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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WhAtCha WorKinG On WeDnEsDaY....

Hey there Folks!!! Sorry this is so late in the day...I went over next door today to help my little 9 month pregnant neighbor pull weeds today..and boy did we work..I worked up a 2 huge contractor bags full of weeds and we still have a lot more to pull..they just came out of nowhere..but we are that much more ahead..we stopped only because the rains came down like gangbusters..its been raining since 2pm..but the gardens needed it..and we got to stop for the up stairs I went to do some embroidery..I am having so much fun with these penny you can see I have to do the blanket stitch around them and then secure them to the rug itself..

I am loving each one..and the sizzix makes it so much easier to make those it..I will post these on my etsy when they are finished...I purchased some really neat retro kitchen designs that I am just itching to make some cafe curtains and some towels..will work on some of those tomorrow..I took a break and made our neighbors a nice tatortot casserole as she is cramping up and is having some back labor possibly..she had her membranes scraped she didn't feel like smelled so good when her hubby came and picked them up...they will have some nice leftovers for a couple of days...well I am off to fix our dinner..we are having spaghetti with checca is a Giada recipe....Have a wonderful evening... and thanks for stopping by..;)


  1. These are fabulous Gina!

    ...and dinner sounds awesome! I'm having leftover veggie chili...

  2. Love love that pineapple one! Great job!


  3. you are SO talented, AND a caring neighbor-angel to boot! Way To Go, you rock

  4. Gina,
    I'm loving those penny rugs!!


  5. Hey! could you move next door to me? LOL You are an amazing neighbor Gina!
    The penny rugs are soooooo cool!
    We had spaget tonight to, then rushed up to the church to clean the parking lots and all the windows, inside and out.
    We are home again and I am wishing SOMEONE, ANYONE, would have made some chocolate chip cookies for me to eat with a glass of milk! LOL|
    Sigh, I guess I'll just go to bed! LOL

  6. I love your penny rugs:) That is very nice of you to help your neighbor and cook for them. You're such an angel.

  7. Gina,
    Love your penny rugs! They look great! Also wanted to comment on your embroidered towels you posted a few posts back. At first glance, I thought you had bought them somewhere ~ they are so awesome! You do great work! And that tatertot casserole is making me hungry!

  8. You are so sweet with your neighbors Gina, I'm sure they appreciate it too:) Those penny rugs are going to be awesome, great job!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. Yours all look so wonderful. I have pennies layed out and pinned. Still trying to figure out the blanket stitch. I would like to see what a sizzix looks like. Can you post a pic of the sizzix.

  10. I really love these and supper sounds yummy
    Great day to you

  11. What a full day you had! I really like how you live your life, really, really do! Love the penny rugs too! I didn't know you could cut fabric with a sizzix! Any I have no idea what checca sauce is? Care to share? Have a great Thursday, Ginabrenda! :)

  12. Your penny rugs look great! I have gotten hooked on them too. I may need to save up for a sizzix.... I hate cutting all those circles by hand. lol

    So have you used your gift certificate yet??


  13. How sweet of you Gina! I have never had a neighbor do anything like that for me ever. I think they are far and few! Everyone around here, keeps to themselves.

    I did welcome both of our neighbors with goodies, when they moved in, but that was as far as it got. I don't think they ever wanted to be bothered again. Some country folks, just do not like to be bothered.

    I love tater-tot hot dish. We make it about the same way, cept ya leave out the onions and garlic. Just our way. You can spice it up and way you like...I hardly ever make it thou. Only my son and I like it.

    Love the sizzix and how it cuts. Awesome and that penny rug, so very neat.

    Have fun Gina in whatever you do. You are always so busy.