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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WhAtCha WorKinG On WeDnEsDaY....LoTs Of FaBriC..

Hello Everyone!!! Can you say withdrawls...we have been without power for 24 hours due to a big wind storm that litterly "blew" in yesterday..we lost power at about 1pm yesterday and it came back on at 1:30pm today..I can't tell begin to tell you I was itching to get on and check my yesterday I decided to get out in the weather..for the most part it had stopped "storming" at around I took off..almost didn't as there was so much tree debris and trees down that I almost couldn't get out of our little town..took me 15 minutes to get out..I knew then why we lost looked like WW 2 outside..but I wasn't going to sit around so I went to Joanns and got more fabrics for my lastest passion...APRONS...I even found some great vintage patterns on line for the 40's-50's retro aprons and will be making them as well..I purchased 21 different pieces of fabric and the majority of them were on sale and some were end of bolts so I got some for 50% was my day..still a spendy one..but so much fun pairing them together..:) so the next 5 photos are of the latest fabrics that I chose yesterday...
love the black and love polkadots and of course animal prints too..;)
Oh I love these pink ones..
blue ones..
white and sage..the white was on sale for 1.99 a I got a lot..
okay now here and below are the combinations in which I will use these...
won't this make the cutest little girls apron.. I have sizes 4-6..
This one will be for a gal at church..she loves bees and I will embroider on the pocket a bee and it says: you are the bee's knees..:) I love the red reminds me of picnic cloth or just the good olde summer time..
a nice crisp red with white fabric that has little flowers.:)
my red bandana fabric with black polk-a-dots..
this has a real retro feel..;)
this is going to be made for the hostess tonight..we are invited to a big St. Paddys day bash that they throw every year...and she will get a cute apron for her "thanks for inviting us every year" gift..
I am so in love with this combo above..I also will embroider a cherry on the pocket of this one..the green will be the band and the polk-a-dot will be the ruffle..but I need to figure out what pattern to use for this and all of them..they will all be different..;)
love the browns with the pinks..
love the red stars with this americana red white and blue fabric..
and the blue polk-a-dot works well too..:)
another vintage retro looking fabric with a dusty blue trim..
who can resist apples..
or strawberries for that matter..I have a strawberry design to embroider on a pocket..:)
this will be a wildly neat colored apron..very retro..:)
I have had the fabric on the left for some time..I made a casserole carrier out of part of too has a real vintage look to it..:)
love my mary englebrit fabric paired with the polk-a-dots and stripes..
and with this combo too..:)
I have had the fabric on the left for forever!! and it will make a cute half apron with this soft red ticking..very country prim..would look so neat hanging on a peg in your kitchen..:)
love the reds..
This is for some one in blog land that has been waiting very patiently for her little gift...she loves if she reads this..she hopefully will know..:)
great spring time fabric..I think of bunnys when I see this one..:)
again browns and pinks...
great summer time fabrics..another cute little girls fabric..
wheewwww! last on the list..this screams summer and barbeques.. I also have great "mens apron patterns along with the chefs hat..(just need to learn the patterns)..and I have some great embroidery logos says: Grill Sergeant, grill master and grill mistress...My juices are flowing and I am itching to get sewing..I got my machine back but they didn't fix taking it some place else to be looked at..not happy with the place it just came from..suckers kept a spool of my embroidery thread..and you can bet I will get it back...they think it might need a new computer board..will try embroidering on it to see..I just hope its nothing serious as I don't want it to be out for another 2 months or so..
Oh I almost little sister might be getting induced this friday with her 3rd baby..a boy (they have 2 boys already)..and I gotta get her stuff made the shop might have to wait...will see..okay..take care and I hope you are all having a great is turning out to be a gorgeous day..although we are both exhausted...hate being without my power..but it certainly could have been not complaining..we had our generator going last night and all is okay..:)


  1. Wow Gina~ does Joann's have any fabric left?? LOL!!!! I love the Americana and they will all make for some awesome aprons:-D
    Glad to hear the power is back on!

  2. Gina,
    Great fabric combos for the aprons that you will be making!!

    I sure hope your machine doesn't need a new computer very first machine needed a new one and it was sent back to the company three times before they ever figure it out. And it is no fun being without your machine.

    So glad to hear that you have your power back.

  3. Eye candy for sure! I LOVE them all, great colors! Where did you find the vintage patterns online?

  4. Great color combinations! I love the Mary Englebreights fabric.

  5. Wow! You have some great fabric choices there. I can just imagine all the possibilities!

    Glad you weathered the storm and everything is ok... Hoping the best for your machine.


  6. I love, love, love the polka dots and cherries!