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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well its been along time since I went shopping and it was nice to get out did start off rather cold..felt like it was going to snow it was so cold..then it got beautiful and sunny..So Tucker and Erin (my next door neighbor) and I set off to take Tucker to the vets for a recheck..he is doing much better..still don't know what is on his ears but they think it is getting better and he looks and feels that is then we headed off to go shopping..we hit Joanns 2nd but here is what I picked up there..some cute cookie cutters to make those salt dough ornaments like everyone is making..oh and everything was either on sale or I was able to use a coupon..sweet!!!..
You can't tell from the photo but the fabric on the left is sage green terry cloth and it will be the backing to my baby bibs I am making for my little sister..the fabric on the right is the fronts of the bibs..I will embroider some really cute baby designs on them...;) just waiting to get my machine back..;)
more osnaburg for dolls and curtains..
the red/white/blue fabrics will be used to make those little quilted banners with vintage baby animals for my little sisters new baby to hang on her wall..I can't wait to see how these will turn out..
more black and white checkered fabric that I will use my tan rit dye to stain them and make curtains for the bathroom..
Tammy if you are reading this..this is part of Joys something something I am making her...thats all you get.:)
this is flannel to use on the backs of the burp cloths that I will be making my little sister...Cindy gave me the brilliant idea as she made some for her new I thought my little sister could use some.again they will be embroidered..:)
Okay we hit Goodwill as our first stop and I picked up two different soft sweaters that will be cut into mittens and I will embroidered a cute design on them as well...;)
last but not least..Erin spied the little tiny basket and it looks just like the one I got from Factory I picked it up to use with my dolls...and I picked up 2 more rolling pins..not sure what i will do with Cindy you might be getting these..;) We then hit KFC for a quick lunch then headed home..I dropped Erin and Tucker off and then headed to the grocery store...didn't want to go out again this week..going to go and tidy up the house and start a fire as it is cold in here and get some more sewing done...hope you all have a wonderful thursday.:)


  1. Your gonna be busy!! Love the rolling pins too....I collect them!

  2. What a great day! Looove those cookie cutters... now if only there was a way to use them without actually having to handle the dough - YUCK!
    Have fun with everything! Kimberly

  3. ...and I forgot to tell you... we DID get snow yesterday... and hail... and rain... and sun...

    Ahhh, March!

  4. I love it when you go shopping, LOL! Those cutters are too cute, can't wait to see your salt dough creations:)

  5. Looks like you will be busy.....those are the same cookie cutters I got! I made tons.....working on painting them!

  6. Gina,
    Sounds and looks like you had a great time. Great fabrics that you picked up!!
    I have a book on making salt dough goodies...thinking that I should get in out and make something. I sure do love all the ones that our blogging buddies are making. Have fun making yours!!

  7. I love your Thrift Store finds!