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Sunday, January 17, 2010

BeD TiMe...

This is bed time at the Cooper's house..last night this is how our bed looked..both Sunny and Mike were sleeping in the same direction...and I just had to get a picture..
aren't they precious...
Here is little Poe-Poe sleeping on a blanket/afghan that I crocheted..she sleeps on the bed all day long...but this is her place to sleep at night in our bedroom..Tucker sleeps in his kennel in our room and Millie sleeps usually at the foot of Mikes Feet..Gracie sleeps we are a cozy bunch...just wanted to share this picture of the 2 in bed as they looked so cute...Do you think Sunny knows where her bread is buttered? (it is a saying I grew up with)...have a wonderful Sunday everyone..:)


  1. Love the picture......My DH would not be too happy with me taking a picture of him sleeping and blogging about it!!!LOL!

  2. LOL - to cute!! But what I want to know is .... does the cat snore as much as DH??

  3. spoiled pets at your house, just like mine aren't spoiled either:D

  4. Cute! I used to have a cat that thought she
    should sleep under the blankets with her head on the pillow! She would sneak in after we went to sleep....Gotta love cats! I tried to bring me another one from TX, but she said "no way" when I tried to get her in the van!

    Hope you are having a great day!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Too cute Gina! I am surprised she is actually under the covers. We usually have 2 cats on the bed. Spook inbetween us on the lower part of the bed and Jasmyne curls up to my chest with her face as close to mine as I will allow. The other two stay out by the woodstove. Love your pic! Jayne

  6. In our house, I'm the cat bed apparently.One sleeps on my stomach and one on my feet! Cute picture.


  7. so cute! My furball sleeps under the blanket,too! too funny!

  8. Gina,
    Too cute!! Did they make room for you to get into bed? lol...
    Love the breadbox redo in your last post!! It turned out great!!
    Have a great week.

  9. LOL toooo cute !! My DH hates it when I bring a fur baby to bed. They start out cuddling next to me and it never fails that they end up cuddled up by his derrier lol. Thank goodness he doesn't sleep in his birthday suit !!! yikkesss lol
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

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  11. Oh that is beautiful!!!! I hope that you got in there xxxRobby

  12. Too funny! Do you have a spot in the bed or do you have to resort to sleeping on the couch? Isn't it amazing how spoiled our pets are? My DH covers Frito up when he comes home at lunch time because Frito always looks "cold"! ~Ann

  13. They all look too snug for words!

    Ali@Holiday Hollow

  14. How cute!!!! Man, they've got it made!!! :> )

  15. Oh what a sweet post. Glad I stopped by to check on you. Got to read your other post I am behind on my blogs. Hope your doing good

  16. aawwwwww!! How sweet!! You need to snuggle up too!! :O)