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Monday, April 26, 2010

BaBys & BinGo..

This is my Sunny Bunny!!! sitting on the couch next to me..she and I watched the Twilight New Moon movie..(I will watch the others as I have seen the both now..but they are a bit slow)..Sunny loves to lay on my lap and then she slithered off and laid next to me and I just happen to have the camera and took this..the blue towel is where stinky puppy likes to be..right in between us and I don't want stinky puppy smells on my he has a towel he lays on..need to get a brown towel so it matches better...cause this one stands out like a sore thumb...but it does the job...I am offically a member of old farmhouse gatherings on Etsy..I know some of you and follow your its like one big family...
here are your bingo words for today.;)
warm woolen mittens

I hope you are all having a great has been overcast and it drizzled in the feels like winter somewhat and not like what we were getting...Take care..;)


  1. Your Sunny Bunny is ADORABLE! I love lap cats or one that will snuggle with you.

    I have not seen any of the Twilight movies...not really interested either. I am probably one of the few...LOL

    Today was cold and rainy here too. The whole weekend was like that, I didn't get anything done outside. That is the pits!

    Hey...I only have ONE bingo word left to get...I will keep my fingers crossed!!!

    Have a good one, Gina.

  2. Sunny bunny is so precious there! So cozy!!It has been raining for about 4 or 5 days here now--ugh!

  3. Your kitty looks so comfy!!
    It's been cold and rainy here too. I put a blanket on our sofa I don't get little doggie smells.
    Have a good week.

  4. Hi Gina,
    I wanted to drop by and tell you the news. I have written a new blog called Tools Are For Women Too! It is a tool blog designed specifically for the craftswoman. I would love it if you had time to go visit. Thanks, Rory

  5. Missing out on the BINGO but Kitty looks so cute!

  6. I have my own version of Sunny Bunny here and stinky dog... :) Tabitha will jump from my lap to DH's and Sasha a.k.a. stinky dog will practically sit right up on me to prevent Tabitha to get close.

    Only 4 more bingo words to go...

    Take Care and have a great day!

  7. Oh she looks so comfy. The blue towel does its job. Doesn't matter that it doesn't match. We have a few "blue towels" too. LOL. I have a whole stash of cat towels. They're the ones too raggedy to use but too good to throw away.

  8. Sunny bunny is so cute!!!

    It's nice to see you have joined OFG on Etsy! It's a great group of ladies!!!

    I need two words for Bingo!!!

  9. Stinky Puppy? Why do I get the feeling the cat gets the best of the deal? LOL!

  10. Awww...what a precious Sunny bunny, so snug in that blankie:)On the coneflowers, yes I just shaped them by hand, then once I got them painted just glued the twigs on the back:)

  11. A very sweet Sunny who looks extremely pampered and comfortable! Does she like the Twilight movies? I rented the first one and the second will arrive in a few days from Netflix. I am also going to check out Rory's site, too! Thanks for sharing.