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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A PuRrFeCt SpRiNg DaY.;)

Hey there !!! BEWARE: This is a picture heavy post!!! Yesterday was glorious!!! I decided to take some photos of the yard and all that is blooming and soon to be blooming....I put my laundry on my line to dry and took some photos...I love using my laundry line on days like this..I also have one of those accordian dryers I pull out as well..
This is the front yard and rock has the tulips, primroses,the columbine are just about to bloom, more yellow poppies and some other ground cover type stuff...I will probably pull out the tulips and plant them elsewhere..I like this area to be more tidy and not so mish I have a little bit of work here to do ...but will enjoy it for the time being..
another view of it..
poppies in bloom and the fox glove will be blooming sometime in May..I have a bazillion little white like flowers..I can't think of the name..spent all last year pulling them..and you can't even tell..the little buggers..
not sure what these are..but I love the little purple flowers....
a form of clover that is a ground cover of sorts...came with the Rhodie there..
native bleeding hearts are all in bloom..
more of those little purple flowers along with the grape hyacynths...(?)
I love this little white flower ground cover..don't know the name..the electric blue stuff is lithadoria..I love the blue on it..
the ajuga is in the tall purple flower it gets...
we have 4 tomato plants..the other is in the back garden..they already have their flowers on them..I got these at Walmart last week..they love this sunny spot by the side of the house..they do really well here...
the rosemary has it flowers..
my little lilac tree in the back yard..DH is going to build a wooden box to put around this and build it up..I also have lavender there, and foxglove and those little purple flowers I don't know the name of..this is in the back yard..I also plant little flowers in the mailboxes..gotta get more plants.:) I love the english I need to put those on my list..
look it is about to bloom..I can't wait to smell its sweet fragrance and have it sweep me back in time to my childhood...:) I can't wait to see this get huge.;)
This parsley plant wintered is huge..they dry really well in a dehydrator and you can use it in the winter when it is no longer there..I love to step outside and have a salad at my finger tips..I eat this, the chives and the lettuce when it is up..
Our "Angels Garden" is has the lavender, forget me knots, gerbera daisys.(my fav)...and some other flowers here..I see this out my kitchen window..This is in the back yard..
AwwwwHHH!!! the garden is planted..I have basil in pots, the large plants there are kale and it is starting to go to seed already..we planted lettuce in the lower one.the upper one has the thyme, oregano and more parsley...
the kale is pretty tasty..I have been nibbling on it...:)
This side of the garden has, potatoes, summer squash, beans, sweet peas and chives..I have sunflowers in pots. along with nasturiums, and pumpkin..when the pumpkin is bigger I will transplant it in the back of the garden like last year..not doing zuchinni this year...still have alot frozen in the freezer..and between the pumpkins and the zuchinni, it took over my garden..I also have an artichoke plant that we usually let go to gets about 3-4 artichokes on it..will try and pick them this year to we love them..:)they get a really pretty purple flower on them...
This is a view from the back yard to the front yard.the reddish tree is a flower crab apple tree and it is just about to bloom..gets a really pretty fushia flower on it..just wish it lasted longer.;)
my little metal hanging baskets on the back deck have nasturiums, lobella in purple and white..I love the scent they throw off...I also have little pansies that wintered over in 2 of the pots..and they have seeded themselves in my patio deck...they are all over..
I also picked up this pretty orange poppy and put it on my picnic table with the tulips..:)
don'tcha love the little itty bitty blue flowers on the forget me knots..I love these as well..they are all over the yard..I have never planted these..they seed themselves..
DH has 5 different hops plants and they are going crazy on the sunny side of the house..I love how they look come summer as they are all the way up the side of the house...really gives our home that "cottage" look..I love it..hate seeing them get cut down in the fall..
This is a view from the garage loft deck...into the back yard..
another glimpse...
This was my little helper yesterday..I was taking photos of my stuff I am putting on my Etsy site and I was out on the garage deck..and everytime I would put something out to photograph..Stanley would curl up in the box and take a siesta..
I swear this kitty can find any nook and or cranny and get comfy..when he was a baby in Italy he would curl up in my bowls and snooze..the girls love him..he is a big cuddly kitty cat...Well I have to go and list my stuff in Etsy..this will take me a couple of days I think...I have lots leftover from last years shows..oh and todays weather started out is raining now..but great for my garden..I don't have to Tucker in the house in the nick of time...I hope you all have a wonderful sure to stop by later tonight to take a peek at my Etsy..;)


  1. I like all the pix and don't mind if a blog is pix heavy, sugar, but I LOOOOOVE the pix of the view from the garage deck. Very pretty. That's why I love Washington so much. Lush and green.

  2. WOW WOW WOW..I love your yard and your gardens! VERY VERY NICE!

  3. oh wow...your' gradens are just beautiful, Gina!
    My stuff is just starting to come.
    I think those 'blue flowers' are Wood Hyacinth...

    Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekend!

  4. I can hear the joy in your voice! What a lovely garden/yard you have. I'm impressed that you know the names of all those plants! You really have a green thumb. Enjoy the day!

  5. Wow! Your flowers look wonderful! They certainly are blooming. Makes me want to get out in the yard and start planting. Your kitty is really cute too! I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!


  6. AWESOME! Everything is so pretty and growing, I'm envious of the forget-me-nots, I love those and have tried to grow them from seeds before but no luck, your look great:)

  7. Gina,
    Everything looks great!! Your yard and gardens are so pretty!! I wish that I had your green thumb...I look at plants and they die! LOL... Love the pictures of your kitty napping too!!

  8. Wow..nice garden..I posted pics of my garden but nothing compared to yours :)
    This is the first year I am trying to grow herbs and I just hope I know when to pick them ...I will be freezing mine and will use some of them when I make my own spaghetti sauce.
    Love your blog and am now a follower and will be putting you on my blog roll.
    Have a great week end

  9. Love your pics Gina. I noticed today that my daffodils are finally starting to wake from their sleep. They are about 2" tall. The grass is starting to green, but it will be a bit before I see any blooms here so thanks for sharing yours!

  10. What a lovely retreat of a home you have. That's how it should be. The pics are wonderful and you've inspired me to get my tomato plants going on the deck of our lil apartment. Also I miss my garden with some of the same flower you have in yours. Especially miss my roses and the columbine. Have a blessed weekend,

  11. Love the tour of your greenery! WOW, what ambition!!! Also, loved seeing Stanley! What a cutie. Have a lovely weekend. I'm hoping to start painting the inside of the house and get the rest of my flower beds in order!

  12. Beautiful yard! And wasn't yesterday amazing... supposed to be even better today! Woohoo!

    Gina, your etsy shop looks great! Awesome job on everything!

    And as to our moving situation... we are staying put for now. Too many things pointing in that direction so we're not asking why.

    Have a great day and enjoy the sun! I'm off to a quilt/sewing show right now and then I think I'll work on my faux veggies outside.

    Hugs, K

  13. What wonderful garden pics. Your house is a gorgeous color! Love the pics of your little guy snoozing in the box. How cute. He looks just like my Cody. Wish I had a green thumb. Gardening is just not my thing so I'll live vicariously through you and my good friend Deanna. She has a green thumb too!