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Saturday, August 21, 2010

PLeAsE HeLp a SicK KiTTy GeT BeTTer & MiSc...

Good Saturday Morning to you all!! my good blogging Buddy Nancy of Inside Nana's head, this is her daughter Nellies cat and she is a sick kitty and needs donations to help her get the top of my side bar you will see a donation button there and you can click on it to read "Mia's" story.. when you are done..please leave a donation of any money amount that you can..They would really appreciate it and if you could also post it on your blog or facebook etc.. to help them out in any way you can..Thank you so much.;)

here is a really cute idea to do with the kids or for yourself..I got this off the factory direct blog..its using flowers to create images...what a cool idea..

last but not little switch plate from Jody of Primgals Primitive Palette arrived yesterday..I couldn't wait to put it up in my new bathroom..
I think we are done now with the goes so well with the things I embroidered on the shower curtain..I love it thanks Jody for doing such a great job on this for me..:)
Well I am off to finish cleaning the house and then onto my sewing..I woke up with lots of ideas swirling around my head...that I want to see if I can make them happen...we are getting the crisp cool mornings..that you would swear it was fall already...beautiful morning too.;) okay have a great weekend and have a great day.;)


  1. Aww, the light switch cover looks wonderful in your new bath. It was a pleasure to paint for you....enjoy!

  2. thank you so so much for posting this. mia is so important to me, and we both really appreciate all of your help and kind thoughts.

  3. Hi Gina,

    Sorry to hear about this sick kitty!

    We just lost our Mama Kitty! She would have been 18 years old this winter! We've been broken hearted over loosing her! The worst part was she didn't die from old age but a neighbors dog got her! Made us sick! It's amazing how attached we get to these little critters!

    Off topic...Congratulations being a winner again!

    Blessings, Kim

  4. Beautiful light switch cover and love the idea for the shirts too! I donated a little something for Mia because I know first hand how fast vet bills can climb! Hope you're enjoying the weekend:)

  5. Hi Gina! Nice to meet you! Yes we are practically neighbors. I have a website, and I do have an Etsy store although, I only have a couple items in my Etsy store right now, but thats about to change. I'm going to be adding all of my One Of A Kinds to it really soon.
    I live only 4 blocks from New 2 You so we should meet up! Next time your in the area, let me know, I'd love to meet you! The baby is cute, how can you resist those chubby cheeks! Talk to you soon! ~Blessings~Jody