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Saturday, January 2, 2010

ITemS FoR SaLe. & YuMMy FoOd...

Happy New Year everyone!!..I hope yours is starting off right..Will fill you in on the details in a moment of our new years...but first I wanted to show you what I have up for sale on The Humble Arts site.. I have my Abby kitty that I made using a Pineberry lane pattern..I love her patterns..You can see/read all the details about these on the site..

I just made these..these cute little wall art/candle cozys...great for the winter season and into Valentines as some have hearts they are holding..all you have to do to make it wall art is take a piece of double stick tape and waaalaaa! you have wall art..I love these little prim snowmen..These are $9.00 each + shipping..(will combine shipping on multiples)
and here are some coffee cozies...The are between $6.00-9.00 depending on the designs some took more time then others..the redwork designs and planes, trains and automobiles are all $6.00 including the the school house one..the coffee one with donut and the red car on the cup itself are $9.00...
Okay onto New years eve!! I truly outdid myself in the cooking department this time...I made a peach glazed ham it was to die for..I also made Garlic smashed potatoes, and spinach strata. and for dessert I used my new "comfort foods" cookbook and made bread pudding..
Here is dinner on the plate..we still have lots of leftovers...don'tcha just love left cooking...only reheating...have enough for alot more meals...We watched Julie and Julia, and I will tell you it was wonderful...even hubby loved it..and now wants to buy her cookbook..cause some of the recipes intriqued him...if you haven't seen this then brought in the new year with pear cider..then went to was very quiet in our neighborhood this year..the indians sell fireworks and its like the 4th of july here alot of times..but not this was nice and quiet....
Yesterday we were invited to DH's bosses house for a house warming/new years day I made apple dumplings out of the new cookbook and they were a hit..(sorry no photos)...and I made them this pillow for their new home..oh I wished I had taken my camera...they have water front property..and it was gorgeous!!! all windows and we got to see a little otter swimming in the sound..they have a beautiful home..they have changed it from a dated 80's home to a much more modern home....
I was so pleased with the way this turned out if anyone wants one..I will take orders for these..$22.00 + is roughly a 14x9 pillow... well I have to go and tidy up the house...I have lots of new designs and things I want to make for the new year..have a wonderful weekend..:)


  1. My goodness Gina, you've been as busy as a beaver. I love all your handmades, especially the pillow. We had a nice quiet New Year's eve too. Stayed home and stayed warm! Well, you've made me hungry now I'm going to eat. LOL. Hugs~Carol

  2. The ham sounds delicious, sweetpea. But I love the sign about gossip! I don't gossip; I just tell you about everyone I know, sugar! LOL

  3. Love your dishes. I have the same ones! We sell them where I work. They are indestructible. I have all different colors. Did you make your signs? If so, do you make custom signs?

  4. Wish I hadn't read your post BEFORE eating dinner! Made me that much more hungry. Think we're about done with the leftovers from Christmas! Guess it's back to cooking!

    Wow! You have been one busy girl! Lots of pretties! Love that pillow gift. We recently visited a home on the sound...oh I was SO envious! They also have a view of Mt. Rainer. Money, money!

    Okay...start planning what day you're coming over. I can do any days except Mondays and Fridays! Can't wait! ~~Annie

  5. Gina,
    I love the way that the pillow turned out!!
    I took all my Christmas stuff down today...hope to do some tweaking tomorrow and then on to making lots of prim goodies for me and to sell too.

  6. I love your work! The Valentine's blog background is lovely and cheery on these dark, cold Winter days too!

    Happy New Year!


  7. Girlfriend, if your goal was to make me want to spend money and eat well, you have succeeded... LOL.. Just making my rounds, I have been MIA for awhile! Hugs,MO

  8. Loved this post. You must have the busiest fingers I know.

  9. Can I come to your house for dinner? Yummy, everything looks so good. I saw Julia and Julie too. Great movie. Great job as usual with with all your handiwork.


  10. How-dee-do-da-day there darlin'!!!! :O) Hope you're havin' a dandy Monday!! Keep warm!!

  11. You've been up to alot, Gina! Wish I had spending money right now...I saw a couple of goodies I'd love! And your meal...well let's just say I'm leaving your blog hungry! :)

    And by the way, I hope you and your hubby had a wonderful Anniversary! Congratulations! :)


  12. Love the signs! I got Julie and Julia for Christmas and still am waiting to see it, hubby thinks it's a chick flick but I'll tell him about your hubby liking it! LOL So, your going to be a aunt, how exciting! So glad she liked my jam!

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