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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AnoTheR SaTisFieD CuStoMeR...

Here is little Kaitlyn Rose in her new baby bib that we presented her with on Sunday..I asked Mommy to take a photo of her in her new bib..doesn't she look so cute? nothing to post for WWW..didn't do a darn thing yesterday..took a breather and parked it on the couch all day...felt so good to be able to do so...going to list a bunch of things on etsy today..and get some more of my little sisters baby gifts made..have a wonderful is supposed to be a beautiful one I will be taking photos of all that is blooming in our yard today to share with you tomorrow..:)


  1. What a dollbaby Gina! And she looks awesome sporting her new bib:D

  2. What a cutie!!! She looks so
    happy wearing the bib... :)

    Hope you have a great day!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. The bib turned out wonderful! You really did a great job on it! I am glad you took some time to relax. We all need that! I hope you have a great Wednesday!


  4. What a little doll! And the bib's not bad either!

  5. What a cutie pie and her big is great! She is the perfect model for you!!

  6. What a cutie! Such cute chubby cheeks. Is that your sister's baby?

  7. Kaitlyn looks adorable in her new bib! Doesn't she have a cute smile?!

  8. What a cutie pie! And a cute bib, to boot! ~~Annie

  9. Cute is not the word for about adorably darling...oh my goodness...that smile!

  10. Cute Cute!
    Hope your couch day was a GOOD one!
    Somdays ya just need to park it, kind of like recharging your battery! :-D
    Enjoy being outside today. It looks like a beautiful day here as well.

  11. Darling baby and darling bib! You do such good work Gina.