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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WhAtCha WorKinG On WeDnEsDaY....

Hey there! Well I actually got some sewing done yesterday and I actually enjoyed it..I had to take my embroidery machine in to get serviced and it is going to take 7-10 working days so no embroidering and I have a lot of bunny patterns calling my name so I started with this one by Veenas Mercantile..I did change him up a bit..I used Mohair for the fur and I didn't stuff the ears I added wire to them so you can bend them how you like them..
I also added patches to him to give him a loved worn look and a big fluffly cotton tail that has been needle felted on..
I added stitching to the front foot to look like he has been stitched because of years of love..I'm calling him the velveteen rabbit cause he feels so good...I love how he turned out..but that mohair was a bit difficult turning the smaller pieces (like all of it but the body)...but so worth it in the end..he will be on my Humble Arts shortly.:)
This is what else I started yesterday.. a cute bunny by Kentucky primitives... will probably finish her tomorrow as I have a vet appt. recheck today and I am heading to Joanns for some supplys...My next door Neighbor Erin and I are going and she hasn't been there yet...and we might do lunch..depends on how well behaved Tucker is...Oh on Monday we actually got snow...It started out as that fine misty rain and then snowed..never stuck..but it sure got cold..just came out of no we came home and lit a fire and it felt so good..I think that was one of the coldest days we have had this whole below freezing...we have had the mildest winter on record least since we have lived here since 1986..Anyway..I want to thank all those that have voted for me so far on my previous post..there is still time to if you haven't here is the link..:) The Primitive Peddler. it is in the upper left hand corner to vote..Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone and thanks for stopping by to say hello..:)


  1. Love your velveteen rabbit!! Have fun shopping at JoAnn's...hope Tucker is good so that you can go to lunch.
    Hope you don't get embroidery withdraw while your machine is at the sewing hospital. lol...

  2. Love your new 'patchwork' bunny! He is so cute w/all the different things you did to him. He is adorable!


  3. I love the velvet looking bunny! I just want to snuggle with him. :) I am terrible... my poor embroidery machine has sat upstairs for a year.... I'm bad...


  4. I love your bunny Gina and I love the name you chose....I used to love to read the Velveteen Rabbit to my children.

  5. Aaawwwww, I could just hug that bunny. So cute.

  6. I love how the velveteen makes your bunny all the more huggable! Great job!

  7. Hi Gina~ that veleteen bunny is too cute with his "saddle", I love the stitching on him:D

  8. Oh hon, he looks so prim-wonderful!! So soft looking I want to hug him!!!