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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

OuR WaLk, GarDen, KiTTyS, DeeR. ShOppInG anD GiFtS OH My..:)

Helloooooooo!!! (sounding like Mrs. Doubtfire) monday Hubbys day off we had a nice breakfast and then went for a walk..we haven't been out in a long time so I had camera in hand..we saw the first of the raspberries starting to ripen..although they could be blackberries..can't tell..we have them growing wild all over where we live..and if the dust or wildlife hasn't eaten them we will take a big bowl and go berry picking and then I will make jam..
there is a little bench in front of someones house here and they always haven't something goofy on here you have two killer gators going after a big shell.;) this always brings a smile to my face..because it is so unexpected.;)
We love this yard..The gal that gave me all my plants that are in my yard..well this is her Daughters and her partners yard and it is glorious...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...if you click on the photo way in the back was this fushia/red colored flower that just caught my eye..will have to ask what it is next time...
Hubby and I are not sure if we like the color scheme on this one..what do you all think?
This is such a cute little cottage..I got to walk in the other that this builder was doing..they are only about 80-900 sq ft..and they have so much charm built into them..I can't wait to see this one all finished..the other one is just up the road and it is yellow..
someone adding on an addition..the houses here are all quite small, originally used as weekender fishing cabins back in the day..nowadays folks live in them full gotta make room for growing families or folks coming for a visit.:)
Love the color that is growing on this roof...(just glad its not my roof)...
love the way this guy used old stumps and logs to decorate around a corner on his lot..
these neigbors live directly behind us and this is their beautiful veggie garden...
This is a nurse tree that has an old stump of a rotting tree inside it...this is how it grew so interesting to see..
This is the little church where the strawberry festival was held..this is on the street before our's..just on the next block..;)
a little history..I used to clean this church back in the day late 90's...
This was monday...after a day working in the yard..we had some of the babies (all but 2) enjoying some catnip..better known here as kitty love it..
Here is all but 1 now..Nap just came up (he's in the lower middle) and he sniffed Millies tail and it scared them all..
got another photo of the deer eating the rose plants in the neighbors yard..
Monday I spent the day pulling out the spent Foxgloves and other things I didn't want in the front or back.opened up the yard and tidyed it I gotta keep a vigal of watering this week as today we hit the 90's went from 77 yesterday to the 90's today..and for the rest of the week..supposed to be nice next week Summer has finally hit our neck of the woods..we installed our window AC's last night..
Here is a photo of "silent Bob" on a chair..Tucker our puppy just loves him..we took the squeaker out of him because it is soooo annoying..he has a green friend that still has his in..his name is noisy ned..:)
I picked our peas that were growing...making salads tonight for I will put some of these in..;)
The basil has gotten huge..had to take a shelf out cause they were hitting the roof..this is the best basil we have ever had..due to this sweet greenhouse that my little sister got me for my birthday this year...I make a great sauce using basil and tomatoes on spaghetti..yummm!!!
I planted my new little strawberry plants under the lilac bush..can't wait till they fill out this box..I ate 2 ripe ones on our other strawberry plants..not quite as good as the ones I made jam with...
I also planted my annual Dahlia in the kitchen window...I love these flowers and hope it will survive here...I usually put in Gerbera daisys..but they don't last long..
This is what I made for dinner on Monday..Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya from Barefoot Contessa..I have never made this before but it looked so good..the work is in cutting up everything..but it is easy..and oh so yummy!!! we will have leftovers for a week..great quick lunches too.;)
Yesterday I set out to do some running around..wanted to go with my best friend Kimmy..but she has a nasty sinus I went by myself..First stop taking my machine in to be hasn't been running right for a while and I don't want to make it worse so I broke down and took it will be using my other machine and getting some sewing done instead of embroidering this stop Joanns..they were having a huge sale on their summer stuff..70% off..I can't be those I got my little sister some americana stuff for her birthday..(which happens to be today)...happy birthday Melba (her nickname) if you are reading this...she just got some new blue denim slip covers for some 80's couches that are in great conditon..just needing an she is going with an americana theme and she mentioned this for her birthday if I needed any ideas..well I found a few things for her...
This is a watermelon bird feeder on my front porch..see the little chip...they gave me an extra 25% off (regular price) but it was already 70% not bad..made it $ is filled with bird seed..
cute little garden gloves...might be little gifts or for the garden at home..they were $1.49 each
They are putting out their fall stuff and I couldn't resist this..not on sale..but I did use my michaels 50% off coupon and got it for $10.00...betcha can't guess where this is going come fall..on my front door.;)
another little something for my sister..would look so cute with some flowers in it on her front door step..:)
chicken hooks....I can see some cute chicken towels hanging from these in the kitchen...will make some when my machine gets back and be posting these in my etsy store..
a cute rug for my sister..again 70% off $7.49 not the colors..they kind of remind me of a watermelon..minus the blue of course..
picked up this americana fabric...will be making her some pillows for her couch..will have to do some embroidery on the fronts too..gotta a great deal on the americana fabric too..little extra discount...;)
picked up some more gingham ribbon, a measuring tape..and some icecream bubbles for my nephews when I send off my sisters gift..
Love these metal chickens..they are on the back deck/ below..
Picked up these cute little sheep..they were 70% off so they were $2.09 each...
and here is where I put my little shelf in my dining room along with my other sheep items..
This big welcome sign is gracing my front door now..again 70% off..11.99
here is one of the chickens..I just love the way the flowers have filled out and love all the colors..;) truly I love sitting here now and reading a is so quiet and peaceful out little oasis..
the other chicken..thats silly Millie sitting up there and you can barely see Tucker in there too..
Well if all that shopping wasn't enough..I got 2 packages in the mail yesterday as well...My good pal Cindy went thrift shopping in her home town in Ohio and found this strawberry jar and knew it had to come live with me..look at the way she had it all wrapped up..strawberry fabric..;)
My good pal Cindy went thrift shopping in her home town in Ohio and found this strawberry jar and knew it had to come live with me..I couldn't be more tickled!!! I love is 2 pieces and in puurrffectt condition..this is where it started out..but...
look in the upper left hand looks sooooooo gooood up there I love it!!! Thank you my good blogging buddy for thinking of me...You and I would be dangerous together shopping...but we would have so much fun together..;) I hope one day to get to travel and come see you..:)
See the cute little dolly sitting on the pestal? that was my winnings from Southern Blessings..Beryl these smell so good and of course she is holding a little kitty..I love her!!
and the little spools and clothes pins are in with this little dollie..I love the use of fabric and such.;)the little dolly comes from my good pal Robby in Scotland.:)she used to be in that cabinet that is housing my sheep..:)
are you all tired from reading yet? I added my strawberry towel and red gingham towel to the new was only a matter of time before I started adding to it..and when I saw the handle..the lightbulb in my head came on..will be making another towel when my machine gets back to add to it...I love my fridge by the way..its the newest toy in the house..;) well I am off to check on the babies and do some watering before the heat wave sets in ...will be doing some serious cramming on the sewing so many things I want to make and sooo little time..I hope you all are having a wonderful day today..thanks for stopping by to say hi.;)


  1. That's what Mandy calls it also for her cats. It's soooooo funny to watch them roll around in it!

  2. Sure did enjoy the stroll, love the cottages and yes, I love the red/blue combo color, not sure about it being on a house yet?

  3. OMG I almost died when reading your post. We DO NOT have a Joannes here and Im assuming thats where you bought all of your priceless treasures??? UGH!!! Those metal chickens are to DIE FOR. (the colorful garden ones) I saw them in a Chicken magazine that hubby was reading and we made a mental note to order them... had no clue they were in a store.
    Its so funny, I was reading about what you wrote, about the houses near you being only summer fishing homes... thats exactly how our old town on Long Island used to be. All fishing cottages that were converted into year round homes. We lived in one for 8 years (only a few blocks away from the ocean). Very cool but ALOT of work due to old age... those were the days. SO enjoyed your post! and enjoy all your treasures!!!

  4. Oh....such pretties. I love the watermelon bird feeder..of course I love anything watermelon. Those chickens are so cute! Our kitty, Misty hates catnip....she doesn't like any kind of mint as it makes her sneeze. She's a peculiar kitty if I say so myself. Love it when you post about your walks and neighborhood.

  5. Looks like a nice walk and the kitties sure look like they are having a GOOD time:)You always find the neatest stuff while out 7 about, I love the strawberry jar too;) It is 92 here today, UGH!

  6. P.S. that should read "out & about", LOL!

  7. OK i am so filled with emotion: jealous you got to have a day in the sun with hubby-envious of ALL your JOANNE SALE goodies-loving your basil-salivating (is that a word?)from your jambalaya recipe-and grateful you shared all those fun pictures from your neighborhood. now back to work!

  8. Thanks for the tour again! I always enjoy going for walks with you! It is nice to see how your neighborhood changes and it is so beautiful and quaint! I bet your furballs loved their treat! Too funny! Love all your strawberries! Did you make the pillow? It is great! I am glad you summer has arrived! It was 38 degrees here this morn! Warmed up to 75. We sure can get a wide range during the day! Great goodies from JoAnn's. My nearest is 80 miles. I do usually stop in when I am there...
    Hugs, Jayne

  9. I tell ya what, I am going to Joanne's...I haven't
    been in one in years...Love all your pics and the kitties, of course. Never heard of catnip being
    Crack for Kitties, too funny!
    Chum loves his little stuffed fish
    and it has it in it. He sure is

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  10. Gina,
    Love the pic of your kitties after their catnip snack!! You sure got some wonderful things at JoAnn's!! I love taking walks with you through your is so pretty there. I'm so glad that you like your strawberry jar...when I saw it, I knew that it would be perfect in your kitchen. And you are so right that we would have alot of fun together!!

  11. I loved looking at all of the pictures they are wonderful!

    I hope you have a great week!


  12. I just had a brain storm. I do have the Longaberger shoulder basket purse. Do you know what it is like? It is a taller and more narrow purse than the old one but still has a large wooden lid for memories. Let me know if you have any interest.....??