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Monday, August 2, 2010

FuNNy ConVerSATioN, GaRaGE SaLe & BiNGo...:)

Good Monday Morning...I have to tell you about a funny swap story that Lynn of Painting Thyme Needfuls and I are doing together...better yet go to her blog and read for yourself..;)Needless to say we are both waiting on pins and needles for our swap goodies to she gets her faster...only time will tell..until then..we get nice boxes to look at.;)

so on my way to church I noticed a garage sale going on in my neighborhood..but running late as usual I hit it on the way back...I picked up these dvds for my nephews for $2.00 each..
This little jar came from the goodwill cause there was a sticker on it for $2.99..I paid .50 cents...;)
and I got this for my little nephews birthday..he will be 7 this november...I hope he enjoys it;)

Okay are you ready for 2 more words?
Bon Fires
trick or treat
okay that is it for me today..I gotta mail off an etsy sell bills, clean house, work in the yard..hopefully get something else listed on Etsy...fix dinner, do know the usual monday stuff..I hope you all have a great day..
so far ours is nice and cool..looks like about 66 degrees today..not bad especially when working in the yard..might even get the lawn mowed today..will have hubbys help as today is his day off..;)
take care and I hope someone is getting these words.:>D


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog. Very cute! I love that saying about the earrings! Me too!! LOL. Anyway, your home looks so inviting and comfortable. I will now be following. Thanks.

    Cheryl M.

  2. Gina I got my box today and I just LOVE everything!

  3. I'm so exhausted just reading your blog today! You're a busy girl Gina!

  4. Wow, 66 degrees sounds wonderful! It is suppose to be 100 degrees here is St. Louis tomorrow. It's dreadful to even get the mail! The picture of nachos made me hungry for a midnight snack!

  5. Great finds at the garage sale!!
    I had to laugh after reading Lynn's blog...too funny!! I know what cats she is painting for you...I have that pattern. I painted it on a plate for my friend for her birthday a few years ago. You will love it!!