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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yesterday I set out and went to Joanns, office Max and shoe shopping..with a Doctors appt mixed in there as well..I had an appt for Tucker for his general exam and it was going to take like 8 hours..and it was too late for us to pick him cancelled till next week..but now we know how long he will be at the doctors..just wish they had told us when we made the appt..but all was not lost..I went shopping anyway..while Tucker sat patiently in the car..(I did try to hurry though)..I went to joanns in search of some fabrics to make dolls and make my seam binding with for my crow calendars..they didn't have much in the above..but I thought these would do...
These 3 are my favorites..Debbie Mum has the cutest fabric and it was on 50% off you can't beat those prices..and the one on the left is so retro..I love it..I can't wait to make a doll dress out of that one..;)
and of course I had to get some cat fabric...also Debbie Mum..
I picked up some rick-rack and some reflective tape so I can make Tucker some jackets for him to wear..he has one already..but he needs a cute next week, when I take him in I will look for weather resistant fabric for him..
I picked up some more black paint..(to use in all my primitive painting redos.... and some satin and matte varnishes to finish up those said projects...I also picked us both up an accordian organizer to put in our glove boxes so we aren't searching for documents etc...nice to be organized..;)
they had .99 cent patterns also at Joanns..this sucker retails for 12.00...would never pay hopefully I can follow these..I only like my doll patterns..sometimes these kind throw you for a loop because they are all scattered all rhyme or you all have the same thoughts on these...they can be so have to read between the lines several times..before you get it...
I also picked up more organizers for my machine embroidery designs..they fit nicely under my table and I just labeled them today..I have a boat load of designs..and I catorgarized them into holidays etc..makes it so much easier to find them..
here are the 2 bins filled with designs the bottom also houses misc wood patterns and other misc stuff..the accordian folder finally said enough and was getting too small and I couldn't close it up any in the trash it goes..;)
we went to the doctors yesterday as Mike hurt his achiles tendon(?) and he was in so much pain..and I went as I had a urinary tract infection..oh happy back was really hurting didn't want to wait any longer..oh and peeing in a cup is a real have to do so many things before you actually go in the cup..Ladies you all know what I am talking about..but we had success...okay I know then went to get Mike some lifts/supports for his shoes and we went to the place where I got my 3 pairs earlier last fall...and I am sold now on you get what you pay for...I will probably always have to wear better shoes now..cause when I don't my left foot still hurts and it ain't I spyed the cutest pair there..(actually there were alot of cute ones there..but they are expensive so I kept with one pair..I wanted a closed toe pair as in the winter it is just to cold to wear sandels..and I also got a pair of inserts to put in these and my running shoes..(no I don't run) they are just a better shoe for my hopefully now when we go out walking my left foot won't hurt..
I just love these..and they are so comfortable and make my feet look small..(just wish they made the rest of me look small...;) but I love the round toe in front and they are easy on and easy off..which I we both left the store with a lot less money but with happier feet..Yesterday was also our 24th "church" anniversary...where we had a very small church wedding with immediate family and that was it..we didn't do much because Mike wasn't feeling up to walking we will put off our dinner out for hopefully next week..maybe even a movie..not sure...anyway that was my day in a nut was gorgeous too..which was another plus because the night before we had a big wind storm mixed with rain...and we lost power at about we went to bed and red by our little bed lights..and we tossed and turned all cause of the wind and Mike because of foot it was nice to see a sunny day..and driving and seeing all the tree limbs etc on the road and work trucks was a mess...but our yard was just fine..thank goodness...well I hope you all have a great day...Take care..:)


  1. Glad you are ok, out there I
    heard on the weather channel that
    California was getting 80mph winds
    that the coast is going to get 3
    or 4 storms in a row! Throw out
    an anchor!!! I love your material,
    I am going to have to check out
    that store when I go to Texas,

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Wow, an 8 hr. appt. for Tucker?? Are they cloning him or something?? that's so cute that he will have a wardrobe of coats:D I love the new shoes too, very nice and look comfy! After I saw your wonderful breadbox re-do the other day, I went over to Rene's and got me that same set of labels, LOL, can't wait to play with them!

  3. Okay, why was the doctor appointment going to take 8 hours??? Hope you and hubby are feeling better. You sure got a lot done!! And cute shoes!! Enjoy!

  4. Hey you. My outgoing mail doesnt send so you can use anyway, the house has not sold yet. I had it off the market all fall and half winter. Now it is back on. I am getting a divorce...yep. I am moving back to Ohio. I mostly use Facebook to socialize now, not much creating going on while I am in school, but it is fun. I am already learning animation. I can make you a blingy logo or animate your cats...hahaha

    send me a note thru email and we can catch up.

  5. Gina,
    Great shoes!! Cute fabric!! Glad to hear that the wind storm didn't do any damage to your place.

  6. Give me those shoes!!!!! I adore them and I'm a self confessed shoe-aholic. Pam xx

  7. I'm off to joanns today too!! LOVE your variety!! Can't wait to see what I can find too!!

    LOVE the shoes too!! Comfy....and cute.....what better???? :O)

    Happy hump day darlin'!!

  8. Love that fabric...especially the cat one. Also love the pics of your furry ones and the big cat on the floor with one of the furry ones. LOL

  9. Glad to hear that you made it safely through the wind storm. What is the 8hrs about? Do they have to keep on checking him, or watch him for observation? Cute shoes, hope you both get to feeling better. Cute fabric too!

  10. I love the fabric. I wish our Joann had some like that. Never seen it before. That is a good pattern you got there. I have made that one myself for my greyhounds, pretty easy. Love the shoes, would like to find some like that too. I am surprised about the 8 hour vet appointment, no wonder you postponed! Have a good day. Thanks for all your encouraging comments you have left for me!

  11. Hey Girl,
    It was nice seeing you at Joann's. Thanks for not running and screaming when you saw me look like a wet hag! LOL
    Will catch up later gator.

  12. Quite a haul lady! Good shopping day.
    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for your sweet comment on my blogpost.
    Was just being real.
    I appreciate you.

  13. Gina, I hope you and your hubby are feeling better!

    Cute shoes and they do look comfortable!

    We recently got a JoAnn's and I love it! I can spend WAY too much time in there!

    Have a great day!

  14. Nice shopping items! I like your new shoes too! Yes shoes are important and so are orthodics if you need them. Hope you all feel better soon!

  15. Hey! Please tell me where you got those darling shoes, and what kind they are. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some near me - love 'em!