopted her and her son. Robin is named after Robin of Batman & Robin (my son named him). Have a great night! Margaret/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  10. Try this for a great meat stromboli... I use pizza dough though to put mine in and I don't braid it as the cheese runs everywhere...I just roll out the dough and place the ingredients inside and fold over and crimp the edges together to seal in the goodness.

    Red Peppered Ham or Capicola
    Sliced Pepperoni
    American Cheese
    Provolone or Mozzarella Cheese
    Cooked Italian Sausage, crumbed - optional

  11. Those are great penny rug patterns - can't wait to see them finished. That bread sure looks yummy.

    Have a Blessed New Year,

  12. The bread looks great!

    Have fun on those penny rugs!

  13. Gina, I can't wait to see what you've sent me...thank you so much! The amaryllis is so Mom used to give me one at Christmas along with Paper White Narcissus. I grew an amaryllis bulb I had given Don outside (in south central Virginia). Where the ground freezes for long periods of time you'd probably have to heavily mulch (you might find some good hints online for keeping the bulb going). The bread looks delicious! Your rugs will be an interesting project for the winter months...

  14. Your plant is gorgeous. Just the thing to brighten up the long Winter days. All the best for the New Year!


  15. Your amaryllis is beautiful! I would no doubt kill it.
    I want to wish you and your family the best in the New Year and if you ever make it to SLC give me a heads up!

  16. Oh that fruit braid is awesome and I would love a taste of that...makes my mouth water!

    Can't wait to see those penny rugs....especially the Americana ones!

    I'm tired of the Christmas decor now and ready for a fresh look....probably Saturday! :)

    Oh, in a couple of days, I'll be showing the banner in Joy's room as well as some of the other gifts on my blog! Sorry so long...time just gets away!


  17. Hi Gina, just popping in to see how you are doing. That little lamp looks great there, and I'm happy to see a Halloween penny rug pattern pop up already. <3

    You are still in my thoughts. I still need to send you some goodies (eventually). :P

    Happy New Year,