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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OuR DaY OuT, TS, JoAnnS, & GoOdiEs in The MaiL...;)

Hey there everyone!! Well DH and I decided to take a day/road trip yesterday after signing for our refinancing of our a lower rate and will save alot of money as we refied for 20 years instead of thirty and our payment is the same..gotta love that..the gentleman came to our house to do the signing..that was kind of nice..well after that we had a nice breakfast and set out for a drive..we headed across the hood canal bridge and went to Quilcene and through Union, shelton and belfair..we drove about 170 miles yesterday with our little Tucker man in started off kind of cloudy, mild and a little drizzly..but ended up warm, humid and muggy..but we enjoyed the day together..we haven't done anything in a very long time..felt weird too..but we enjoy our day trips seeing the scenery and houses..didn't stop at any antique stores as they weren't posted well and we were cruising down the highway and didn't want to turn around...

Does anyone have Madrona trees where they live? we have them here and love how they grow..and this was the only pit stop as we had to go to the bathroom and I had to take this photo..the rest are on the road..These are great firewood too as they burn soooo hot..looks like it it going to fall down.but this is how they grow in these parts..;)
This is some sort of hdro plant..I just thought it was a neat building..

views of the snow capped mountains..everytime I wanted to get a great shot..the camera had to think about it and we were I didn't get the best shots that I wanted to share..mmmmnnn!!!
there were a lot of beautiful homes along the union/shelton area..they are all on the waterfront side and gorgeous..would love to tour all of them..
we did hit one TS that my best friend Kimmy has taken me too..this was in Belfair and it has expanded..wasn't a whole lot there..but I picked up this VHS tape for my mom..have you all see this one? I love ma and pa kettle and love seeing their the oldies..
picked up some wood paddles great for painting on and putting the old labels onto..
love the round one.:)
stopped at Walmart for more towels to embroider on..
Stopped at Joanns for more felt to make penny rugs..I have a question to those out there that make you double back the rug itself to hide the stitching..trying to figure out how you all do it..this is my first time at this..and I would like to do them right..
I also picked up some of the stiffer felt to make tags with..I can embroider on these and cut them out and put a gromet and string on top..After shopping we headed to Bainbridge Island and had a great mexican dinner..oh boy was it good..haven't been out to dinner in a very long while or had great mexican food...we then stopped and got our DQ blizzards..we got the peanut buster flavor of the month..had to use my coupon before it expired...:)
Look what was on my doorstep when we got home yesterday..I had been watching these on Ebay and I missed it..but no one had bid on these halloween I sent a message to her asking if she was still willing to sell them..she gave me a great deal on all of this..$25.00 plus shipping..I love to decorate for halloween and I can't wait to do so now..what a treat these will be at halloween..I love the whimsical, folkart nature of these...
these come from Debbie Henry of Barefoot Primitives...I have her kitty pattern that I just love doing..and I love these little stump dolls as well..they are made with burlap..I love how she used the colors to make these..there is also a little hay bale that came with this...she did a wonderful job on these and she should have certainly gotten more for them..but I will treasure these always..;)
Also in this great box of goodies was a halloween towel with a little recipe for Pumpkin from scratch printed on fabric and sewn onto the is a little wall hanger...this will look so cute in my kitchen come fall.;)

and I got this little extra goodie as well..I love these little tablets...great for sending thank you notes on...Well our rain is back today...kind of dreary..but I gotta tell you..I love these dreary days once in awhile..I get to stay inside and not feel guilty when I sew or just want to take a break from the day..and our gardens need it..seems they grow so much better when it rains...well I hope you all have a wonderful day..I will be back to share "whatcha working on wednesday"...:)


  1. Hi Brenda, Loved going along on your road trip! Regarding the felt ... what you need is wool felt, I usually wet mine and then dry it in the dyer to give it a soft feel and some texture. But beware, some of the colors will bleed. As for backing your penny rug. That is usually a must ... you can either use another layer of wool or wool felt or fabric. You can either pin the layers together or use fusible web to press the layers together. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Gina,
    Great pictures from your road trip!! And what wonderful Halloween goodies you got in the mail...I know that you will have fun decorating with them come this Fall.

    About the penny rugs...I have backed mine with either more wool felt or a cotton fabric that matches the design that I put on the front.
    Have a great week.

  3. What a fun day - I love those where you just set out and end up someplace new. When I make penny rugs, I do back them once my stiching is done. You can use felt or a homespun if you want it less bulky. ~Ann

  4. What a wonderful trip I just took on your blog thank you for sharing how fun. so glad you enjoyed your day trip and you halloween goodies are Awesome.

  5. Gina,

    You had my kind of day! I love taking drives....thrift stores....craft stores! You hit it all in one day! Congratulations on the refinancing! Saving money is always good! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

    Have a great evening!

  6. What a nice day trip! Grat news on your refinance. That's wonderful. Those Haloween dolls are adorable!

  7. Gina,
    Don't ya just love road trips with your hubbie? I sure do, especially when you come home with goodies, get a good dinner and dessert. Great Halloween prims, too. Have a good week and send us some rain, please??

  8. Sounds like a fun trip and love your Halloween goodies! I love seeing your house decked out for the different holidays:)

  9. Hubby and I really enjoy our "road trips to nowhere" too! LOL! I love all your goodies you got and the Halloween treats are great too! Hope you had a great day today.

  10. I loved your road trip!!! Makes me miss my hubby, even though we really don't get time to do things like this, but seeing you and the pictures of your hubby is very lovely. Seems like you had a nice time. Thanks for the comments on my blog today. i really had a wonderful day!

  11. Wow! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love going on road trips! Thanks for sharing all the pics!

  12. What a great day! Don't you just love little road trips? Glad you were able to get away for a bit. Love your fall treasures too!

  13. I love road trips!
    Fun to see some of your neck of the woods!
    Wow! You are set for halloween! Fun fun goodies you got!
    I'm not a penny rug pro, but I do back mine.
    Love the wooden paddles/breadboards. Show us some after pictures
    Enjoy your day.