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Saturday, May 1, 2010

ShOppInG WiTh KiMmY...;)

Yesterday was filled with fun and lots of shopping..When I go shopping with my best friend Kimmy we go big or go we set out to a little town called Port Orchard..its about 45 minutes from my house so I met Kimmy at her home and we set off..there is a store there that we haven't been to since last year called New 2 You! it has a bunch of booths with different things and we always find some fun stuff..the first thing I picked up was the wheat is so tiny and will look cute on my baking shelf in my kitchen as decor..I love the little sunflower was $4.00..I have never seen the shape or pattern it had to come home with me..I picked up the "Mike" cup at the thrift has my hubbys name on it and it had the red gingham for he won't forget his also picked up the muffin tin for a buck for our missionaries here..they just moved and need all sorts of items..
I am in love with strawberries lately..and couldn't resist this little piece of yummy is larger then a napkin..this is going in my kitchen with my other strawberry stuff.I think this was 2.00..
found a bunch of baskets at the thrift store except the one on the left with the red gingham pattern..that was at the store mentioned above..;) 3 of them have swinging handles..the gal there gave me a great deal on the baskets would have cost me close to 7-8 dollars and she only charged me 4.35 for the that was a great deal.;)
I picked up 2 more bibs for my little sister...this gal had them in her booth for 3.00..I couldn't resist and I plan on making a pattern for these..the bottom has a little pocket to catch the food..I will add a decorative string and add a binky to the ones I make..
found this wonderful 49er's shirt for hubby for only 4.00..its looks to be brandnew...and he loves the 9er's!!!!!
I picked up this sweet little table cloth with crocheted edging for my little sister for mothers is in clean condition and has these little deer stitched on one corner...
and flowers stitched in the other 3 corners....this was 4.99..
we found the mother load of cookie cutters..I got the 12 days of christmas @.49 each..I have never seen these before...these will make some wonderful sugar cookies or spritz cookies at christmas and also the salt dough cookies too..I can't wait to use these..
here are some other cookie cutters..sis is getting the dinasour and the helicopter and plane for her kids..they are so into that stuff..I also found a little strawberry one and a ladybug one and the huge apple one in the upper left..
I stopped by Joanns after our shopping day together to pick up some fabric and saw these cute stamp sets..they were on I can use these for my aprons, coffee cozys and baby items..these will be stamped on tags to attach to my things..:)
while in port orchard Kimmy took me to a really neat quilt store that has the bestest fabric and really unique designs..spendy but worth it..I am making half aprons with these..
2 aprons from these..
Love the coffee theme..Mike is going to peddle these at our local coffee shoppes to see if they might want to purchase these..;)
this and the fabric below I picked up at joanns..I ordered a really cute wrap front apron pattern that is reversible and these fabrics will be used for that...Kimmy purchased a different one so we are going to make copies of the patterns for each other.:)

The fabric on the left is a cream colored flannel for the burp cloths or a quilt that I make for my little sister..I gotta get hot this week before jack starts middle is brown polka dots for more aprons etc..the right is cream colored so I can make pockets on the aprons..I have white..but needed an off white/cream colored as well..I also picked up some gifts for my May Swap partner Karen..but I can't show you those till she gets her was a long day yesterday..I didn't get home till 7:30pm..and I left at it was a long day..picked up a pizza and came of Mikes friends caught a 2 pound trout tonight we are having steamed on the grill trout and salad for dinner...;) I hope the rest of your weekend is a wonderful was nice and quiet..caught up on my recorded programs and built a fire and enjoyed...the kittys loved it too..Have a great evening everyone and thanks for stopping by...;)


  1. WOW! You got some great stuff, love the cookie cutters and the fabrics you picked out:)

  2. Wow--you know how to shop, girl!!Great stuff!

  3. Gina,
    You got some great goodies on your shopping trip with Kimmy!! Love the fabrics!! Have fun sewing up your aprons!!

  4. ~great finds~ I just love everything, the fabric, the are going to be busy if you aren't already! haha

  5. BFFs and shopping can't ever beat that. Oooohhh and nice finds - love the coffee stamps and fabrics. They would be perfect in my kitchen! :)

  6. Gina,

    WOW.. lots of great , fun stuff you found !

    All those neat goodies ! Those will be fun aprons ! Aprons are such a needful ! I wear one while I am cooking, washing dishes and sometimes cleaning . I like the full aprons with the bib type top.

    Have fun creating with your new finds !


  7. Wow great stuff....! Love all the fabric combo's!

  8. Love the birdie fabric! CUTE!!!

  9. Wow chickie you sure found some awesome fabric and goodies there ! Sounds like you and Kimmie had a blast. And what a wonderful way to top of the day than fresh trout !
    It's done nothing but rain here all weekend so it's been pretty much a lazy weekend around here and it's back to work tom. =( Hope your week starts off wonderful !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  10. It looks like you found the motherload of great loot!!!! I love the cookie cutters and the linens. I've been loving strawberries too, lately!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  11. you ARE a busy girl!!!! love the FABRIC especially the baby... guess I'm in a baby frame of mind this week! didn't know you liked strawberry 'stuff' and cookie cutters. hmmmm. Thanks for showing us your goods

  12. How much for the Partridge/eggs on blue apron? Darling material!! Do you have enough to make a full size apron? You find the best treasures! If you ever need a shopping buddy, call me. *smile*

  13. I hope you don't mind that I found that chicken patch fabric and bought some. The JoAnn's I go to most often didn't have it - ever. Don't know what's wrong with them. But I found some at another store. I'll post the story about that later. Your cute yellow fabric with red ladybugs on it is the same print with which I recently made kitchen curtains. You have good taste in fabric. LOL