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Saturday, March 13, 2010

MoRe YuMmY ApRonS..

I made 3 aprons today..These 2 are listed on my Humble arts if any one is interested..I am in love with these..Have a great Sunday..don't forget to set your clocks ahead..I just did..:)
I can also embroider your first initial on the on a pocket if you want..I have a whimsical polka-dot design I can use or I can embroider you name on it..(I have to see If I have the name)...:)


  1. Loving the aprons that you've been making!!
    I'm still embroidery all those EMS shirts and then have to do some shirts for the hair salon that my youngest works at. The pay is good...but I sure miss doing the creative fun stuff. Can't wait to get back to it!!

  2. You are SO good...those new three aprons are wonderful too! Love your fabric choices. Now that you've inspired me, please send me some energy! Need to get to bed I guess...we just set our clocks forward too. Wish "they" would leave the time alone!!!

  3. I would just love matching ones for me and grand daughter. She is visiting in a couple of weeks and we always bake.
    I'm going to have to get out the sewing machine and see what I can come up with or have you make us a pair.

  4. Love the polkadots! very cute aprons....reminds me of my grandmother cause she always had one on!

  5. Sounds like someone is addicted to apron making:D I love those fabrics!!!

  6. Hi Gina, Love the Polk-a-dots! Did you see the black paisley apron that I have on my Blog? I did the ruffle in black and white Polk-a-dots! Are you using your "ruffle foot" for your ruffles? Keep up the great work! Blessings, Kim

  7. I love the aprons! I actually do have a few and really use them to protect my clothes. Sometimes I forget to take them off after supper and I will be sitting on the couch watching TV and my kids will say, "Really Mom, you can take off your apron now!" ha ha

  8. I love both of those. Polka dots are a fav of mine.

  9. Just LOVE those aprons! Especially that "spicy" one! It's been a long time since I wore an apron. Just might have to start wearing them again! Hope all is well on the other side! ~~Annie

  10. How did I miss all these posts?? Love the aprons. Very nice! I hope you show the mittens you make from the sweaters. You are one talented person! Enjoy your day!

  11. Those are so cute Gina, you always do fantastic work;)


  12. Gina, your aprons are beautiful. I love aprons!

  13. I love your aprons, too! I like
    the prints that you have put
    together. I better get back to
    painting.... :) I guess I am
    a little picky, I paint it over
    if I don't like it! It will be
    in the mail in a couple days!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  14. Gina,
    You certainly have been going apron-crazy over there! lol You found lots of great fabrics that will make some wonderful aprons.

    I hope you can figure out what is wrong with your sewing machine. Nothing like sending it off to be fixed and it comes home still broken. Grrr!

    Have a great day :)