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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DeCoraTinG and oTheR StuFF...

Hey there and happy Hump Day as they say!!! I was cleaning out my linen drawers in my hutch and I came across this card my good pal Mindee gave me a couple of years ago for Easter..I opened this up at church and laughed...on the inside it says..hope your Easter is all it is "cracked" up to be..;) thought you might get a chuckle too...
Monday when we were out shopping I stopped by Joanns and purchased this chair strapping to use on my dolls..I got two yards and used my 50% off coupon for a grand total of .87 is the only thing I purchased..I hope you were all sitting down for that one..don't want anyone getting a knock on the
our next door neighbors are moving and she gave me this simplicity book dated has lots of tips on sewing..I just might learn a thing or two..:)
yesterday as I was tweeking and going through drawers like I said..I walked back into the kitchen and saw Silly Millie had made herself comfortable in the drawer of my hutch..with her Sister Gracie looking on..
I was glad I had the camera in hand..I had to lift her out of it..she wasn't moving..:)
I got this cute little sign from Irish Corkie Primitives..
as well as this one "Be Thankful" it should be for fall..but I believe in being Thankful all year it stays.:)
This is how our living room has changed the big entertainment unit and the cat scratching post are gone..unit upstairs in the bedroom and the cat post upstairs in the garage for the outdoor kittys..
during.. and below is the after..we got a new cat scratching post as can hardly see it was such an eyesore..but a necessity if I want to keep my furniture in can see Tucker asleep on his bed..I love how much bigger the room is now... and love watching the tube on a bigger screen...well I have to go and tidy up the house..I am cleaning the next door neighbors for them...getting paid of course so it will help pay for the gathering foot and ruffle foot I got at the Viking department on monday...can't wait to try these out..hopefully no more breaking the thread or no more hand stitched gathering..will keep you posted..have a wonderful is turning out really pretty here..might just have to take the pup for a walk..:)
oh before I can get your favorite photo in cross stitch
you will receive the pattern and palette of DMC colors (you only have to provide the thread)
for just $9.95/pattern (includes p/h) (one photo per pattern)
Send check or money order for $9.95 for each pattern along with the photo to:
Photos in cross stitch,
P.O. Box 6155
Lynnwood, Wa 98036
indicate pattern size 5x7 8x10 or approx.
I thought this was kind of cool for all of you cross stitch enthusiasts..;)


  1. Hey, is that Rosie O'Donnel? Are you sure you didn't laugh out loud in church? I like the changes you made. The room looks bigger now. Cats are curious little buggers aren't they:) Hugs~Carol

  2. LOL...that card just say...... "hideously hilarious"! I love the kitty in the drawer and got your package off this morning, tee-hee:) Hope you enjoy the day and can hardly believe you only got ONE thing at Jo-anns?!

  3. Wow, can I have a little stand with that TV? Haha.....its HUGE Gina! I tried SO hard to get a FS tv this yr but I could sell the hubs!!! The pic on that card is so nasty, eeeww!

  4. I had to check out your post today after seeing that card photo on the teaser...oh no! LOve the new look here.

  5. Heheheheheeeee......That card "cracked" me up !!!! I can just see you opening that in church and busting out laughing !!!
    Love your new set up in the living room. And I need a lesson in how to go in Jo's and only buy 1 item lol I just can't seem to get outta there for less than 20 bucks ever !
    Thanks for the x stitch info. I just started learning how to do it last night. Might check that out. Would be a cool gift to give to someone. Lemme' know how that gathering foot works out for ya' cause I dislike gathering period lol. Hope your enjoying your day =)
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  6. Gina,
    What a card!! Your kitty in the drawer is too adorable!! Your room does look much bigger now...isn't a big screen TV great. We really enjoy ours.