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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SwAp GiFt, BaThrOOm ReDo, & BinGo...

Good Afternoon Everyone!!! Sorry again for the late will know why when you scroll down..But yesterday I got a wonderful swap gift from a wonderful gal named Lecia of Farmhouse Prims..:) I saw these cute prairie items..the colorful ones on the apron and bonnet..and I asked if she would like to do a swap and she agreed..I love them and they look so good on the wall in my dining room.;)
she also added these extra goodies..and I am going to put this picture in my the tag..will have to put it on something..;)
and this sweet card!! Thank you Lecia, I will try to get yours done and sent out this week..Thank you for agreeing to do this swap with me.;) my home is becoming more and more prim everyday and I love it.:)

Okay I took the plunge and started painting today..these are the before photos...Sunny is waiting for her drink in the can see the wall with the towel is white..the rest if turquoise..I had to paint it white cause I looked like a blue smurf putting on my makeup..both sides of the wall are white...
I just mopped that is why the can is on the toilet..and I need to clean again..painting is a messy job..especially when the bathroom is so freaking small..;)

ah that blue formica in the looks much better with the new color..this too will be changed down the soon as I can get hubby motivated..maybe this winter.;) I want to put beadboard on the long wall where the talls are and wrap it around behind the toilet..
Here is the after part...this is all you will see..I am waiting for hubby to get home to remove the mirror so I can paint it then I am done..but you can see the new color is a tan color...I plan on framing out the mirror with crown molding mitered on the corners to look like its framed and I am going to paint the cabinet and the frame black..I am going to make the shower curtain tomorrow...and hope to have it done to share..I am going to embroider crows and stars on part of will just have to wait and see.:) I am still getting used to the tan color..been used to that turquoise color for so long..but it needed to go.I also ordered a neat wood item to hang on my wall where the little towel used to it on etsy from her will go so nicely with my other items and make it more prim as that is why I am late posting..:)

Okay who is ready for some bingo?

well that is it for me today..I hope your day was a beautiful is gorgeous here....:) I love days like this..;) have a wonderful rest of your day..;)


  1. Man, honey, that sure is a small bathroom. Even my guest bath is a tad bigger than that. I kinda liked the blue on it though, but the white will make it appear bigger. Can you make it larger by taking out a wall?

  2. that IS a small bathroom.. tan will be a great color, you can really decorate away with that color!

  3. Your small bathroom looks much bigger with the new color. I have wallpaper that I am saving until we get moved..Makes it look like the walls are planks of wood or logs and I have some wallpaper for whatever kitchen I get next..It will be fun and also cool enough up North in Oct/ Nov to do some decorating :)
    Love the idea of the crown molding and see that a lot on H G T V remodeling shows

  4. My bathroom is small too, I wish it had a window. I think that would make such a difference. I think you'll be happier with that color.I redid my bathroom twice so far and although I'm happier with it now than I was still needs something. I would like bead board or something on the lower half I think and a slate tile floor in grays and rusts. Maybe someday I'll go further. Can't wait to see yours though. Cathy

  5. Hi Gina,
    Are you going to make some matching towels? I love your idea of framing the mirror. I'm sure it will look wonderful when you're all done tweaking it.

  6. I am thinking of making different kitchen curtains with crows painted on them. Why don't you do
    the black/tan checked, I love mine!
    I know you are going to love the paint color you chose after you get it all done!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Gina,
    Our bathroom is small too. There used to be dark green floral wallpaper on the upper half of the wall...I took it down and painted a light color and now the room looks alot bigger. You will love the new tan will look great with your prims. Can't wait to see it all finished.

  8. I must say, I LOVE the before colors of your bathroom, love the red/blue combo!

  9. I hope you truely enjoy your apron and bonnet, I was glad to make it for you!!!! And your bathroom is looking great!!! Believe it or not your bathroom is bigger than mine!!!