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Friday, August 20, 2010

FLooR TuToRiaL, PiP GarLanDs, & PuMpKin DoNe..

TGIF!!! I was supposed to do this tutorial on wednesday and I here goes..above is the old flooring..remove your toilet (ours was in the tub)..take off baseboards etc..
take some packing paper ( you can buy this at your hardware store) and make a template of the old floor..We then took the template outside to the garage and laid down the new stuff and then put the template on top of it and cut it out..cut slowly and as precise as you want to get a good cut..and you might need to trim some away as you go..get a good box cutter exato knife for this..
clean the old flooring of any grease, hair products, cleaning products etc..I just used a couple of paper towels and the above has a slight kerosene will disapate..I turned on the fan and had the window open..then we laid the flooring for the fit to make sure its where we wanted it..
then we took a trowel with the grated edge (like you use with tile) and buttered the floor with it.. shown below
not too thick..we started in the back up by the toilet and worked our way down...I held the piece up while he buttered it...(it helps to have 2 people for this job..
take this fancy roller when you are all done to smooth out the bubbles etc..
like shown here..we did this a couple of times...we let this dry overnight before we put then new wax ring on the toilet and then put the toilet back on..then you need to make sure you got a good fit on the placing paper towels around the bottom and in as far as you can..if you have no have a good fit and can caulk around it..and the tub too..I hope this helps anyone doing linoleum flooring...this was easier to do then the beadboard..;)and the floor in this bathroom was only $23.00...

I ordered some tear drop garlands from Brittany over at My Dusty Attic and I can't wait to use these in my projects that I have in my head..will post when I get the items made..
and with every purchase you get 2 wax can see one is missing as I couldn't wait to get it in my burner...I have blueberry cobbler and banana bread..and within minutes of putting the blueberry cobbler in my whole house smelled soooooo good...and it is downstairs and I could smell it up in my craft room...I will be back to get more..they are wonderful..;)Thank you Brittany..;)

I finished up another pumpkin yesterday..and it is posted on my Etsy as we speak.. I am having so much fun making these...and I have pulled out more embroidery designs in which to put on these pumpkins...Well I am off to tidy up the house and start on some other projects...the weather feels like fall here yesterday and today..a bit nippy..;) but it burns off by afternoon..just like fall weather..;) I hope you all have a great weekend..and thanks for stopping by and welcome to my newest followers.;)


  1. Well here I am, quick to comment, LOL!!!! I am SO glad you showed how to do that, and the paper template is a GREAT idea! Several yrs. ago we put those stick down squares in the laundry room and now there are places where they have gaps due to our heating pipes running under a certain area of the floor,I think the heat shrinks them or something:( This looks easy enough, may have to give it a go;) Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what you do with those new garlands!

  2. That is one pretty pumpkin! I like it:)

  3. Gina,
    Love this pumpkin too!! Love the garlands and I can't wait to see what you do with them.
    Sure wish we had some fall like weather here...been up around 90 degrees for the last few days.

  4. I love your floor and really love the price...I am just making mental notes about all the home repairs I see in blogs hoping to use them one day very soon.
    Thanks for sharing Gina and have a nice week end and take time to smell the roses (or maybe even just some candle tarts)