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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The BiG ReVeaL of My TabLe.,:)

Hey there everyone!! Are you all ready for the big reveal...Here are the before photos, when we purchased the see the big oil stain and the legs were all seperating and the table top was a bit uneven as well..this was truly a project..;)
Here is our old table with the 4 new chairs..I love those chairs..we are going to redo this table next year and sale it..I love this table and have had it for 18 years..but it is just too big for the space..if we had a bigger house this would be kept..:)okay here she is in all her glory!!! didn't hubby do a wonderful job on the table..he sanded everything so we could stain it all..and we had to resand the top twice till we got it right..:) here is the new table runner that I got from looks so pretty here.. I love the chairs cause now I can hang stuff off of them..and I am going to make little penny rug covers for the tops..oh just another fun thing to decorate now.;) will notice the base is black..I am so glad that I changed it to black and look how nicely the new chairs go with this would think htat it was an actual set..they match puuurrrfffeeccctttlly.. we have so much space in herenow..I love love the way it looks now..I did love our old table too..but we needed more space..will be something else when we entertain..but that's okay..I listed my caramel apples yesterday on etsy if anyone is interested..I put up the rest of my "fall" will share more photos later..and the new do as well.. Well I must go and get the rest of my cleaning done for my party today..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..


  1. OH my Gina, that table looks AWESOME!!! It looks brand new and the chairs look like they came with it, GREAT job you guys did!!!!! You sure are putting us on hold with the new hairdo...LOL, can't wait to see it;) Have a wonderful weekend:D

  2. Oh, that table is gorgeous!! Fabulous job redoing it. Hope you enjoy it for many years. Hugs

  3. I LOVE your new table!!!! What a huge difference from the before photo!
    I also love your penny rug table runner - it's beautiful and looks perfect on your new table.

  4. Gina, it's just gorgeous! And I'm loving your penny rug...

  5. The table came out adorable. It must feel great to see the wonderful result after all that hard work. :)

  6. Wow, it was sure worth the wait, it is a lovely table and chairs. I hope you baked the husband a pie:) I really like the fall decorations you have on the table.

    Happy setting the table days!

  7. Wow Gina!! It looks great!! Hubby did an awesome job. The chairs look just perfect with it.

  8. That table came out beautiful!! Your hubby did a great job!
    They do look like a matching set too. Enjoy that extra room.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  9. Gina,
    Your table looks awesome!! It sure does look like the chairs and table came together at a set. Love, love, love it!! You guys did a great job on it!!

  10. I would LOVE to have a round table, but with such a big family, I don't see how, boohoo! You did a great job on yours!

  11. Gina~
    Isn't it amazing how some paint and hard work can totally transform something ho hum into something "WOW"! The table is wonderful and I know you are so pleased with it! Great Job!!

    Love the penny runner with it too!


  12. the table looks great and the chairs... and GREAT for this time of year too with the black! love the apples, glad you showed them again! enjoy

  13. Gina I have a table almost excatly like your new one. Yours looks great! My table seems a bit shorter than some,is yours that way? I love your old table as well.~~Pam

  14. Now that is one fine 'set'! LOL
    I do love how it looks and there is much more room to maneuver around it.
    How was the party? Did my invitation get misplaced? LOL

    I am cracking me up this morning!

  15. Beautiful! I hope you enjoy it for years to come and have mnay happy moments around it!