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Monday, May 3, 2010

MonDay..TweAkinG, CooKies...oLd ChAiRs..

Hey there everyone!!! Well we are getting a glorious Monday..bright and sunny outside..thought we were supposed to get a storm of wind and rain..but so far got cold last night though..on my outing with Kimmy on friday..I picked some Lilacs at her place (well her neighbors place) anyhow..I love how they smell...take me back to my childhood...
I put my treasures that I found on friday in their spots..doesn't the little wheat past bag look good with the little egg carton on the top shelf..
here is my little strawberry cloth....
here is my little fireking white bowl amongst the other vintage pyrex I have..I love it..
Yesterday after church I came home and baked cookies I doubled the batch...boy howdy did it make a lot of are soooooo yummy though...they are sweet potato pie cookies with orange glaze...I only cooked my for 15 minutes though and they were just fine..I took some to our newest neighbors and I think I will be taking more to them today...they loved the last batch of cookies I took over when I met that was nice to hear..;)
isn't this just the cutest thing ever!!! if you all have some old chairs and don't know what to do with you good Pal Peggy had some old chairs and she took off the bottoms and then attached them to the back side of her house and then put red planters on them...they did this when their son got married last year...they had the reception in the back yard..a red and black was awesome...the chairs are somewhat protected from the rain etc as there is a ledge from the house above don't toss out those old chairs..make planters with them...
Well I hope you all have a wonderful monday and a great week..Take care..;)


  1. You are so lucky to get some
    lilacs!!! I miss them, there was
    a huge one down the road, when I
    was growing up. They won't grow
    in TX, it is too hot. The chairs
    on the wall is a neat idea!
    Have a great week! Why don't you
    join the chat on Prim Pals, Wed.
    nights at 7pm Central?

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Hey Gina, you need a May header!

    Your cookies look amazing... and I really need to bake so I might give them a go!

    Love the chairs... you have a very smart friend!

    We sure got the storm that missed you - wind, rain, hail, and that was all in the last 1/2 hour! Now It's sunny...go figure!

    take care, Kimberly

  3. Sweet tater pie cookies, boy I AM living in the wrong neighborhood! Those look delicious and love all the tweaking:)

  4. I love all the tweaking you did! Everything looks wonderful! The cookies look really good. I am sure they are low in! I love, love, love what you did with the old chairs. They look wonderful! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


  5. Gina,

    Those cookies look so yummy !

    Love the idea with the chairs and planters !

    Your new finds look so nice !


  6. I picked some more of mine yesterday, they sure do make the cellar smell better, lol. With the rain, mine are going to go soon, so enjoying them while I can.

    Those cookies look yummy.


  7. Gina,
    Oh my!! those cookies look yummy!!! Love all the tweaking that you did...and those chairs with the flower pots on them are awesome!!

  8. I LOVE lilacs!! Ours will be in bloom in just a few days, I can't wait!! Okay, if I could reach through my computer screen, I would grab one of those cookies!! Yum!
    Those hangin' chairs are adorable too. Hmmm... I may have to start diggin' around for some. :> )

  9. Hi Gina,
    I love all your little treasures! I've been trying to find some lilacs to cut for my kitchen. Sweet potato cookies? Counts as a vegetable, right? Yummy! Peggy's chair planters are very creative and cute. Love ya.

  10. Love all the ideas and the cookies look just yummy!

  11. Gina
    Just came by to try and catch up with your site and to thank you for all your get well wishes.
    Boy do I know how to bang myself up good. What a mess I am in now.
    Appreciate you though for taking the time to wish me well
    Love visiting but now I am hungry from those cookies and I have not been shopping nothing sweet here..and that is rare..hahaha

  12. You have lilacs! That's something I miss about Maritime Canada, the lilac trees in June. Unfortunately, they're a rare species here in England. Or at least in the part of it where we are.

  13. Those arrangements are wonderful - I have a little white stool just like the one on the left side of your shelf. And you know I love those lilacs. I can almost smell 'em. Great treasures and great post.