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Monday, December 27, 2010

ChRiStmAs GooDiEs & DeCoRaTinG...

Hello there!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful christmas this year and that Santa brought you lots of goodies..Santa was good to us this year..I thought I would share with you some of the highlights.;) above are the "kids" stockings hung by the chimney with care...They each got a stuffed toy, the kittys got catnip ones of course
and Tucker was truly our kid at christmas this year..he knew he was getting something and he was jumping up and down to get to is a fuzzy shaped bone and it squeaks and he loves it..of course he wanted to help the kittys open theirs and maybe try to play with

Here's Margaret beating the snot out of hers..
Pody could have cared less as with Gracie and Sunny and Millie..didn't care..
Stanley didn't either..he just wanted to sit next to the fire..
Nap-a-pop is our other kid at christmas..he loves his catnip toys too.;)
Here is Margaret having morning coffee with Mike...(coffee is not good for cats) but we put a drop on our finger and she gets this weird look on her face and she even rolls in coffee if it has spilled on the ground..she is truly italian I tell you.;)
some of the christmas good blogging buddy Cindy sent me some cute cute prim kittys..and some wonderful handmade ornaments for my tree...I love these will see where I put the kittys shortly..:)You have to go to Cindys blog to see what I sent her.. Hopefully she will post it tonight..;)I also got a GPS from Hubby...if you don't have one..get one..they are so much fun to listen voice (on the GPS) is an australian man and I love how he pronounces some of the streets and is really cool..I also got some neat books, one on cats and how they can live peaceably together..I have to read that one quick..we have issues here and we both hate that they all don't get along..too many kings and queens I guess..
I gave hubby some waterproof overalls..he works at a Marina and this time of the year with all the rain..these are much needed..he was really surprised by these..he also got 7 new ps3 games.. and some shirts too.:)
I had a sneaky little elf named Karen mail me this cute little ornament for my tree..i got this on christmas Eve..I love this Karen thank you so much..
Okay here is what I gave our friends that we spent christmas day with..I made Sarah these cute little rag slippers..they turned out so cute..
Nataly got a pair too..and you notice their names are on the right foot..that was so they knew which foot to put them on..
and Nykol got some as well..
Nykols shirt
Nataly's shirt..
Their dad's (Travis) shirt...
and his Apron..he is in the I made the uniform blue and he is a sergeant in the airforce..;)
I made the kids each a pillow ornament for the tree..they will take these with them when they are all grown up and have trees of their own..
I also made them candy cane holders..the two outer ones are velvet and the gingerbread man is corduroy.,;) All of this that I made was done on Christmas Eve..I was a sewing fool..;) but got it all done..
This was their basket filled with goodies..and Sarah got the snow angel doll too..
I made her a towel to go with when she makes bread she can use it to cover the bread for rising..I also gave her the ingredients to make the bread too..;)
and this is what Naylin got for christmas..I found this about 5 houses from has a broken hubby found the parts for $3.00 and fixed it up good as new...I embroidered his name and made a little tag for him...he loved sitting on it..his little feet are just about touching the a few more months and he will be riding this..his sister Nataly however was enjoying it ..;)
Its a little radio retro is looked brand new.;)
Sarah made me these blocks..I made a similar pair for Cindy..with a different saying.;)
she also made me these advent blocks...she used scrapbook paper and decopauged them onto blocks that she cut, painted, sanded and stained for me.;)
and look what else she gave me..this wonderful christmas quilt that she made..I love this..its on the edge of our bed right now..will put it in the amoire with the other quilts soon...Millie loves it..keeps her all nice and toasty.;) so you see we both had a wonderful christmas this year..parents sent us money and a hickory farm sampler that we have been enjoying as well...
Well yesterday after church I came home and took down all the christmas much as I love the is nice to have my home back..and I couldn't take down the decorations fast was just driving me nuts..and when it drives me nuts..I take care of it lickety from 3-8pm..I took down and put away..and redid some things around the house.This is the vanity that had the christmas trees on usually houses the pictures of our babies.;).Hubby had made us ham and bean I took a break and ran some to my friend Sarahs house for her family..they loved it..they had a long day..they had to take the inlaws back to the airport..and it is an hour drive there and an hour drive back..and I knew she was wiped out from christmas..and we had plenty to share..:)
see the kittys Cindy gave me..up on my prim cabinet with my other kittys..I love it now..
I also got a bees wax courting candle from Hubby, if you look inside the cabinet you will see even comes with little bees that you can put on it..and see the little framed picture (enlarge photo) its behind the candle..Tammy from country girl at home made this for me as a thank you for making Luke his little stocking..which if you go to her blog you will see it at the looks so good with the other stockings.:) thank you so much Tammy I love really made my day..;)
I moved the box back over in the dining room and put in prim stuffed eggs, and salt dough cookies that Carmen made me..I have my strawberry jam in there and it looks right at home there..I may put my easter glass eggs in there come easter..I would like to keep this as a "theme" box..we'll see I guess..
Ahhhh Simplicity..the way we like it.:)
I have my white strawberry curtains back up again..

well that is it..The house is back to normal again..and when I put stuff away I get in organizing I cleaned, mopped and reorganized some things..I am going to go and sit on my butt the rest of the day..start a fire and relax and watch TV.. I hope you have a great day today and a wonderful week ahead..we are going to dinner with Travis and Sarah tomorrow as it is hubbys 32nd birthday and on friday it is our 25th wedding anniversary..not sure if we are staying home or going to Travis and Sarahs..:) take care and thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I love hearing from each and every one of you.;)


  1. Wow, Santa was very good to ya'll:) I packed my Christmas decor away til next year too. Although there wasn't that much. I'm likin' your hubby's games. Our son got new wii games along with a tv for his bedroom to play them on. That's special getting handmade gifts, and the trike is awesome! Our kitties got a remote control mouse, treats, and a weeble wobble egg that you put the treats in for them to figure out how to get out.
    They've got it mastered already:)Hugs~Carol

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with so many beautiful gifts being given and recieved:D I see you are ready for spring with those salt dough ornies, LOL, I need to make some up for my year round tree for valentines but want to find some red lights for it;) I got a bunch of wedding/reception pics up, stop over and see, we had a great day!!!!

  3. Hi Gina, what a wonderful Christmas you and your family the trike! And a GPS with Australian male voice...woohoo!!! My Christmas lasts til the New Year, so I'm not quite ready to pack it all reminds me of happy times with Don and I want that feeling to last for a little while longer *smile* Love all your Prim things...what a warm, comfy home you have!!!

  4. Looks like you all had a great Christmas! I won't be taking my decor down until New years and then it will only be things that are truly Christmas related. Anything snowy or snowmen will still out til close to spring.

  5. That little mouse in the stocking ornament is so cute. I like the theme box. Happy Anniversary! Those cats from your blog friend are prim perfect. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. So happy to hear. Blessings!

  6. thanks for sharing your Christmas with us, love the kittys and can just imagine cuddling with them and keeping warm. and so funny that you have taken everything down~ love all the things you made. and... 25 years, wowie zowie! congrats!

  7. Yes You certainly made out likea bandit this christmas.Im so glad to see you had a great one and the "kids "too.Im just lovin that stanley,he has the look on his face like to say "yeah right,whatever,lol.what a cutie.My hubby is permanately attached to the ps3 I think.My oldest got him the call of duty black ops and hes lovin it.The funny thing was we kept renting it for a month,just knowing it was sitting there under the tree and how we were wasting our money ,but wouldnt give it to him till christmas so ready to take down all my decorations.have a great week ,blessings michelle

  8. Gina,
    Sounds and looks like you had a great Christmas. Love where you put the kitties that I made for you.
    I will slowly be putting my decorations away this week and have it all done by New Year's day...but will leave some snowmen out until the end of January.

  9. Gina, WOW!!! Looks like you had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! Wonderful goodies, given and recieved! OLM

  10. Happy Anniverssary, Happy Birthday to your Hubby. Your house looks great and all you gifts are fabulous!!!! You do spoil those kitties don't you! Enjoy your week, sounds like you have lots of celebrating to do!

  11. Happy Anniversary( early)! 25 years, that's doing it right!
    So many cute pics of the cats!
    Wonderful gifts! Just love the slippers!You can sew up a storm!
    And what's up with all the cat decor? Too cute! You must like cats!LOL!!!!
    Great post girl!
    enjoy your evening!

  12. Gina,

    It sure looks like you had a wonderful Christmas at your house and Santa was very good to ya'll! I can't believe you have your house back in order and all Christmas is down! Talk about efficient! Ours stays up until at least January 1st, but by then, I'm usually ready for that fresh clean less is more mode! We're still watching Christmas movies now! lol!

    From our family to yours...a Blessed New Year too!

    Oh, and Happy Anniversary if I don't get back before then!


  13. Whew, I'm exhausted Auntie Gina! That was almost as intense as my catnip splurge! However, I am glad to see that you had a mostest wonderful Christmas!!! Here's wishing you a New Year filled will prim goodness and love!



  14. I love seeing all the pictures in your posts..especially the ones of the kitties..What kind of machine do you have to do the me and let me know. I love the way your slippers turned out...much better looking than mine :)
    Have a great week Gina :)

  15. Hi Gina looks like Santa WAS very god to you! A gps huh. I think I would like that.
    I keep up Christmas till after new years. But truthfully? Today I aaaaalmost started putting it away. Almost! lol
    Happy New Year!

  16. I am so glad you had an awesome Christmas. You received some wonderful gifts!!! And you kitties sure had fun!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures, I enjoy looking at them!!!

  17. I'd say Santa outdid himself Gina.8-) Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Hubby!!

  18. You had a great christmas didn't you!!! You know I love those cats your friend sent! I have them too! They are the best!

    Carmen and the Primcats