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Friday, June 4, 2010

A WonDerFul SwAp PacKaGe in The MaiL..

Hello there everyone!! Yesterday in the mail a wonderful package came..actually 2 but this one was what I was excited to get...I did the prim pals may swap and was paired up with my good pal Karen from the barely there primitive Bear and look at the wonderful goodies she sent me...she knows me so well...I got these wonderful candy corn bowl fillers and can't wait to put them in a bowl come fall..;)
a wonderful piece of fabric looks kind of it will probably go on a praire doll..;)
she also sent me a cute little "quotable cat book..can't wait to see and read it..a cute cat pin which I will be wearing..and a cute little McDonald cat cute will go with the rest of my kittys in my bedroom amoire and 3 little kitty coasters.:)
but wait theres more..I got some wonderful summer time cookie cutters..I have got to make some cookies to change out my picket fence box and I see that these will be in there..:)
she knows that I have been fascinated with strawberrys lately and am decorating my kitchen in them..and she painted this wonderful strawberry scene in the bowl..they are wonderful and I will cherish this always..I love it..;)
some more strawberrys..;) she said she hunted and pecked to find me these items..the tablet is already in use with my grocery list..
oh and the best tasting chocolates ever!! I love the creamy smoothness of this chocolate..;)
okay so today I "tweeked" here is what the upper shelf looked like before..(this was taken sometime back and I didn't bother to take one today..but you get the idea..;)
I moved one of the little picnic tables onto the counter to hold the fresh produce, pepper and butter dish..
and here is the after...I love the simplicity and all that strawberry goodness..I love that big strawberry sign..:)Thank you again Karen you made my day...I love everything you sent me...Yours will be going out on monday as I was a total couch potato and slept for 3 hours..guess it was all the decorating..took it out of me..NOT!!..just one of those days..cloudy rainy..and tired..great mix for a nap.:) so Monday off it goes along with Lauries..;)
This was dinner last night..hard to tell what it is..but it is stuffed cabbage from a barefoot contessa recipe..and OH MY GOSH IS IT EVER GOOD!!!..I have never had this before and wanted to give it a try...definitely a keeper..;) easy to make and it made 13 of them...think we are having it tonight for leftovers..cause this kid doesn't want to cook.;)
I also made banana bread last night as I had some bananas that were going I made a loaf for the neighbors as her parents were flying in to see that new grandbaby..oh and he is doing much better..he has even gained a bit..and a loaf for hubby to take to work..they love the goodies I bring in and I am still eating cake from monday.:)
I made homemade beef jerky for my next door neighbor...I marinated it in yosida's marinade sauce and put it on the dehydrator and it only took 3 days...he will love this..used to make it for my hubby in his Sea going days.;)
This is the other package I got in the mail yesterday..I won these on ebay..15 strawberry baskets..I put one on the shelf in the kitchen..I have to make some strawberrys and some strawberry towels and then I am set..
I will be making some strawberry stuff to put in these and then put in my etsy..won't be for a bit though as I have too many other things to get done..but am itching to do them..well the rain has come back..whats new this is the great northwest..our summer starts at or around the 4th of July...Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and have some fun.;) thanks again for stopping by and a big hello to my newest followers..:) I look forward to knowing you all better....:>)


  1. I am so glad you like it all, Gina!
    You displayed it all so well!
    Have a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. G'day Gina !
    I thought Id drop in for a visit and welcome you as a new follower of my blog :0)
    I just love all your crafty primitives!
    I am not very crafty...I am learning to sew and enjoying it ,I love growing our vegies and of course cooking.
    I must tell you, your house is gorgeous.Ours is about 120 years old.The old homes have so much character.
    Ill be back again soon .
    Have a great weekend :0)

  3. Gina,
    Love all your wonderful swap goodies from Karen, those candy corns have me thinking of fall. Love the strawberry goodness in your kitchen ~ very fresh and summery. Your cabbage rolls look delicious, the bread, the jerky, too. Wow, you are one busy gal.

  4. You are a very nice neighbour and I love all your gifties. Deb =^..^=

  5. Wow! What a packed post! I'd say you love Americana design. I'm more contemporary, but I love what you are doing with your kitchen using all the strawberry items :)

    Wish I was your neighbor ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. What great goodies you got and I love all the strawberry stuff:)The jerky and stuffed cabbage look so yummy!!!

  7. Wow, love all the goodies you got! Karen spoiled you rotten, didnt she? Can't wait to see what you do with all those strawberry baskets! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Wow! What a fantastic and generous swap partner Karen is. Wonderful treasures and you can tell she put a lot of thought into your gifties. Love how your kitchen looks - very prim and inviting. Your meals look so yummy!

  9. Love all swap goodies that you got!!
    Strawberries are perfect for your kitchen.
    Speaking of strawberries, you would love the festival that was this weekend near here...The Strawberry Festival!! I love the strawberry lemonade that they make with strawberries in it and the strawberry glazed doughnuts are really yummy too.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.