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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A LittLe "SpRiNG" iN My SteP..

This is what I woke up to today..This beautiful glorious doesn't get any better then this kind of day..It is so warm outside...right now it is 52 degrees and will get up to 57 today..and supposed to be this nice till next was gorgeous yesterday as well..That is Sunny, Sunning herself..
Gracie on her bed..she loves to be toasty..and the sun is definitely doing that today.:) Its amazing how good the sun makes you feel and gives me so much energy..In fact I went next door and cleaned my neighbors home cause they have moved and they are renting this one out...took me 4-1/2 hours..the kitchen being the worst..they haven't been in it since it needed a good cleaning..but it is move in ready and it paid for my new gathering foot and ruffle foot..and we are going to be doing their yard work as well..getting it in shape and I get to pull the weeds! I hate weeds and they will be gone one and for all..and then to put bark down in theirs and in is a good time..before everything starts to pop up and with the looks of it..everything has popped up a month early..this is so unusual to have this kind of weather..but I will gladly take it any day of the week...that is why we love it here..
Tucker is doing much better and he is enjoying the sun as well..Pody and Millie are in the cat Kennel watching the squirrels..
my neighbors jonquils..they are in full bloom..might just have to go and cute some and put them in a vase..Yep that is what I am going to do.
Their crocus'..I love the colors of these..they are the first to bloom in their yard every year as well..
my forsythias are all in yellow..I just wish they never went away.
Can you see the little squirrel next to the fake one..There are 3 out there right now..chasing each other and getting a bite to eat..
Time to get the garden in full swing..we have left over lettuce coming back..our chives, and thyme, and oregano and parsley are all doing next month..we will get the soil ready and start planting..:)
the front yard..
the front yard
again the front yard...I am off to get a few groceries..I hope these photos warm your soul...they are really feels so good..amazing what a little sun can do for ones inner self...:) have a wonderful day everyone..:)


  1. Do you think you could send just a little of your weather our way? LOL! Nice and warm (40) today here, but still have about 2-3 feet of snow in the yard! I am ready for spring!

  2. OH Gina, those spring flowers are such a sight for these winter weary eyes! I love how your kitties are enjoying the sun:)

  3. Your pictures made me feel so much better! We are all ready for Spring! It won't be long and it will be here! I hope you have a great evening and keep enjoying the sun! ~Dan~

  4. Wow! Looking at your outdoor pictures and then looking out my door, I feel like I am in another world from you! LOL!!! Enjoy that great weather!

  5. Gorgeous Gina! This weather is really something else... We're planning to hit Vancouver on Sunday and soak up a little sun and Olympic energy as well.
    Have a great weekend! Kimberly

  6. I am so jealous! Our high temp today was a balmy 21 degrees!! I'd have to break out the shorts and tank tops if it reached the 50's here! LOL!

  7. I was so excited this morning when I could open the curtains and let the sunshine in. The pups loved it!

  8. I was so excited this morning when I could open the curtains and let the sunshine in. The pups loved it!

  9. wow! that is nice weather!! You are such a sweet neighbor too! Love your kitties!!

  10. Gina,
    I'll trade you your sunny days for our snowy days. Your pictures give me hope that Spring will be here soon...I'm so tired of all this snow. Hope they are wrong about the snowstorm that we might get this weekend.
    Your goodies are boxed up and I'm taking them to the post office in the should get them in a few days.

  11. I clean for a living so I know what you mean about the kitchen being the worse, always is! I can't believe you have spring already! I can't wait!!

  12. OOOOOO! Flowers! I wish!
    It's snowing here today....sigh.....
    Love your yard!
    Enjoy your sunny day! Soak it in for the rest of snowbound souls! LOL

  13. Oh, please, may I come and stay there awhile ... like until April?

  14. I totally understand why your kitties love to sunbathe. The skylight style windows in our bedroom catch the best of the morning sun and its bliss to stretch out on the bed and enjoy it!

    Spring equinox is only four weeks away now! I think everyone's antsy for it to arrive.