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Sunday, April 25, 2010

CroWs, WateRmeLonS and BiNo Oh My..;)

Hi there and Happy Sunday!!! it is glorious here today..Got Pody lynn out in her kennel so she can enjoy the beautiful morning..the house is tidied up..Getting breakfast going and then I am getting ready for church...Here are 2 crow watermelons I made..I will list them on Etsy today sometime...I finished up another of my april swaps gifts..I can't wait to show it to one more item to do and then onto others that need to be finished...I am making a little welcome to the neighborhood basket for our new next door neighbors to take over..hopefully tomorrow...will show you when it is completed.:)
I hope you all have a wonderful sunday..good to hear that you all are having fun playing Bingo...
and speaking of which here are your two words for today..
Bright copper Kettles...
Take care..;)


  1. Oh Yes!!!! Very fun!!!! Well I still need four more words but some body is probably really close to getting all those goodies!!!! Good Luck to all!!!! hugs

  2. Hi Gina,

    Happy Sunday to you! You sound so busy, a good thing. So nice of you to make a WELCOME gift for your very thoughtful.

    I am sure the swap goodies you made are neat. Love your crows and watermelon.

    For Bingo, it is fun. None today, but I still need 3. Have a great day.


  3. Love the crows with watermelon Gina!!!!!

  4. Gina,
    Love the crows on the watermelons!! Can't wait to see the swap goodies...I know that they will be awesome!
    No words for me again today, but I bet someone is getting close to getting them all.
    Have a good day!!

  5. I love your crows w/watermelons!!
    I just finished a Red Queen doll for a swap, need to go take photos
    have a lovely Spring Day!!

  6. I love the watermelon with the crow. I only need one more word....probably like many others.

  7. I envy those crows because I love watermelon!


  8. I'm so lost on the bingo....I need to back read.......BUT, I love your crows and mellons!!! Way cute. You so sound like a busy lady. How fun for your new neighbors to get a basket from you! We had a cold windy day today. Yesterday was nice tho.
    Enjoy your week
    looking forward to your swap pics.

  9. Just wanna take a bite outta those watermelon slices. You're like the energizer you ever slow down? Still need four words for Bingo. Have a great week!

  10. Those crows on the watermelons are adorable! I just know some prim gal will snatch them right up!!

  11. Cute watermelons and crows!! I can't wait for watermelon season!!!

  12. Oh, they make me want summer to get here! Watermelons, yum!

  13. I love the crows and watermelons you made. You did a wonderful job on them! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


  14. Loved your watermelon and crows. Way cute! Your drunk story was pretty funny too! You are so talented. See you today at 3pm!