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Monday, July 5, 2010

MaKinG StraWbeRRY JaM 101

Good Monday Morning everyone!!! I hope your weekend was a fab-u-lous! one...On saturday we had our annual Strawberry festival at the church that is on the next street from me..On sunday mornings you can hear the church bells at exactly 10:30 am..Love hearing it too.;) So I headed out at about 1:00pm to see what they had...I didn't try the strawberry shortcake as I had just had breakfast and it was too early for it..but I did get some photos of what they were selling..I love these strawberry cakes they had..they also had pies..(which I bought an apple pie) didn't take a photo though..shame on me..they had other baked goods too..and they had a wonderful handmade blue and white quilt that was being raffled off I bought 3 tickets...I didn't win though and again no photos..
This little gal was helping her Mama and look she was all dressed for the festival..she has a huge strawberry on her top.;)
They did had a white elephant table..and I picked up a few things and paid a whopping $6.75 for all of my stuff..I got this pattern for my best friend..she loves to sew kids clothes..I also picked up some old christmas magazines and food magazines..again no photo..I love looking through was dated 1995..and I thought we were so hip but its like looking at the 80's
I got this brand new baby item for $5.00...will use it at my next baby shower I get invited too..
and I just liked the handles on this tray..might put it out side on the little table inbetween our chairs..
Well after my hair appt..I love!!!!!!! this gal by the way..some of you know the trouble I have had with 3rd dimensions and them taking well over 5 hours to color and cut my lie for the past 2 years this is what I have had to put up I found a new gal..she works at supercuts and it took her 1 hour and 45 minutes to do my hair!!! I was in a state of shock...she was fast and I love my hair...and it was $45.00 cheaper then 3rd you can bet I will be going back..will have to post a photo when next I do my hair..;) so back to the story..I had to stop at Walmart to get my canning supplies so I could make strawberry jam...and I did a little shopping in between...these were the seat covers I had on our kitchen chairs..have had these for years and will keep them for spares..infact 2 went on some other chairs..the other 2 will go up in storage..
These are my newest ones..they have more cush for my tush..;) and they match the curtains too..
I picked up 6 more of these to put in the front rock wall garden..they were only $2.50 each..:) and they look so good at night.:)
Okay now for Strawberry Jam 101..After church yesterday I came home and made jam..I made 3 batches...First you wash your jars with soap and water, and rinse..fill up your big canning pan and get to boiling..put in your jars and lids..(you can also get a sauce pan to put in your lids) but you have to sterilize them..
Open your Certo or other pectin box to see how much of the fruit you need to use in my case it was 4 cups of crushed after I cut off the tops and any bad bits I put them in a huge bowl and used my potato masher and crushed them up..
I then measured out 4 cups strawberries and added my 7 cups of sugar....I bring that to a rolling boil that stays boiling even when I stir it....
Then I add my pectin (you get 2 per box) you only use 1 per batch..I stir that for 1 minute...
This will thicken up the jam...doesn't it look can skim off the white foam stuff..but in my opinion..that just more I skip that one..
You fill up your jars to an 1/8 of an inch..I went just to the bottom of the rim where the lid comes there is plenty of take a damp cloth wipe off any that got on the rim or spilled on the sides..make sure you get the rims good otherwise they won't seal right..screw the lids on tight and put back in the hot water bath for 10 minutes..making sure they are covered...
take them out and I like to turn them upside down as it helps them to seal up faster ...I do this for about 10 minutes then I flip them over and they should either be sealed or they will "POP" and then they are sealed..If they don't seal the first time..I put them back in the hot water for 10 minutes and repeat the process until they do..I did have to do once and they are now sealed..
I got 13 pints of wonderful glorious Strawberry jam..I would have gotten more..but I gave a pint and a half to my hairdresser and strawberries don't last long..I must have thrown 3 pints in the compost that I had to cut off...but 13 isn't bad..oh plus one tiny little jar thats in the fridge..It says to let stand at room temp for 24 hours (or time indicated on the recipe)..Store unopened jams and jellies in a cool dry, dark place up to 1 year..Refrigerate opened jams & jellies for up to 3 weeks..;) so there you have my day..:) I love looking at the the color!!! Well I am off to go for a walk with Hubby and the dog (its his day off) and then get rid of some yard debris from last week and take it easy the rest of the day..might do some sewing..all depends on the weather..if we get some sunshine will go outside and relax for a bit and read a magazine...yesterday we had a cool day with a bit of wind and then it rained after the fireworks..this week come wednesday we are in the 80's to the mid 80's...that is hot here..we love the window airconditioner is going in today.:) I hope you all have a wonderful week..;) thanks for stopping by and saying hi.;)


  1. OOHH LA LA Thanks for the pictures and step-by-step!! LOVED it!

  2. Yum! When I do make jam, I like to use speedy no-cook method. Nothing commercially made is as good as homemade preserves.

    5 hours to have your hair done? What, do they work in slow-mo? Glad you found someone speedier and less expensive too.


  3. YUM, I wanna come hop right in that pot with the berries:D I LOVE strawberry jam ! It's in the low 90's here for the next several days, and my poor baby down in the Georgia heat, they are calling for 100 on Thursday and I'm so worried, He did say they are drinking Powerade which makes me feel a little better:) YAY on the new hairdresser, quicker AND cheaper is for sure a keeper;)

  4. Oh, yum! That jam looks goooood. I wish I knew how to can. My mom canned a few times when I was growing up, but I never learned how. I have Carla Emery's Country Living book and she teaches how to can, but I guess I'm a little scared of poisoning my family! Ha! I would definitely eat your jam, though!

  5. I made some Strawberry jam last month and I wish it would have turned out half that good. I think the pectin I bought at the WM here was really old or something. This is the first time my jam has not turned is in the freezer in plastic containers and will be good over Ice cream or pancakes or something. To much money invested to dump it out.
    Hop on over to my blog and sign up for my $30.00 grocery card give away.

  6. I love the photos of the strawberries and the strawberry jam!

  7. Mmmm, love strawberry jam! I am
    catching up on blogging, been
    gone to the other house since

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  8. The jam looks scrumptiliumptious! Enjoy the temps this week. Oldest son and I are headed up to Winthrop for a couple of days and then over to eastern Washington for a couple of days....HOT eastern Washington!

  9. Hi Gina, Your jam looks delicious! I prefer cooked jams over freezer jams! I didn't know that they made a liquid Pectin! I'll have to see if I can find some! I'm going Cherry picking tomorrow and am patiently waiting for apricots (my favorite) to ripen! This the season! Blessings, Kim PS: We had a wonderful weekend!

  10. Oh thanks for the tutorial on the jam. I'd love to do this sometime. You found wonderful things.

  11. Hi,
    After doing some investigating on your request to have your blog listed in the APP sidebar.I found that we had this blog of yours listed : Is this the wrong blog and is it not active?I then found out that you have another blog which seems to be the one that you use most.I can switch them out.I hope that this is what you were referring too.~Blessings~