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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Is It JuNe-U-aRy?

I took these two photos the morning of how dark and dreary it is outside..and now it is raining and kind of chilly..a friend from church had a fire going this morning and she put a nice potpourri in a pot with cloves and such and her kids were running around singing Jingle Bells...My husband said it felt like Juneary..not really feels like winter and almost need a fire doesn't feel like summer in our neck of the woods..oh well..would rather be a bit on the cool side then sweltering in the heat..
Yesterday my friend who is going on her pioneer trek asked me to help her out and make the aprons for her and her 2 daughthers.. I didn't follow the pattern as I have been making aprons lately and they are pretty basic..I finished the 3 up in like 4 hours..the embroidery took the longest I think..
I embellished one of the pockets on each of the aprons..I found out what color the dresses were going to be and I embroidered the first inital on it..the above is Melissa's..

Her youngest daughter Sara
and Lastly L for Lia..I did a blanket stitch on the pockets..they were a lot of fun to make..she is going to give me the pattern for the bonnets.. I can't wait..Well I am fixing the hubby a great big steak for dinner along with mashed tater and some sort of veggie....nice quiet day for relaxing as the weather is keeping us inside..I hope all dads are enjoying their day..My dad has been gone for 23 years I can't believe its been that long...So anyway I hope you are enjoying your Sunday with loved ones.:)


  1. Hush, your weather sounds too good to be true! lol The aprons are darling, plain and practical!

  2. Mandy said they're have big rainstorms over at her place, honey. We've had a rain today but most likely we'll get your storms over here soon.

  3. Send me some of that weather!
    It has been about 97 with the
    heat index, 104 deg. I hate
    the heat! Good time to stay in
    the house and play with Chumlee!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. I hope it will start to feel more like June for you real soon! Your aprons are super cute!

  5. I hope it will start to feel more like June for you real soon! Your aprons are super cute!

  6. Wow...your weather sounds refeshing! We were in the mid 80's today with high humidity. At least we didin't have rain like we did all last week. Love love the aprons!!


  7. I hope it warms up some for you, but not to the point of unbearable. The aprons turned out really nice! You did a great job!

    I hope you have a great week!


  8. Went up to Snoqaulmie Pass today and it was 44 degrees at noon! Rained all the way there and all the way back. Cold and dreary and I'm sick of it! When is it gonna stop? WHEN?!?!

  9. C'mon over to Central New York the weather has been hot and humid! Although I must admit in the beginning of June we had a fire in the wood stove which is unheard of even in these parts!
    Those aprons are wonderful!!!! Oooh and I can't wait to see the bonnets!
    Have a great week darlin'!!

  10. Love the aprons you made for your friend! The weather here is definitely summer, hot, hot, hot!! Love your swap items!! Very nice!