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Sunday, September 19, 2010

GiFtS for A FriEnD and SwAP, AnD OrDerS DoNe..;)

Good sunday morning everyone!! well the sensaria party was nice and intimate..I had 5 gals there out of 27 that I invited..only 1 called to say she might not be there..the others never bothered to call or return phone calls..we had  a great time..I made that cabbage salad that I posted a few entrys back..oh it was so yummy..we all stood around the kitchen and that bowl and ate.I made a quick and easy dessert and then we headed back to the living room for our foot felt so good..just wish someone had been doing our feet instead of onto the photos..I sent a package to Jessica our budding young artist in CT..and her apt is done in Autumn/halloween all year long..and just knew she needed a cute little care package to brighten her day and I love spoiling to see them is what I sent must stop by her blog and see how she displayed everything..the only thing I haven't seen yet is her wearing her socks or modeling her purse...hopefully she will do that for us...;)This package was almost lost in the took 2 weeks to get it..lesson learned get tracking..:) she did a great job on decorating..;)I did a swap with my friend Denise from Sawdustys cabin I got some of the greatest smelling apple tarts and she got a pillow and room spray..but she just had a new grand baby and I wanted to make her something for her I made her this bib..Okay last but not least..Amy from  At home with Amy..she ordered a chicken towel..and I took forever in getting it to her..started that remodeling project in the bathroom I made her a little rooster candle hopefully I made up for my tardiness..well today is rainy and will be for a I am going to make salt dough cookies and sew...I am going to make  penny rug chair backs for my chairs..need to decide what designs I am going to put on them..and colors my latest country sampler yesterday..might take a break to browse through it today too.;) I hope you all have a wonderful sunday..and a great week ahead..thanks for stopping by and saying hi...oh Carmen when you read this...there will be a sweet surprise coming your way along with your purchase.;) thanks for being a great blogging buddy and friend..;) you all mean alot to me..;)
I've also lowered some prices in my ETSY if you see anything you like..let me know.:)


  1. LOL...I've already been over at Jessica's this morning and she has all her goodies out on display:D How thoughtful of you to do that for her, your just the sweetest of the sweet!!!! I can't wait to get my order, I kept looking at a new "shelf" I put up, which is actually an old tray from a shipping crate?? and I knew it *needed* something.....then it hit me:)

  2. I'm loving seeing our GGD but this humidity is stifling, honey! My hair would stand up to all the "wetness" from the rain. Sigh...

  3. Ahaha, I completely forgot to take a picture with the socks! I will, I will, haha.

    Thanks again so much! You spoil me rotten. :]

    By the way, every time I step out of my room, the first thing I see is those curtains, and it makes me so happy. I love them to pieces.

  4. you are such a sweetie! these goodies are awesome! sorry you didn't have a great turnout at your party but i know you had fun anyway! :) some people are terribly rude about not rsvp - i hat that too! :) btw, table looks great!

  5. Good manners are just not as commonplace as they once were. I'm glad you were able to have a good time without all the gals who missed out on the fun. Their loss!
    You are a generous person, Gina. You make so many smile. God loves you!

  6. So sorry to hear you didnt have a big turn out,but hey there loss huh.You had a blast it sounds like.I would of came in a heartbeat.I absolutely love the crow curtains.Do you sell any by chance,or I could probally even send you some material to If you need.They are just so stinkin cute!I love jessicas blog too,i just started to follow.she does seem like such a sweetie as well.have a great week.Im diggin those little yellow pumpkins guys too!blessings michelle

  7. OOH OOh Im so excited now!I love the same exact ones you made for Jessica.Let me know a price,you can email me if youd like .Its I can send you some flour sacks as well.Probally like four.that way I can do both my kitchen windows.So I would need two sets like the one you made.They are so cute and I can pick up the sacks pretty cheap at the dollar store.Yippee.let me know sweetie when you can.thank you so much.blessings michelle

  8. Great goodies that you sent to Jessica!!

  9. Such eye candy, even your blog is adorable!